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Quick Free Agency Recap:

Rarely do my free agent aspirations for the Eagles fall so closely in line with their actions as this season. Like most, I was an advocate for re-signing Evan Mathis and hoped the Eagles would acquire a proven MLB and defensive leader...Demeco Ryans, check. I would have preferred Jason Campbell to Trent Edwards, but I also never realistically thought that Campbell would settle for the type of role and contract he signed with the Bears. Jason Peters ruptured Achilles created a giant hole at LT with little time and few if any options to fill in. Demetress Bell could be a target for OT depth from what is an exceedingly thin remaining FA tackle market and I guess I'd have to settle with Dunlap as a fallback option, but not until I explore any and all trade possibilities. LT is a premium position in the NFL and in order to acquire a serviceable LT, the Eagles would have to offer up either a bounty of draft picks (not an option) or a player of value at another premium position....Jason Babin, check. In accordance with any good sell-high philosophy, Babin is a very attractive trade candidate: productive pass rusher, reasonable contract, minimal cap hit. There are 6-7 teams that I can envision as trade partners, but with a solid back-up swing tackle in Anthony Collins and a multitude of draft picks, none fit better than the Bengals. So, ideally... Jason Babin for Anthony Collins & a 5th round pick. (Update) Scratch that, the Eagles signed Demetress Bell, meh...and yet I still might consider trading Babin. I would like the Eagles to sign a veteran Safety, but I don't think there's one available that is worth signing. I saw the 37 year old Jeff Saturday as the ideal mentor for Kelce given his experience in Mudd's system...that is until Green Bay decided to pay him like he was 27. I'm always on board with cheap 1 year flyers on veteran OL depth; that is, as long as the Eagles are not penciling in Gibson and Vallos as roster locks. Landri proved his worth as a rotational DT and I was pleasantly surprised that some team didn't over pay for him. Throw the fair extensions for Cole, Herremans, and Jackson on top of all that and the Eagles have themselves a pretty solid offseason thus far. GRADE: B

Draft Needs by Position:

I'm a big fan of the draft need categorization system employed by Drafttek and incorporated it to better explain my evaluation of the Eagles needs. Link (scroll down on the link to read the description).

QB: QBF (1), QBA (5), QBU (9)

More specifically, a franchise QB, the single biggest need for any team that doesn't have one. My drafting philosophy for QB is different than any position. I simplify my evaluation and separate QB prospects into 3 categories: 1) Franchise "QBF" 2) Almost "QBA" 3) Back-up "QBU". When a QB is classified as "QBF", I would be comfortable drafting them with the 1st overall pick given my need. "QBA" prospects have most of the traits of a "QBF", but they have a glaring question mark that cannot be ignored. In this draft, for example, Russell Wilson's height prevents me from giving him the highest designation. All "QBA" prospects receive a value grade somewhere from the 2nd to the 3rd round. "QBU" prospects receive value grades ranging from rounds 4 to 7, but they only have value for teams in need of a Back-up QB. With Kafka and Edwards on the roster, using a draft pick on a "QBU" is a waste. Michael Vick is a quality starter, but his liabilities (inability to stay healthy, below average pre-snap reads and blitz recognition, lack of height resulting in batted balls and limited vision over the middle of the field, holding onto the ball too long, etc) outweigh his ability as a playmaker and will ultimately keep him from ever leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl. Luck and RG3 are the only two viable options to fill this need in the draft and they are both unattainable. Target: probably 2013 or 2014

RB: RBF (5), RBC(9)

McCoy is an indisputable All-Pro talent, but after that the cupboard is bare. A quality back-up RB is an absolute necessity to lighten McCoy's load in order to preserve and prolong his prime. A new contract for McCoy would go a long way to getting him on board with this idea as well. That being said, with the positional depth and value in this draft, the Eagles shouldn't even look at filling this need until the mid to late rounds...unless by some act of God Doug Martin falls to the 3rd round, you get my point. Target: BPA rounds 4-7

FB: FB(9)

Competition for Stanley Havili would be nice, but it is hard to justify using a draft pick on a position that sees the field on such a low percentage of snaps. Target: RFA

WR: WRF(6), WRP(5), WRS(6)

The offensive struggles in the red zone are well documented. The Eagles have cornered the market on speed at the position, but they need a WR with size and plus ball skills. Red zone targets are proficient high pointers and hand snatchers of the ball that understand how to use their body to both shield defenders and create separation in short areas. With Jackson, Maclin, and Avant on the roster it is tough to justify using a high pick on a receiver. Luckily for the Eagles, this draft class provides several solid possession receiver options in the later rounds. Target: BPA rounds 3-7

TE: TE(6)

Every team is searching for the next Gronk or Graham and they probably aren't going to find them in this draft. However, there are a number of both intriguing athletic specimens and blocking tight ends that were underutilized in college. There should be some decent options in the later rounds and the Eagles would be wise to snag one. Target: BPA rounds 4-7

OL: OT(2), OG(4), OC(4)

Even before the Peters injury, the Eagles needed to address OT depth fairly early and ideally with a prospect that has OL positional versatility. (the Demetress Bell signing does nothing to change that) Matt Kalil is the only OT prospect in this draft worth selecting in the 1st round and he will be long gone when the Eagles make their pick. However, there are a number of decent options with value in the middle rounds. OT Target: BPA rounds 2-4.

Vandervelde, Vallos, & Gibson may be a nice sounding law firm, but I have some doubts about their ability to sure up the interior OL depth. Competition at any OL position of depth is essential and always a viable draft option. The Eagles are especially thin at OC, nothing after Kelce, and given their recent history with Jamaal Jackson's injuries, they should know how crippling it is to try and compete with a patchwork OC. That said, back-up interior OL, let alone starters, should never be drafted early. OG/OC Target: BPA rounds 4-7

DL: DT(2M4), DE(3)

Cullen Jenkins was my favorite signing last offseason and is still a very effective player, but he is aging and has been injury prone. With question marks surrounding all the other defensive tackles on the roster, DT is a position that should be targeted both early and often. DT Target: BPA all rounds

For the most part, I agree with the philosophy employed by the Giants and Eagles that you can never have enough quality pass rushers. I believe Graham is poised for a breakout season giving the Birds 3 quality ends. I want the Eagles to trade Babin, which would only amplify the need, but regardless, he is no spring chicken and Cole isn't getting any younger either. DE Target: BPA all rounds

LB: ILB(6), OLB(2M4)

If I was the jersey wearing type, I'd be rockin' a newly minted Nike edition Demeco Ryans. I wish I could say the same for any of the other LBs on the roster. The Ryans addition begins what I hope to be a revamping of a LB core that has been the object of every Eagle fan's ire for several years running. Ryans fills the need for a starting ILB, but competitive, versatile depth is always a need. Target: BPA rounds 5-7

The Eagles have a OLB depth chart chock-full of undersized serviceable back-ups with limitations and what they need are instinctive explosive playmakers. The lack of an impact player at OLB is a perpetual hole that has to be filled Competition for the back-up spots wouldn't hurt either. Target: BPA all rounds

CB: CB(4), CBS(3)

With Assante all but out the door, Nnamdi and DRC are left to man the edges, or should I say press man the edges. With Marsh and Hughes on the roster, I don't see any value in targeting CB depth early in the draft. However, competitive depth at CB is always a need. Target: BPA rounds 4-7

The proliferation of the passing game is turning Nickel CB or Slot CB essentially into a base defense starting position. Joselio Hanson is not the player he once was and I don't even expect him to make the team next season creating a major need for a Slot CB. The need dictates BPA in all rounds, but the value in this draft begins in round 3. Target: BPA rounds 3-7

S: S(2)

Mark Barron and Harrison Smith are the only Safety prospects worthy of a high draft selection, rounds 1-2, and after that the value IMO can be found on day 3. The traditional in-the-box safety is a thing of the past as teams need players at the position that cover like corners and hit like linebackers...not easy to find. With the coverage versatility required at the position, I'm partial to targeting physical zone corners with sound tackling ability and a willingness to shed blocks and play the run....also not easy to find. Projecting upside with a position switch is always tricky and hence, tough to justify selecting early. Target: BPA rounds 4-7

