This Mock Draft Smells Fishy...

This is actually the very first mock draft I've ever done. So be kind lol. I'm gonna admit this is a draft I would like to see unfold.

Also, I included in Italics prospects teams would be willing trade up for at that particular pick. I thought it would be a fun thing to speculate cause I never really see it.

1. Colts- Andrew Luck, QB Stanford Pickles, pickles, pickles

2. Redskins- Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor Socks socks socks

3. Vikings- Matt Kalil, OT Southern California Last year they got their franchise QB. This year they get their franchise LT to protect him.

Possible Trade Up Targets : Tannehill, Richardson, Blackmon

4. Browns- Trent Richardson, RB Alabama I went back and forth on this between TR and Blackmon. I consider this to be a very deep draft in terms of WR, so the Browns pick up the quality RB now with no fear of not getting a quality WR later

5. Bucs- Morris Claiborne, LSU DB There is a glaring hole in CB, make no mistake. And this guy is the best one.

6. Rams- Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma State Sam Bradford finally has his number 1 receiver. With him split to the outside, Bradford should have a much better year.

7. Jags- Quintin Coples, DE UNC Pass rushing is a huge weakness for this team. And the Jags nab the best pass rusher in the bunch.

Possible Trade Up Targets: Tannehill, Cox, Floyd *Eagles trade note: there have been rumors of Eagles hoping to trade up ahead of Panthers for Cox. This would be the most logical place for this to happen*

8. Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill, QB Texas A&M Do I think Tannehill is worthy of a number 8 pick? No. Hell, there might even be a case for him to not even be taken in the first round. But an atrocious offseason featuring swing and misses at the best free agent QBs force the Dolphins to appease their fanbase by bringing in the number 3 QB of the draft.

Possible Trade Up Targets: Tannehill, Cox, Floyd. It would take a king's ransom, in my opinion, for the Dolphins to give up this spot. A possible scenario could see them trade out and take Brandon Weeden in the 2nd round.This would also be the last chance for the Eagles to take Cox.

9. Panthers- Fletcher Cox, DT Mississippi State The Panthers could not stop the run to save their life. In order to compensate for their lack of run defense, they go after the best DT in the draft.

10. Bills- Jonathan Martin, OT Stanford With the departure of Demetruss Bell, the Bills go after the Stanford LT to protect their Harvard QB.

11. Chiefs- Courtney Upshaw, OLB Alabama There are a number of directions the Chiefs could go here. With the expiring contract of Glenn Dorsey, I can see them taking a legitimate pass rusher here to help ease the 2013 offseason.

Possible Trade Up Targets: LK, Floyd (from here on out). Lets face it, Floyd could very well be a hot commodity after 10. Keep an eye on Cleveland especially.

12. Seahawks- Melvin Ingram, DE South Carolina Outside of Chris Clemmons, the Seahawks pass rush is pretty nonexistent. A presence opposite of him will help otherwise.

13. Cardinals- Mike Adams, OT Ohio State An otherwise atrocious line, Cards get the third best tackle in the draft in my opinion.

14. Cowboys- David DeCastro, OG Stanford Tyron Smith helped them out last year, DeCastro will help improve the interior. DDC would obviously be the smart choice. Whether or not Jerry Jones makes the smart pick completely unknown.

Possible Trade Up Targets: LK, Barron, Kirkpatrick. While Jerry Jones is not a good GM, he is a good businessman. And a good businessman can see a good deal when it is offered to him. With some good quality CBs and O-linesman still on the board as well as Floyd, Dallas could very well be on the move.

15. Eagles- Luke Kuechly, MLB Boston College This is the dream scenario in case the Eagles do not trade up. Honestly, what about this pick has NOT been covered on this website. I'll say who to NOT pick: Barron, Brockers, Poe. Especially Barron, I will be unhappy if this happens.

Possible Trade Up Targets: Barron, LK, DK., Reiff. Its certainly possible for the Eagles to trade down considering how deep the DTs are this year. They might feel Ryans is security enough to warrant not taking LK here, so trading down for a DT could be plausible.

16. Jets- Mark Barron, S Alabama The Jets need help at safety, is Barron worth this pick? No. This is a weak safety class and honestly they need pass rushing more. However, the best safety from the national champs will be too much for Rex Ryan to pass up.

