Final Mock Draft

Just one more day until the draft tomorrow night. I haven't liked a picked that the eagles did in the first round since the 2009 draft. I'm going to give you the draft that i think the Eagles would draft. Follow after the jump.

Round 1, 15th pick is.... Quinton Coples, 6'6 284lbs . At this spot Coples is the best player on the board with Cox and Brockers already gone and with Babin in his 30's already i think this will be the move.

Strengths: Coples has a mixture of speed and power with a big body it's rare to see a player like that. He is a torpedo of the line and has strong hands which will allow him to win a patty cake battle between him and a Tackle. Quinton is strong enough to take on a double team and plays the run very well.

Weaknesses: His motor, ability to use his hands. Those are two things that Washburn can fix pretty easily.

Player Comparison: Julius Peppers

Round 2, 46thpick is.... Brandon Thompson, 6'2 314lbs. Thopmson will be a good addition in the Defensive Tackle position. With our Defensive Tackles aging it's time to add some young blood in this defensive line.

Strengths: He is great against the run and uses his feet to make plays on the run. Physical player who knows how to use his hands and disrupts plays in the backfield. Gets off the ball quick and he can fill in the gap pretty fast for his size.

Weaknesses: Can't handle double teams well and is limited against the pass.

Player Comparison: Albert Haynesworth in his prime.

Round 2, 51st pick is.... Janoris Jenkins, 5'10 193lbs. Jenkins has first round talent maybe the 2nd or 3rd best Cornerback in this draft. But he has character issues but Howie and Andy look past his issue and realize that they can't past on a talented player like Jenkins.

Strengths: Can play Man and Zone and stay with receivers when playing man. He can move his hips nice and can jump on a route to intercept or deflect the pass. Jenkins has the insticts to stay a step ahead of the receiver. Can jam and re-route receivers at the line of scrimmage.

Weaknesses: Besides his character off the field there is really no weakness on his play.

Player Comparison: Asante Samuels

Round 3, 88th pick is..... Dwight Jones, 6'3 230lbs. Jones brings the type of wide receiver the Eagles need which is a go up and get it type of receiver.

Strengths: Has NFL size, can get off the line quick and can avoid jams with his long arms. He's not afraid to go across the middle and catch it. Knows how to run routes and can get in and out of his breaks.

Weaknesses: Can't block well, decent speed.

Player Comparisons: Reggie Wayne.

Round 4, 114th pick is.... Nigel Bradham, 6'2 241lbs. Nigel will be a good pick up here. The Eagles will have him compete for either the Sam or Will.

Strengths: He is a physical and sure tackler. He can get outside and make plays to tackle runningbacks in the backfield. Can react fast to the outside run. Nigel is good against the run overall and can cover pretty well. Also he's an effective blitzer.

Weaknesses: Slow to recognize a play.

Player Comparison: James Harrison

Round 5, 153rd pick is.... Senio Kelemete, 6'4 307lbs. Senio would add depth at the tackle position.

Strengths: He can stay with his block for awhile on running plays. Also he can use his feet to get himself in the right position for pulling and he uses his hands well.

Weaknesses: Has bad technique with his pass set. He can get beat off the line and get off balance.

Player Comparison: NA

Round 6, 172nd pick is.... Duke Ihenacho, 6'0 213lbs. Could be a good back and maybe even a starter.

Strengths: Duke is a physical player when it comes down to run support. He knows when to bite and play back in zone. He reacts quick in the run and pass. Can finish plays in pass games and has speed to come up give a running back a big hit.

Weaknesses: Has trouble with back pedaling.

Player comparison: Ed Reed

Round 6, 194th pick is.... Aaron Corp, 6'4 215lbs. Corp could make a good 3rd string QB or maybe a backup.

Strengths: Aaron is a good game manager and he can through the ball on the run. He is a West Coast type of quarterback. Corp can pick his spots as a passer and he is accurate in and athletic in his pass sets.

Weaknesses: His arm strength is questionable.

Player Comparison: NA

Round 6, 200th pick is.... Terrance Gannaway, 6'0 239lbs. Gannaway will be the big physical back the Eagles need.

Strengths: He can hold on to the ball so no fumbles. Terrance will make a guy miss in the open field and is a good pass catcher. Quick out of his stance and can hit the hole quick for a guy for his size.

Weaknesses: He stutter steps a bunch and doesn't like to deliver a blow when running.

Player Comparison: Legarette Blount

Round 7, 229th pick is.... Vontaze Burfict, 6'1 248lbs. Burfict is a very very very talented player when he is determine. I think Andy would make a conditioning test that Mike Shananhan did for Albert Haynesworth. That's why i think the Eagles would be taking Vontaze because when in shape he can probably be the best Linebacker one day in his career.

Strengths: He is a physical player and when he is in shape he can cover sideline to sideline and can cover tight ends. He is a good pass rusher and when he can knock a ball carrier off his feet.

Weaknesses: There really is no weakness in his game except for him being out of shape and is character issues.

Player Comparison: Ray Lewis, because of his physicality.

Comment with your grades on my mock draft and any comments about it to.

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