ST: K(9), P(9), LS(9)

Competition for Henery and Henry should always be added either with a rookie or a veteran journeyman, but I don't see any value in drafting a kicker or punter...ever. The Eagles would greatly benefit from adding a quality return specialist to improve their average starting field position. However, I wouldn't draft a return specialist before round 7 unless it fills another need. It would be nice to have a LS that actually plays a position, although Dorenbos does provide some special teams coverage value. LS is not a position I would use anything other than a 7th rounder Target: RFA

Draft Target Value Board:

After evaluating prospects over the past year, I like to narrow that list down to players that I feel fit the Eagles aforementioned needs. I have never been a big fan of reaching for a need in the draft (i.e. the Eagles 2011 Draft). Therefore, I like to create a draft board of needs based on perceived value. I'm okay with reaching when the need/value and remaining draft board calls for it...i.e. the Eagles need a OT that can play right away and based on my evaluation of the available prospects, they will probably have to use a draft pick by the 3rd round in order to get one. Conversely, after the top 2 Safety prospects the value lies in rounds 4-6; so drafting a Safety other than Barron or Smith in the top 3 rounds would be a reach and a mistake. In previous years, I used to do a full big board, but now if a prospect doesn't fit the Eagles' needs or I simply think their skill set will not translate to the NFL, I just leave them off the board.

TOP 10


Andrew Luck Stanford QBF
Matt Johnson E Washington S
Robert Griffin III Baylor QBF
Jerron McMillan Maine S
Matt Kalil USC OT
Danny Trevathan Kentucky OLB
Fletcher Cox Miss St DT/34DE
Nigel Bradham FSU OLB
Luke Kuechly BC ILB/OLB
Robert Turbin Utah St RBF

Jake Bequette Arkansas DE

Andrew Datko FSU OT
Mark Barron Alabama S
Brian Quick App St WRF
Michael Brockers LSU DT/34DE
Brandon Taylor LSU S
Chandler Jones Syracuse DE
Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska CB/CBS
Janoris Jenkins N Alabama CB/CBS

5th - 6th

1st - 2nd

Keshawn Martin Michigan St WRS
Doug Martin Boise St RBF
Mike Daniels Iowa 34DE/DT
Lavonte David Nebraska OLB
Akiem Hicks Regina(Can) DT
Whitney Mercilus Illinois DE/34LB
David Molk Michigan OC
Harrison Smith Notre Dame S
Josh Norman Cstl Carolina CB

Keith Tandy WVU CBS

Alfred Morris FAU RBF
Derek Wolfe Cincy DT/34DE
Marcus Zusevics Iowa OT
Kendall Reyes Uconn DT/34DE
Robert Blanton Notre Dame S
Bobby Wagner Utah St ILB/OLB
Corey White Samford S
Shea McClellin Boise St 34LB/OLB

Quinton Coples UNC DE/34DE

Trevin Wade Arizona CB/CBS
2nd - 3rd

Jeremy Lane NW St CB
Alshon Jeffrey S Carolina WRF
Terrence Frederick Texas A&M CBS
Jonathan Martin Stanford OT
Michael Smith Utah St RBC
Mychal Kendricks Cal OLB/ILB
Taureen Poole Tennessee RBC
Nick Perry USC DE
Markus Kuhn NC State DT
Mitchell Schwartz Cal OT/OG
Hebron Fangupo BYU DT/NT
Demario Davis Arkansas St OLB/ILB
Gino Gradkowski Delaware OC

Joe Looney Wake Forest OG

James Brown Troy OG
Russell Wilson Wisconsin QBA
Brandon Washington Miami OG
Zach Brown UNC OLB
Cam Johnson UVA DE
Amini Silatolu Midwestern St OG
Jordan White W Michigan WRP
Devon Still Penn St DT
Johnny Thomas OK St S
Brandon Mosley Auburn OT/OG
Robert Golden Arizona CB/S
Bobbie Massie Ole Miss OT/OG

Peter Konz Wisconsin OC/OG
6th - 7th

Kelechi Osemele Iowa St OG
Adrien Robinson Cincy TE
Casey Heyward Vanderbilt CB/CBS
Kevin Koger Michigan TE
Dwayne Allen Clemson TE
Donald Stephenson Oklahoma OG

Desmond Wynn Rutgers OG
3rd - 4th

Dustin Waldron Portland St OT
Mike Harris FSU CBS/CB
Shawn Loisseau Merrimack ILB
Andre Branch Clemson DE
Mike Ball Nevada RBF
Miles Burris San Diego St ILB/OLB
DaJohn Harris USC DT
Jaye Howard Florida DT/34DE
Vaughn Meatoga Hawaii DT
Brandon Thompson Clemson DT/NT
Dale Moss S Dakota St WRF
Greg Childs Arkansas WRF
Derrius Brooks W Kentucky CBS/WRS
Jamel Fleming Oklahoma CB
Johnson Bademosi Stanford S
Brandon Boykin Georgia CBS
DeShawn Shead Portland St S
Nate Potter Boise St OT
Donnie Fletcher BC CB
Marvin Jones Cal WRP
Emil Igwengu Umass FB/TE
Juron Criner Arizona WRP
George Bryan NC State TE
Mohammed Sanu Rutgers WRP

Jeff Allen Illinois OG
7th - FA (A-Z)

Josh Bellamy Louisville CB

George Bias SF Austin OC/OG
Justin Bethel Presbyterian S
Lamont Bryant Morgan St TE
Alameda Ta'amu Washington NT
Jamie Childers Cstl Carolina TE
Brandon Brooks Miami(OH) OG
AJ Davis Jacksonville St CB
Vinny Curry Marshall DE
Antonio Dennard Langston CB
Coty Sensabaugh Clemson CB
Chase Ford Miami TE
Trumaine Johnson Montana CB/S
Chris Greenwood Albion CB
Bernard Pierce Temple RBF
Jewel Hampton S Illinois RBF
Chris Rainey Florida RBC/WRS
Trulon Henry Illinois S
JM Johnson Nevada OLB/ILB
Matt Daniels Duke S

Joe Holland Purdue OLB
4th - 5th

Jamar Howard Cent Mizzou WRF
DeQuan Menzie Alabama S/CBS
Buddy Jackson Pitt CBS
Jayron Hosley VA Tech CB/CBS
Delano Johnson Bowie St 34LB
Brandon Kinnie Nebraska WRP
Vick Ballard Miss St RBF
Brian Linthicum Michigan St TE
Cyrus Gray Texas A&M RBF
Ifeanyi Momah BC TE/WRP
Isaiah Pead Cincy RBF
Kentrell Lockett Ole Miss DE
Mike Martin Michigan DT
Marcus Rivers Buffalo WRP
Tyronne Crawford Boise St DE/34DE
Ryan Steed Furman CB
Ron Brooks LSU CB/CBS
Korey Toomer Idaho OLB
Shaun Prater Iowa CB/CBS
Matt Veldman N Dakota St TE
Kelvin Beachum SMU OG
Rocky Weaver Cent Michigan OC/OG
Marcus Dowtin N Alabama OLB/ILB

Final Mock Draft:

I added some brief thoughts on each player and linked some reputable scouting reports and video clips.