17. Bengals- Dre Kirkpatrick, DB Alabama This is the pick the Bengals received for Carson Palmer. And they use it to go BPA.

Possible Trade Up Targets: Reiff, DK, Floyd.

18. Chargers- Riley Reiff, OT Iowa With the departure of Marcus McNeill, the Chargers need to replace him. In my opinion, Iowa is known for making two things: wrestling and beefy o-linemen. And Reiff is the best the Hawkeyes have to offer this year.

19. Bears- Cordy Glenn, OT Georgia Michael Floyd would make a lot of sense here. However, I don't see them picking him here. Chicago Bears football has always been run first. The addition of the big man from Georgia will reinforce that philosophy.

20. Titans- Janoris Jenkins, DB North Alabama With Kirkpatrick off the board, Jenkins would make the most sense here to bolster a weak Tennessee secondary.

21. Bengals- Peter Konz, C Wisconsin I thought about two options here. On one hand, Floyd would be a good pick here to give Andy Dalton another elite target to throw to. On the other hand, Peter Konz would shore up an otherwise shaky offensive line.

Possible Trade Up Targets: FLOYD FLOYD FLOYD.

22. Browns- Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame Every draft, theres always someone elite who falls unexpectedly. Michael Floyd will be this year's Aaron Rodgers of the draft. And if Floyd falls this far, the Browns will the unquestionable winner of the draft this year by getting both a franchise RB and WR in the first round. And this is assuming the Browns don't trade up for Floyd.

23. Lions- Stephon Gilmore, DB South Carolina After getting torched by Drew Brees in the playoffs, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Monday afterwards they began to send scouts to every available CB in the nation. And Gilmore is the BCBA.

24. Steelers- Dont'a Hightower, MLB Alabama The only thing missing pre-draft is the black and gold hat. Hightower fits so well with the Steeler its almost unnerving.

25. Broncos- Devon Still, DT Penn State Defensive line is the main need here. And Devon is the BPA

26. Texans- Whitney Mercilius, DE Illinois The departure of Mario Williams left a gap at D-Line. Mercilius is not Mario Williams, but he has the potential to be a close substitute.

27. Patriots- Jerel Worthy, DT Michigan State This can be either Brockers or Worthy. However, I personally am not 100% sold on Brockers. Worthy has had more success vs Big 10 o-lines which I find to be more intimidating than SEC O-lines.

Possible Trade Up Targets: Brockers, Poe, Worthy, Fleener. When the Patriots pick in the first round, I've gotten to the point where when Goodell comes to the mic, its to announce a trade. Out of their two picks in this round, I'd expect them to use this one more than the other one.

28. Packers- Dontari Poe, DT Memphis This is a boom or bust pick. One thing the Packers have done well over the years is develop draft picks into studs. The Packers have a great opportunity to turn Poe into a real threat on the line. *Fun Fact: Dontari Poe is rated a 67 OVR in NCAA Football 12*

29. Ravens- Kevin Zeitler, OG Wisconsin One dropped catch was all that separated the Ravens from the Super Bowl. Added depth to the interior gives a developing Flacco have some security.

30. Niners- Stephen Hill, WR Georgia Tech Their defense is set. All they need is some weapons on offense. Moss, Hill, and Crabtree gives Alex Smith a legitimate passing threat.

31. Patriots- Bobby Massie, OT Mississippi. History dictates the Patriots will trade one of their picks away with this pick being the more likely of the 2. In the event they do pick here, I'd guess they would go tackle to try to replace a retired Light.

Possible Trade Up Targets: Brockers, Fleener, Weeden. I threw Weeden on this list because I feel its not outside the realm of possibility for this to happen. For instance, maybe the Browns could trade back into the first for a good QB. Yes, he is old. However, I feel no matter what happens, there will always be a QB to emerge out of nowhere in the college ranks. I mean, where the crap was RG3 at the beginning of the year on the draft board. Also, this is the Patriots we are talking about. They are always willing to pick up that first rounder for you next year.

32. Giants- Coby Fleener, TE Stanford Yes they won the Super Bowl, but it didn't mean Eli didn't miss having a legitimate TE threat. With Fleener as the best TE and a large reason for Andrew Luck's success, Eli will have a new target to throw to.

Theres my attempt at a mock draft. Hopefully you all approve :)



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