1-15) Chandler Jones - DE - Syracuse - 6053 - 266

Reviews on Jones are mixed, but I grade him as the best 43 DE in the draft and a lot of that is strictly based on upside. Some will look at his body type and measurables and make comparisons to JPP, but I wouldn't go that far. He possesses traits that you can't teach with his rare combination of size and athleticism, arm length, motor, instincts, explosion, natural hand use and nose for the football, but he lacks ideal lateral agility and will need to improve against the run. Jones is the type of DE that the Giants would draft and that is probably the best compliment I could give him. Jones is still very raw and will take some time to develop and put it all together, but when he does, look out.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1 - 2 - 3

2-14) Lavonte David - OLB - Nebraska - 6005 - 233

David is a flat out playmaker. He is everything I like in a LB other than size, but then again, he is a giant compared to Brian Rolle and would start day 1 for the Eagles at WILL. If the Eagles only could draft one LB in 2012, my pick would be Lavonte David. Paired with Demeco Ryans, the LB core would undergo a face lift similar to last season's OL.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

2-19) Derek Wolfe - DT/34DE -Cincinnati - 6051 - 295

With Cox and Brockers gone in the top half of the 1st round, the Eagles grab the 3rd DT on my board and land their successor to Cullen Jenkins at UT. Wolfe has elite physical traits with his length, frame, and short area quickness. As a converted OT, he has only played on the defensive side of the ball for a few years which leaves a lot of room for growth. Even though he is understandably still a little raw technique-wise, he displays plus instincts and a propensity to diagnose plays. He needs to gain some functional strength at the POA as he struggled at times with double teams, but with a year to continue to develop he should be able to remedy that issue. That said, it may be wishful thinking to have Wolfe still on the board at this point.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1 - 2 - 3

3-25) Brandon Mosley - OT/OG - Auburn - 6055 - 314

Former LB/DE/TE juco transfer turned OT. Started most games on the right side, but filled in due to a 2nd quarter injury at LT in 2010 against Miss St and more than held his own against McPhee and Cox. Mosley is exactly the type of raw natural athlete I would love to hand to Howard Mudd and let him work his magic. Mosley needs work on his technique as he gets overextended at times, but he is a natural bender with great feet and he plays with a mean streak...all attributes that should suit him well in Mudd's aggressive blocking scheme. His body type reminds me of Mathis or Herremans and like them, I think Mosley also has the versatility to kick inside and ultimately play 4 positions on the OL.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

4-19) Mike Harris - CBS/CB - Florida St - 5102 - 188

Nicknamed "the Hammer," Mike Harris could very well be the best Slot CB prospect in the draft. He can hold his own on the outside and has some experience in press, but he excels in the slot. In addition to being potentially the best Slot CB prospect, he is also one of the best tackling defensive backs in the draft displaying excellent form he surely didn't learn from Assante.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1

5-18) Miles Burris - ILB/OLB - San Diego St - 6015 - 246

Burris is a tweener prospect that isn't a tweener at all, but rather an ILB or 43 OLB. Burris was rarely asked to drop into coverage and when you watch him ferociously attack downhill you can see why. However, he didn't look out of place in coverage at all displaying solid instincts and his athleticism suggests he should be able to make the transition fairly easily. Burris is one of those prospects that plays faster than his timed speed of 4.67 and that was evident against Michigan as he chased down Denard Robinson from behind. He is explosive and constantly makes plays in the backfield and will be a stand out special teams player on day one as he gains the needed experience to develop in a new scheme.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1 - 2 - 3

6-2) Justin Bethel - S - Presbyterian - 5115 - 200

Bethel is a playmaker. He is just the type of physical, instinctive, sound tackling college corner that I think would translate perfectly to Safety. His man coverage ability is more than adequate to blanket TE and the occasional slot WR, but his instincts in zone coverage are what impress me. When Bethel drops back he has an acute awareness for routes developing around him and does an excellent job of reading the QB and breaking on the ball. Bethel has also excelled at blitzing off the edge, something he will do more of in his new role.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

6-24) David Molk - OC - Michigan - 6007 - 298

Molk's size, or lack thereof, will prevent keep teams away until the later rounds. He may not be a giant, but he is strong as a bull and uses his size to his advantage in gaining leverage under the pad level of defensive lineman. Molk has the athleticism to get to the second level and understands angles in the run game. In my opinion, Molk is the only draftable center prospect that fits Mudd's system and what the Eagles like to do.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

6-30) Mike Ball - RBF - Nevada - 5091 - 206

Mike Ball was dismissed from the team last season, so that will have to be checked out. Aside from the fleas, I really like his ability as a RB. Some of the main things I look at for RBs are patience, burst through the hole, lateral cuts or shiftiness in traffic, hands, and blitz pick-up. Mike Ball displays an above average skill set across the board, but lacks the ideal size and long speed.

Scouting Reports: NFL, NFP, SI, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1 - 2

7-22 via Assante to ATL) Derrius Brooks - CBS/WRS/KR - Western Kentucky - 5094 - 192

Another elite athlete WR turned CB a la Sam Shields. Elite athlete may be an understatement...this guy can flat out fly. His initial value will be as a return specialist but he has all the tools to develop as a sub package contributor in the secondary or a slot WR or both.

Scouting Reports: NFP, PFW, CBS

Video Clips: 1

Live Mock Draft: Updated with Grades & Notes

After creating a Draft Value Board, I follow the NFL draft and record my top 3 options for each Eagles draft pick. I update the draft board to account for positions of need that the Eagles have already drafted or neglected and grade each draft pick. That results in the following:









Fletcher Cox - DT/34DE

Michael Brockers - DT/34DE

Chandler Jones - DE

Fletcher Cox - DT/34DE



Lavonte David - OLB

Bobby Wagner - ILB/OLB

Mychal Kendricks - OLB/ILB

Mychal Kendricks - OLB/ILB



TRADE back for more picks

Lavonte David - OLB

Demario Davis - OLB/ILB

TRADE to GB (2-27, 4-28)



TRADE back for more picks

Demario Davis - OLB/ILB

Russell Wilson - QBA

Vinny Curry - DE



Brandon Mosley - OT/OG

Bobbie Massie - OT/OG

Mike Harris - CBS/CB

Nick Foles - QBU



Brandon Mosley - OT/OG

Mike Harris - CBS/CB

Miles Burris - ILB/OLB

Brandon Boykin - CBS



Mike Harris - CBS/CB

Nate Potter - OT

Justin Bethel - S

Dennis Kelly - OT/OG



Nate Potter - OT

Kelvin Beachum - OG

Marcus Dowtin - OLB/ILB

Marvin McNutt - WRP



Nate Potter - OT

Kelvin Beachum - OG

Marcus Dowtin - OLB/ILB

Brandon Washington - OG



Kelvin Beachum - OG

Marcus Dowtin - OLB/ILB

Andrew Datko - OT

Bryce Brown - RBF


(1-12) Fletcher Cox - DT/34DE - Mississippi St - Grade: A+

Cox has been my top draft target for months and I was both shocked and thrilled that he was still available. In fact, I'd given up hope of landing him because I thought the Eagles would have to give up too much to go up and get him. I applaud their patience and aggressiveness. Cox will be a difference maker...key words, "will be." I caution anyone on forming solid opinions on Cox based on his first NFL season, because he is only 20 years old and that in itself is a scary thought when you consider his already immense talent level.

(2-14) Mychal Kendricks - OLB - California - Grade: B-

Don't get me wrong, I like Kendricks. I wanted the Eagles to draft an explosive, play-making OLB and Kendricks fits that bill. He is arguable the best athlete among this LB class and that along with his sound tackling ability make him a significant upgrade at WILL. I do have some issue with his instincts, but then again, lining up next to an experienced leader in Ryans will aide in that regard. My only real issue with this pick and the reason I slightly downgraded it is that there are 2 other OLB prospects on my board that I would have taken ahead of him.

(2-19) Trade Back w/ GB for 2-27 & 4-28 - Grade: A+

The only players left on my board with a 2nd round value grade are OLB, a need just filled with the selection of Kendricks. Granted, I wanted the Eagles to come away with multiple LBs in this draft, but not in the first 2 rounds at the expense of other needs. In a position where they would have to reach to fill another need and having just traded away a 4th & 6th round pick to move up to grab Cox, the Eagles are very wise to restock the draft pick cupboard.

(2-27) Vinny Curry - DE - Marshall - Grade: D

You can never have enough pass rushers...cliche but true. This pick was hailed as a steal and a tremendous value, but I disagree. I like Curry a bit, but I put a 4th round value grade on him so I see this as a major reach. Curry has a nice array of pass rush moves that he has used to great success during his college career. Although Curry did not face elite competition week in and week out at Marshall, he stepped up his game against big time opponents. My problem with Curry is that I see him as an overachiever and that generally doesn't translate as well to the NFL, especially from a smaller school. Ultimately, I see Curry as a rotational DE similar to Darryl Tapp.

(3-25) Nick Foles - QBU - Arizona - Grade: F - Wasted Pick

The poor grade for this pick is entirely based on my philosophy for drafting QBs and the value I place on drafting QBU prospects without a need. Foles may develop into a solid QB, but I don't see him as a franchise QB. However, the turn style offensive line in front of him makes him a tough QB prospect to grade. Foles generally goes 1 progression to check down on most of his drop backs, but it is somewhat understandable given his O-line. Foles has enough arm to make all the throws and for the most part demonstrates deft touch. He lacks mobility, but he does have decent pocket awareness. I don't know enough about QB play to say for sure, but it seems to me as though his inconsistent footwork is what causes his occasional accuracy issues. Foles will be a serviceable back-up that can step in and win some games and therein lies the problem...the Eagles need a Franchise QB.

(4-28) Brandon Boykin - CBS - Georgia - Grade: B+

Although Boykin was not one of my top 3 choices, as a CBS with a 3rd-4th round grade, he provides solid value at a position of great need. Joselio Hanson should go ahead and put his house on the market now. Boykin is another physical playmaker and sure tackler, a welcome trend in this 2012 Eagles draft. He also provides some added value in the return game, which is nice. There are supposedly some medical concerns, which may be the reason he was still on the board. Slot CBs are becoming more and more important in the NFL and I'm glad the Eagles recognized their deficiency.

(5-18) Dennis Kelly - OT - Purdue - Grade: D-

Who? Have to confess that I knew very little about him, so I went back and watched a game vs Michigan and saw some things that intrigue me, but I struggle mightily to see how Kelly is a better option at this point than other prospects on the board. He can definitely make the Eagles' roster, but with the current OL depth, that is like saying he's the tallest midget.

(6-24) Marvin McNutt - WR - Iowa - Grade: D

I like his size and his ball skills, but I'm not sure he has the athleticism to separate on the next level. He has the propensity for both the big play and the occasional bout of the dropsies. As a general rule of thumb based on recent history, I tend to downgrade both skill position and secondary players that come from the Big 10. McNutt is a former QB and by all accounts is an intelligent football player so he has the chance to be a valuable special teams player, but I prefer prospects with more upside this late in the draft.

(6-30) Brandon Washington - OG - Miami - Grade: C

Washington really struggled at OT after excelling at OG the previous season. I would probably give this a higher grade if he had more positional versatility. He has decent athleticism, but I'm a bit concerned with the number of mental mistakes he made last season. In my opinion, Washington was an underachiever in college and that alone would give me pause. However, he does possess talent and decent value at the end of the 6th round.

(7-22) Bryce Brown - RB - Nomad - Grade: B

Upside, upside, upside. Give me high upside players with character issues in the 7th round all day long. The time it took for me to type this sentence took longer than Brown's college career. I'm not about to tell you he's great based on HS or Frosh game tape. He's big and fast and who the hell knows and that is perfect for the 7th round.


Simply put...SOLID! However, if you don't have a franchise QB, none of the other positions matter. I'm thrilled with the combination of need and value that is the Eagles 2012 draft, but at the end of the day, the Redskins may now be closer to winning a Super Bowl than the Eagles, and that's just depressing. Here's to hoping Nick Foles breaks Drew Brees' NFL records like he did in HS. However, I wouldn't hold your breath.

2008-2011 Final Pre-Draft Eagles Mocks:


Pick # Name Position School Drafted
1-19 Desean Jackson WRS California (2-18)
2-18 Charles Godfrey S Iowa (3-4)
3-17 Phillip Wheeler OLB/ILB Georgia Tech (3-30)
4-16 Brandon Keith OT/OG Northern Iowa (7-18)
4-32 DeMario Pressley DT NC State (5-9)
5-17 Tim Hightower RBF Richmond (5-14)
6-18 David Vobora OLB/ILB Idaho (7-45)
6-25 Vince Redd DE Liberty (RFA)
6-34 Jonathan Wilhite CB Auburn (4-30)
6-37 Evan Moore TE/WRP Stanford (RFA)
7-34 Brandon Barnes OG/OC Grand Valley St (RFA)


Pick # Name Position School Drafted
1-21 Alex Mack OC California (1-21)
2-21 Jairus Byrd S/CB Oregon (2-10)
3-21 Kaluka Maiava OLB USC (4-4)
5-5 Andre Brown RBF NC State (4-29)
5-17 Brandon Gibson WRP Washington St (6-21)
5-21 Tom Brandstater QBU Fresno St (6-1)
6-21 Jamarca Sanford S Ole Miss (7-22)
6-22 Augustus Parrish OT/OG Kent St (RFA)
7-21 David Johnson TE Arkansas St (7-21)


Pick # Name Position School Drafted
1-24 Devin McCourty CB Rutgers (1-27)
2-5 Carlos Dunlap DE Florida (2-22)
2-21 Navarro Bowman OLB Penn St (3-27)
3-6 Kam Chancellor S Virginia Tech (5-2)
3-22 Jason Fox OT/OG Miami (4-30)
4-7 D'Anthony Smith DT/34DE Louisiana Tech (3-10)
4-23 Antonio Brown
WRS Central Michigan (6-26)
6-31 James Starks RBF Buffalo (6-24)
7-36 Brian Jackson S/CB Oklahoma (RFA)
7-37 Tony Washington OT/OG Abilene Christian (RFA)


Pick # Name Position School Drafted
1-23 Jimmy Smith CB Colorado (1-27)
2-22 Ben Ijalana OT/OG Villanova (2-17)
3-26 Colin McCarhy ILB/OLB Miami (4-12)
4-7 Delone Carter RBF Syracuse (4-22)
4-23 Jason Kelce OC Cincinnati (6-26)
5-18 Chris Rucker S/CB Michigan St (6-23)
5-22 Julius Thomas TE Portland St (4-32)
7-25 Mike Mohammed OLB California (6-24)
7-34 Adrien Moten OLB Maryland (RFA)
7-37 Greg Romeus DE Pittsburgh (7-23)

2008-2011 Live Mock Drafts w/ Grades:

Top 3 options for each draft selection are the top 3 available players on my corresponding Big Board that fit the Eagles needs for that particular year.

Pick 1 2 3 Eagles Grade
2-16 Desean Jackson - WRS Ray Rice - RBF Calais Campbell - DE/34DE Trevor Laws - DT D
2-18 Desean Jackson - WRS Ray Rice - RBF Calais Campbell - DE/34DE Desean Jackson - WRS A+
3-17 Dajuan Morgan - S Carl Nicks - OT/OG Phillip Wheeler - OLB/ILB Bryan Smith - 34LB F
4-10 Carl Nicks - OT/OG Xavier Adibi - OLB Anthony Collins - OT Mike McGlynn - OG C
4-18 Carl Nicks - OT/OG Xavier Adibi - OLB Stanford Keglar - OLB Quinton Demps - S C
4-32 Carl Nicks - OT/OG Stanford Keglar - OLB Orlando Scandrick - CB Jack Ikegwonu - CB D
6-18 Wesley Woodyard - OLB Brandon Keith - OT/OG John Sullivan - OC Mike Gibson - OG C
6-34 Wesley Woodyard - OLB Brandon Keith - OT/OG Josh Barrett - S Joe Mays - ILB C
6-37 Wesley Woodyard - OLB Brandon Keith - OT/OG Josh Barrett - S Andy Studebaker - 34LB F
7-23 Wesley Woodyard - OLB David Vobora - OLB/ILB Vince Redd - DE King Dunlap - OT C+
Pick 1 2 3 Eagles Grade
1-19 Alex Mack - OC Vontae Davis - CB Brandon Pettigrew - TE Jeremy Maclin - WRS D+
2-21 Lesean McCoy - RBF Will Beatty - OT Sean Smith - CB/S Lesean McCoy - RBF A+
5-17 Jason McCourty - CB
Cornelius Ingram - TE Jamon Meredith - OT/OG Cornelius Ingram - TE A
5-21 Jason McCourty - CB Jamon Meredith - OT/OG Tom Brandstater - QBU Macho Harris - CB/S C
5-23 Jason McCourty - CB Jamon Meredith - OT/OG Tom Brandstater - QBU Fenuki Tupou - OG D
6-21 Jason McCourty - CB Brandon Gibson - WRP Dannell Ellerbe - ILB/OLB Brandon Gibson - WRP B+
7-4 Dannell Ellerbe - ILB/OLB Jamarca Sanford - S Augustus Parrish - OT Paul Fanaika - OG D
7-21 Dannell Ellerbe - ILB/OLB Jamarca Sanford - S Augustus Parrish - OT Moises Fokou - OLB/ILB C
Pick 1 2 3 Eagles Grade
1-13 Earl Tomas - S Maurkice Pouncey - OC Jason Pierre-Paul - DE Brandon Graham - DE C+
2-5 Daryl Washington - OLB/ILB Sean Lee - ILB/OLB Rob Gronkowski - TE Nate Allen - S D
3-22 Navarro Bowman - OLB Perrish Cox - CB Geno Atkins - DT Daniel Te'O Nesheim - DE F
4-7 Perrish Cox - CB Geno Atkins - DT Kam Chancellor - S Trevard Lindley - CB D
4-23 Perrish Cox - CB Kam Chancellor - S Eric Norwood - OLB/34LB Keenan Clayton - OLB F
4-24 Perrish Cox - CB Kam Chancellor - S Eric Norwood - OLB/34LB Mike Kafka - QBU C
4-27 Perrish Cox - CB Kam Chancellor - S Arthur Jones - DT/34DE Clay Harbor - TE D
5-3 Perrish Cox - CB Arthur Jones - DT/34DE Anthony Dixon - RBF Ricky Sapp - 34LB F
5-28 Anthony Dixon - RBF Marshall Newhouse - OG Antonio Brown - WRS Riley Cooper - WRP D
6-31 Jamar Chaney - ILB/OLB Dorin Dickerson - TE/FB Derek Hardman - OG Charles Scott - RBF F
7-13 Jamar Chaney - ILB/OLB Dorin Dickerson - TE/FB Derek Hardman - OG Jamar Chaney - ILB/OLB A+
7-36 Derek Hardman - OG Jeromy Miles - S Keaton Kristick - OLB
Jeff Owens - DT F
7-37 Derek Hardman - OG Jeromy Miles - S Keaton Kristick - OLB Kurt Coleman - S D
Pick 1 2 3 Eagles Grade
1-23 Jimmy Smith - CB Akeem Ayers - ILB/34LB Gabe Carimi - OT/OG Danny Watkins - OG D
2-22 Mason Foster - ILB Marcus Gilbert - OT/OG KJ Wright - ILB/OLB Jaiqwan Jarrett - S F
3-26 KJ Wright - ILB/OLB Chris Carter - OLB/34LB Kendall Hunter - RBF Curtis Marsh - CB C+
4-19 Chris Carter - OLB/34LB Marcus Cannon - OG Denarius Moore - WR Casey Matthews - ILB C
4-23 Chris Carter - OLB/34LB Marcus Cannon - OG Denarius Moore - WR Alex Henery - K F
5-18 Chris Carter - OLB/34LB Jason Pinkston - OG Richard Sherman - CB Dion Lewis - RBC C
5-30 Chris Carter - OLB/34LB Pernell McPhee - DE/34DE Dwayne Harris - WRS Julien Vandervelde - OG D
6-26 Jason Kelce - OC Derek Newton - OT Jeron Johnson - S Jason Kelce - OC A+
6-28 Derek Newton - OT Jeron Johnson - S Cedric Thornton - DT/34DE Brian Rolle - OLB F
7-34 Jeron Johnson - S Cedric Thornton - DT/34DE DeAndre McDaniel - S Greg Lloyd - OLB F
7-37 Jeron Johnson - S Cedric Thornton - DT/34DE DeAndre McDaniel - S Stanley Havili - FB C+

2008-2011 Big Boards:

As I mentioned before, 2012 is the first time I did a draft target value board instead of just a normal big board. I also mentioned my method in categorizing QB prospects and because of that, I always kept them separate.


QBF: Matt Ryan - BC
QBA: Joe Flacco - Delaware
QBU: Chad Henne - Michigan
Kevin O'Connell - SD State
Erik Ainge - Tennessee
Matt Flynn - LSU
TOP 100
1 Chris Long DE Virginia 51 Anthony Collins OT Kansas
2 Ryan Clady OT Boise St 52 Gosder Cherilus OT BC
3 Keith Rivers OLB/ILB USC 53 Dan Connor ILB/OLB Penn St
4 Branden Albert OT/OG Virginia 54 Reggie Smith S/CB Oklahoma
5 Jake Long OT Michigan 55 Eddie Royal WRS Virginia Tech
6 Aqib Talib CB Kansas 56 John Carlson TE Notre Dame
7 Glenn Dorsey DT/34DE LSU 57 Tavarres Gooden OLB Miami
8 Darren McFadden RBF Arkansas 58 Phillip Wheeler OLB/ILB Georgia Tech
9 Jerod Mayo ILB Tennessee 59 Xavier Adibi OLB Virginia Tech
10 Desean Jackson WRS California 60 Stanford Keglar OLB Purdue
11 Jonathan Stewart RBF Oregon 61 Kendall Langford DT/34DE Hampton
12 Ray Rice RBF Rutgers 62 Tyvon Branch S/CB Uconn
13 Kenny Phillips S Miami 63 Jeremy Zuttah OG Rutgers
14 Vernon Gholston DE Ohio St 64 Chilo Rachal OG USC
15 Sedrick Ellis DT USC 65 Red Bryant DT Texas A&M
16 D. Rogers-Cromartie CB Tennesee St 66 Trevor Laws DT/34DE Notre Dame
17 Leodis McKelvin CB Troy 67 Orlando Scandrick CB/CBS Boise St
18 Duane Brown OT Virginia Tech 68 Antwaun Molden CB E Kentucky
19 Calais Campbell DE/34DE Miami 69 Chad Rinehart OG Northern Iowa
20 Chris Johnson RBF East Carolina 70 James Hardy WRP Indiana
21 Rashad Mendenhall RBF Illinois 71 Malcolm Kelly WRP Oklahoma
22 Felix Jones RBF Arkansas 72 Thomas DeCoud S California
23 Derrick Harvey DE Florida 73 Pat Sims DT Auburn
24 Brandon Flowers CB/S Virginia Tech 74 Kentwan Balmer DT UNC
25 Mike Jenkins CB South Florida 75 Jermichael Finley TE Texas
26 Curtis Lofton ILB/OLB Oklahoma 76 Shawn Crable 34LB Michigan
27 Dustin Keller TE Purdue 77 Wesley Woodyard OLB Kentucky
28 Jamal Charles RBF Texas 78 Donnie Avery WRS Houston
29 Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt 79 Jerome Simpson WRF Cstl Carolina
30 Phillip Merling DE/34DE Clemson 80 Oniel Cousins OT/OG UTEP
31 Limas Sweed WRF Texas 81 Chevis Jackson CB LSU
32 Jordy Nelson WRF Kansas St 82 Pat Lee CB Auburn
33 Quentin Groves 34LB/DE Auburn 83 Brandon Keith OT/OG Northern Iowa
34 Tracy Porter CB/CBS Indiana 84 John Greco OT/OG Toledo
35 Antoine Cason CB Arizona 85 Andre Caldwell WRS Florida
36 Carl Nicks OT/OG Nebraska 86 Mario Manningham WRP Michigan
37 Jeff Otah OT/OG Pittsburgh 87 Craig Stevens TE California
38 Matt Forte RBF Tulane 88 Brad Cottam TE Tennessee
39 Mike Pollak OC/OG Arizona St 89 Quentin Demps S UTEP
40 Charles Godfrey S Iowa 90 Tom Zbikowski S Notre Dame
41 Dajuan Morgan S NC State 91 Jonathan Goff ILB/OLB Vanderbilt
42 Sam Baker OT/OG USC 92 Geno Hayes OLB Florida St
43 Cliff Avril DE/34LB Purdue 93 John Sullivan OC Notre Dame
44 Lawrence Jackson DE USC 94 Dwight Lowery CB/CBS San Jose St
45 Jason Jones 34DE/DT E Michigan 95 Josh Barrett S Arizona St
46 Martellus Bennett TE Texas A&M 96 Jordan Dizon OLB Colorado
47 Fred Davis TE USC 97 Pierre Garcon WRF Mt Union
48 Tyrell Johnson S Arkansas St 98 Josh Morgan WRF Virginia Tech
49 Terrell Thomas CB USC 99 Steve Slaton RBC WVU
50 Devin Thomas WRF Michigan St 100 Chris Ellis DE/34LB Virginia Tech


QBF: Matt Stafford - Georgia
QBA: n/a
QBU: Stephen McGee - Texas A&M
Tom Brandstater - Fresno St
TOP 100
1 Alex Mack OC California 51 Darrius Heyward-Bey WRS Maryland
2 Eugene Monroe OT Virginia 52 Andre Brown RBF NC State
3 BJ Raji DT/NT BC 53 Donald Brown RBF Uconn
4 Brian Cushing ILB/OLB USC 54 Beanie Wells RBF Ohio St
5 Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest 55 Roy Miller DT/NT Texas
6 Brian Orakpo DE/34LB Texas 56 Ron Brace DT/NT BC
7 Vontae Davis CB Illinois 57 Kaluka Maiava OLB USC
8 Clay Matthews 34LB USC 58 Clint Sintim 34LB/ILB Virginia
9 Hakeem Nicks WRF UNC 59 Aaron Maybin 34LB Penn St
10 Michael Crabtree WRF Texas Tech 60 Rashad Johnson S Alabama
11 Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St 61 Glover Quinn S New Mexico
12 Eric Wood OC/OG Louisville 62 Fili Moala DT/34DE USC
13 Louis Delmas S W Michigan 63 Jarron Gilbert 34DE/DT San Jose St
14 Lesean McCoy RBF Pittsburgh 64 Luis Vasquez OG Texas Tech
15 Percy Harvin WRS Florida 65 Jonathan Luigs OC/OG Arkansas
16 Michael Oher OT Ole Miss 66 Shawn Nelson TE/WRP Southern Miss
17 Andre Smith OT/OG Alabama 67 Ladarius Webb CB Nicholls St
18 Kenny Britt WRF Rutgers 68 Keenan Lewis CB Oregon St
19 James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio St 69 Louis Murphy WRF Florida
20 Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech 70 Mohammed Massaquoi WRF Georgia
21 Robert Ayers DE Tennessee 71 David Veikune 34LB Utah
22 William Beatty OT Uconn 72 Cody Brown 34LB Uconn
23 Jason Smith OT/OG Baylor 73 Lawrence Sidbury DE/34LB Richmond
24 Patrick Chung S Oregon 74 Gerald McRath OLB/ILB Southern Miss
25 Sean Smith CB/S Utah 75 Tyrone McKenzie 34LB South Florida
26 Darius Butler CB Uconn 76 James Casey TE/FB Rice
27 Tyson Jackson 34DE LSU 77 Jason McCourty CB Rutgers
28 Jeremy Maclin WRS Missouri 78 Bradley Fletcher CB Iowa
29 Malcolm Jenkins S/CBS Ohio St 79 Sherrod Martin CB Troy
30 Rey Maualuga ILB USC 80 Cornelius Ingram TE Florida
31 Andy Levitre OG Oregon St 81 TJ Lang OT/OG E Michigan
32 Max Unger OC/OG Oregon 82 Jamon Meredith OT/OG South Carolina
33 Knowshon Moreno RBF Georgia 83 Terrance Knighton NT/DT Temple
34 Everette Brown 34LB/DE Florida St 84 Sen'Derrick Marks DT Auburn
35 Larry English 34LB N Illinois 85 Jasper Brinkley OLB South Carolina
36 William Moore S Missouri 86 Chip Vaughn S Wake Forest
37 Evander Hood DT/34DE Missouri 87 Mike Goodson RBC Texas A&M
38 Peria Jerry DT Ole Miss 88 Bernard Scott RBF Abilene Christ
39 Connor Barwin 34LB Cincinnati 89 Brandon Gibson WRP Washington St
40 Shonn Greene RBF Iowa 90 Ramses Barden WRP Cal Poly
41 Kevin Barnes CB/CBS Maryland 91 Brandon Tate WRS UNC
42 Jared Cook TE South Carolina 92 Henry Melton 34DE/DT Texas
43 Eben Britton OT/OG Arizona 93 Victor Butler 34LB Oregon St
44 Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma 94 Dannell Ellerbe ILB/OLB Georgia
45 Sebastian Vollmer OT Houston 95 Greg Toler CB St Pauls
46 Jairus Byrd S/CB Oregon 96 Jerraud Powers CB Auburn
47 Asher Allen CB/CBS Georgia 97 Jamarca Sanford S South Carolina
48 Alphonso Smith CB/CBS Wake Forest 98 Quinn Johnson FB LSU
49 Paul Kruger DE/34LB Utah 99 Tony Fiametta FB Syracuse
50 Mike Wallace WRS Ole Miss 100 Richard Quinn TE/FB UNC


QBF: Sam Bradord - Oklahoma
QBA: n/a
QBU: Jon Skelton - Fordham
Mike Kafka - Northwestern
Dan LeFevour - Central Michigan
Jonathan Crompton - Tennessee
TOP 200:
1 Eric Berry S Tennessee 101 Alterraun Verner CB UCLA
2 Maurkice Pouncey OC Florida 102 Dominique Franks CB Oklahoma
3 Ndamukong Suh DT/34DE Nebraska 103 M Hoomanawanui TE Illinois
4 Earl Thomas S Texas 104 Dorin Dickerson TE/WRP Pittsburgh
5 Russell Okung OT Oklahoma St 105 Vladimir Ducasse OG Umass
6 Trent Williams OT Oklahoma 106 Brandon LaFell WRP LSU
7 Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma 107 Zane Beadles OG Utah
8 Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida 108 Bruce Campbell OT/OG Maryland
9 Joe Haden CB Florida 109 Derek Hardman OT/OG E Kentucky
10 Demaryius Thomas WRF Georgia Tech 110 Dexter Davis 34LB Arizona St
11 Dez Bryant WRF Oklahoma St 111 Arthur Moats 34LB JMU
12 Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona 112 Austen Lane DE/34LB Murray St
13 Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma 113 CJ Wilson 34DE East Carolina
14 CJ Spiller RBF Clemson 114 Jordan Shipley WRS Texas
15 Jared Odrick 34DE Penn St 115 Damian Williams WRP USC
16 Darryl Washington OLB/ILB TCU 116 Reshad Jones S Georgia
17 Anthony Davis OT/OG Rutgers 117 Jeromy Miles S Umass
18 Mike Iupati OG Idaho 118 Toby Gerheart RBF/FB Stanford
19 Sean Lee ILB/OLB Penn St 119 Amari Spievey CB/S Iowa
20 Rolando McClain ILB Alabama 120 Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest
21 Ryan Matthews RBF Fresno St 121 Dezmon Briscoe WRP Kansas
22 Devin McCourty CB Rutgers 122 Keaton Kristick OLB Oregon St
23 Kareem Jackson CB/S Alabama 123 Chris Scott OT/OG Tennessee
24 Brandon Graham DE/34LB Michigan 124 Anthony McCoy TE USC
25 Carlos Dunlap DE Florida 125 Adrian Tracy 34LB William & Mary
26 Sean Witherspoon OLB Missouri 126 Jonathan Dwyer RBF Georgia Tech
27 Roger Saffold OT Indiana 127 LeGarrette Blount RBF Oregon
28 JD Walton OC/OG Baylor 128 James Starks RBF Buffalo
29 Lamarr Houston DT/34DE Texas 129 Sam Shields CB Miami
30 John Jerry OG Ole Miss 130 Deji Karim RBC S Illinois
31 Jerry Hughes 34LB TCU 131 Akwasi Owusu-Ansah S/CB Indiana (PA)
32 Koa Misi 34LB Utah 132 Walter Thurmond CB Oregon
33 Tyson Alualu DT/34DE California 133 Clay Harbor TE Missouri St
34 Dan Williams NT Tennessee 134 Garrett Graham TE Wisconsin
35 Terrence Cody NT Alabama 135 Kyle Calloway OG Iowa
36 Navarro Bowman OLB Penn St 136 J'Marcus Webb OT/OG W Texas A&M
37 Donald Butler ILB Washington 137 Brandon Deaderick 34DE Alabama
38 Bryan Bulaga OT/OG Iowa 138 Willie Young DE NC State
39 Derrick Morgan DE Gerogia Tech 139 Riley Cooper WRP Florida
40 Perrish Cox CB Oklahoma St 140 Carlton Mitchell WRP South Florida
41 Patrick Robinson CB/CBS Florida St 141 Larry Assante S Nebraska
42 Golden Tate WRS Notre Dame 142 Myron Lewis CB Vanderbilt
43 Jahvid Best RBC California 143 Dekoda Watson OLB Florida St
44 Linval Joseph DT/NT East Carolina 144 Kavell Conner OLB Clemson
45 Corey Peters DT Kentucky 145 Nolan Carroll CB Maryland
46 Arrelius Benn WRF Illinois 146 Ramon Harewood OT/OG Morehouse
47 Eric Decker WRF Minnesota 147 Mitch Petrus OG Arkansas
48 Tony Moeaki TE Iowa 148 Thaddeus Gibson 34LB Ohio St
49 Jimmy Graham TE Miami 149 John Conner FB Kentucky
50 Kyle Wilson CBS/CB Boise St 150 Roderick Muckelroy ILB/OLB Texas
51 Sergio Kindle 34LB Texas 151 AJ Edds OLB Iowa
52 Kam Chancellor S Virginia Tech 152 Chris McCoy ILB/OLB Mid Tennessee
53 Morgan Burnett S Georgia Tech 153 Walter McFadden CB Auburn
54 Montarrio Hardesty RBF Tennessee 154 Kevin Thomas CB/S USC
55 Ben Tate RBF Auburn 155 Donald Jones WRP Youngstown St
56 Brandon Spikes ILB Florida 156 Matt Tennant OC BC
57 Eric Norwood 34LB/OLB South Carolina 157 Selvish Capers OT/OG WVU
58 Jason Worilds 34LB Virginia Tech 158 Al Woods DT LSU
59 Geno Atkins DT Georgia 159 Lonyae Miller RBC Fresno St
60 Arthur Jones DT/34DE Syracuse 160 Curtis Steele RBC Memphis
61 Dennis Pitta TE BYU 161 Ciron Black OG LSU
62 Aaron Hernandez TE Florida 162 EJ Wilson DE/34DE UNC
63 Chris Cook CB Virginia 163 Sean Lissemore 34DE William & Mary
64 Jerome Murphy CB/S South Florida 164 Trindon Holliday WRS LSU
65 TJ Ward S Oregon 165 Kendrick Lewis S Ole Miss
66 Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale 166 Cody Grimm S Virginia Tech
67 Charles Brown OT USC 167 Danny Batten 34LB S Dakota St
68 Brian Price DT UCLA 168 Jeff Cumberland TE Illinois
69 Earl Mitchell DT/34DE Arizona 169 Andrew Quarless TE Penn St
70 Jon Asamoah OG Illinois 170 Danario Alexander WRP Missouri
71 Dexter McCluster RBC/WRS Ole Miss 171 David Gettis WRP Baylor
72 Mike Neal 34DE Purdue 172 Taylor Price WRP Ohio
73 Nate Allen S South Florida 173 Marcus Easley WRP Uconn
74 Anthony Dixon RBF Mississippi St 174 Mardy Gilyard WRS Cincinnati
75 Mike Williams WRF Syracuse 175 Shaun Lauvao OG Arizona St
76 Perry Riley ILB/OLB LSU 176 Ed Wang OT Virginia Tech
77 Pat Angerer ILB/OLB Iowa 177 Ricky Sapp 34LB Clemson
78 O'Brien Schofield 34LB Wisconsin 178 Eric Olsen OC/OG Notre Dame
79 Marshall Newhouse OT/OG TCU 179 Ted Larsen OC/OG NC State
80 Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss 180 Nate Byham TE/FB Pittsburgh
81 Ed Dickson TE Oregon 181 Brody Elderidge TE/FB Oklahoma
82 Alex Carrington 34DE Arkansas St 182 Trevard Lindley CB Kentucky
83 Cam Thomas 34DE UNC 183 Robert Johnson S Utah
84 Torell Troup NT Central Florida 184 Clifton Geathers 34DE South Carolina
85 Chad Jones S LSU 185 Travis Goethel ILB/OLB Arizona St
86 Major Wright S Florida 186 Cameron Sheffield 34LB Troy
87 Taylor Mays S USC 187 George Selvie 34LB/DE South Florida
88 Emmanuel Sanders WRS SMU 188 Vince Oghobasse DT Duke
89 Jacoby Ford WRS Clemson 189 Armanti Edwards WRS Appalachian St
90 Andre Roberts WRP Citadel 190 Marc Mariani WRS Montana
91 Everson Griffen DE USC 191 Kyle Williams WRS Arizona St
92 Jermaine Cunningham 34LB Florida 192 Fendi Onobun TE Houston
93 Jason Fox OT/OG Miami 193 Hall Davis DE LA-Lafayette
94 Corey Wootton DE Northwestern 194 Daniel Te'O-Nesheim DE Washington
95 Mike Johnson OG Alabama 195 Crezdon Butler CB/S Clemson
96 Javier Arenas CBS Alabama 196 Brian Jackson S/CB Oklahoma
97 D'Anthony Smith DT Louisiana Tech 197 Myron Rolle S Florida St
98 Antonio Brown WRS C Michigan 198 Darrell Stuckey S Kansas
99 Darryl Sharpton ILB/OLB Miami 199 Stevenson Sylvester ILB Utah
100 Jamar Chaney ILB/OLB Mississippi St 200 Tony Washington OT/OG Abilene Christ


QBF: Cam Newton - Auburn
QBA: Colin Kaepernick - Nevada
QBU: Andy Dalton - TCU
Ryan Mallett - Arkansas
Christian Ponder - Florida St
TOP 200:
1 Von Miller 34LB/OLB Texas A&M 101 Alex Green RBC Hawaii
2 AJ Green WRF Georgia 102 Roy Helu RBC Nebraska
3 Marcel Dareus 34DE/DT Alabama 103 Luke Stocker TE Tennessee
4 JJ Watt 34DE/DE Wisconsin 104 Rob Housler TE FAU
5 Patrick Peterson CB LSU 105 Terrell McClain NT/DT South Florida
6 Julio Jones WRF Alabama 106 Dahntay Moch OLB/ILB Nevada
7 Aldon Smith DE/34LB Missouri 107 Cedric Thornton DT/34DE S Arkansas
8 Robert Quinn DE UNC 108 Shiloh Keo S Idaho
9 Phil Taylor NT/DT Baylor 109 Chris Rucker S Michigan St
10 Tyron Smith OT USC 110 Leonard Hankerson WRF Miami
11 Anthony Costanzo OT BC 111 Titus Young WRS Boise St
12 Akeem Ayers ILB/OLB UCLA 112 Cecil Shorts WRP Mount Union
13 Ryan Kerrigan DE/34LB Purdue 113 Niles Paul WRP/TE Nebraska
14 Nick Fairley DT/34DE Auburn 114 Julius Thomas TE Portland St
15 Jimmy Smith CB Colorado 115 Jordan Cameron TE USC
16 Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame 116 Christian Ballard 34DE Iowa
17 Nate Solder OT Colorado 117 Chimdi Chekwa CB Ohio St
18 Justin Houston 34LB Georgia 118 Brandon Hogan CB WVU
19 Corey Liuget DT/34DE Illinois 119 Joseph Barksdale OT/OG LSU
20 Mohammed Wilkerson DT/34DE Temple 120 Jah Reid OT/OG Central Florida
21 Mike Pouncey OC/OG Florida 121 DJ Williams TE Arkansas
22 Gabe Carimi OT/OG Wisconsin 122 Vincent Brown WRP San Diego St
23 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska 123 Austin Pettis WRP Boise St
24 Jabaal Sheard DE Pittsburgh 124 Greg Little WRP UNC
25 Randall Cobb WRS Kentucky 125 Jonas Mouton ILB Michigan
26 Torrey Smith WRS Maryland 126 Casey Matthews ILB Oregon
27 Cameron Jordan 34DE California 127 Taiwan Jones RBC E Washington
28 Stephen Paea DT Oregon St 128 Dion Lewis RBC Pittsburgh
29 Rahim Moore S UCLA 129 Dejon Gomes S Nebraska
30 Mason Foster ILB Washington 130 DeAndre McDaniel S Clemson
31 Bruce Carter OLB/ILB UNC 131 Jacquian Williams OLB South Florida
32 Brooks Reed 34LB Arizona 132 Mike Mohamed ILB California
33 Jarvis Jenkins 34DE/DT Clemson 133 Alvin Bailey 34DE Miami
34 Ryan Williams RBF Virginia Tech 134 Buster Skrine CB/CBS Chattanooga
35 Mark Ingram RBF Alabama 135 DeMarcus Van Dyke CB Miami
36 Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson 136 Bruce Miller FB Central Florida
37 Jonathan Baldwin WRP Pittsburgh 137 Chris White OLB Mississippi St
38 Ben Ijalana OT/OG Villanova 138 Virgil Green TE Nevada
39 Orlando Franklin OT/OG Miami 139 Lee Smith TE Marshall
40 Marcus Gilbert OT/OG Florida 140 Cortez Allen CB Citadel
41 KJ Wright ILB/OLB Mississippi St 141 Ahmad Black S Florida
42 Chris Carter 34LB/OLB Fresno St 142 Robert Sands S/OLB WVU
43 Kendall Hunter RBF Oklahoma St 143 Brandon Fusco OC/OG Slippery Rock
44 DeMarco Murray RBF Oklahoma 144 Chris Hairston OT/OG Clemson
45 Stefen Wisniewski OC/OG Penn St 145 D'Aundre Reed 34LB/DE Arizona
46 Aaron Williams CB Texas 146 Terrence Tolliver WRP LSU
47 Ras I Dowling CB Virginia 147 Aldrick Robinson WRS SMU
48 Nate Irving ILB/OLB NC State 148 Tyler Sash S Iowa
49 Martez Wilson ILB Illinois 149 Quan Sturdivant OLB UNC
50 Marcus Cannon OG TCU 150 Adrien Moten OLB Maryland
51 Rodney Hudson OG/OC Florida St 151 Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss
52 Sam Acho 34LB Texas 152 Henry Hynoski FB Pittsburgh
53 Cameron Heyward 34DE Ohio St 153 Bilal Powell RBC
54 Marvin Austin DT UNC 154 Jordan Todman RBC
55 Brandon Harris CB Miami 155 Greg Salas WRP Hawaii
56 Curtis Brown CB Texas 156 Edmund Gates WRP Abilene Christ
57 Shareece Wright CB/CBS USC 157 Da' Norris Searcy S/CB UNC
58 Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St 158 JT Thomas OLB WVU
59 James Carpenter OG Alabama 159 Nick Bellore ILB C Michigan
60 Colin McCarthy ILB/OLB Miami 160 Weslye Saunders TE South Carolina
61 Kelvin Sheppard ILB/OLB LSU 161 Charles Clay FB/TE Tulsa
62 Jurrell Casey DT/34DE USC 162 Cliff Matthews DE South Carolina
63 Quinton Carter S Oklahoma 163 Jimmy Wilson S/CB Montana
64 Denarius Moore WRF Tennessee 164 Anthony Gaitor CB Florida Int'l
65 Marcus Gilchrist CB/S Clemson 165 Jamie Harper RBF Clemson
66 Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech 166 Stanley Havili FB USC
67 Kenrick Ellis NT Hampton 167 Owen Marecic FB Stanford
68 Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa 168 Evan Royster RBF Penn St
69 Danny Watkins OG Baylor 169 Chris Neild NT/DT WVU
70 James Brewer OT/OG Indiana 170 Karl Klug 34DE Iowa
71 Jerrel Jernigan WRS Troy 171 Lawrence Guy DT/34DE Arizona St
72 Akeem Dent OLB/ILB Georgia 172 David Carter 34DE UCLA
73 Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin 173 Greg Romeus DE Pittsburgh
74 Curtis Marsh CB Utah St 174 Jaiqwan Jarrett S Temple
75 Davon House CB Fresno St 175 Will Hill S Florida
76 Shane Vereen RBC California 176 David Arkin OG Missouri St
77 Jacquizz Rogers RBC Oregon St 177 Stephen Schilling OG Michigan
78 Drake Nevis DT/34DE LSU 178 DeMarcus Love OG Arkansas
79 Sione Fua DT Stanford 179 Julien Vandevelde OG Iowa
80 Jason Pinkston OT/OG Pittsburgh 180 Greg Jones ILB Michigan St
81 John Moffitt OG Wisconsin 181 Brian Rolle OLB Ohio St
82 Daniel Thomas RBF Kansas St 182 Doug Hogue OLB Syracuse
83 Mikel LeShoure RBF Illinois 183 Ricky Elmore 34LB Arizona
84 Richard Sherman CB Stanford 184 Derrick Locke RBC Kentucky
85 Chris Culliver CB South Carolina 185 Zane Taylor OC/OG Utah
86 Brandon Burton CB Utah 186 Timothy Barnes OC Missouri
87 Chris Conte S California 187 DeAndre Brown WRP Southern Miss
88 Pernell McPhee 34DE Mississippi St 188 Lawrence Wilson OLB Uconn
89 Will Rackley OG Lehigh 189 Ross Homan OLB Ohio St
90 Clint Boling OG Georgia 190 Andrew Jackson OG Fresno St
91 Delone Carter RBF Syracuse 191 Keith Williams OG Nebraska
92 Stevan Ridley RBF LSU 192 Deunta Williams S UNC
93 Jason Kelce OC Cincinnati 193 Jalil Brown CB Colorado
94 Dwayne Harris WRS East Carolina 194 Sealver Siliga DT Utah
95 Jeremy Kerley WRP TCU 195 Anthony Sherman FB Uconn
96 Tandon Doss WRP Indiana 196 Da'Rel Scott RBF Maryland
97 Johnny Patrick CB Louisville 197 Allen Bradford RBF USC
98 Chykie Brown CB Texas 198 David Ausberry WRP USC
99 Derek Newton OT Arkansas St 199 Stephen Burton WRP W Texas A&M
100 Jeron Johnson S Boise St 200 DJ Smith 34LB Appalachian St
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