The best draft we could have. Maximizing everything.

Give the pats our 2(46), 2(51), a future 3rd/4th, and Asante and receive the Pats 1(27), 2(64), 3(93) and 4(126)
And draft…
1(15) LB Luke Kuechly- We need a SAM and hes an instant starter and leader. He will give us a tackling presence we have needed for awhile. A much overdue pick but like the eagles have said, "this draft is all about getting the best available." And they clearly do that here. Secondly i do believe Kuechly falls because the Seahawks did lose David they also just got 2 new linebackers. The Chiefs will pass up Luke because of David Decastro who will be one of the top guards for years to come. Another reason is because it is just too early for a LB in the top 12 its like running backs, its a huge huge part of the game but you normally wait, the Eagles can not afford that though.

1(27) DT Michael Brockers- Best DT on the board will become very good. We move acouple pieces because the Pats need help in their secondary and we have Asante which means that we have the main component to the trade, we also want to move up because people they and I too love like Worthy and Reyes could easily get picked before them. So I'd love to see them not only get great value but maximize it by getting a DT who was once a top 10 overall pick.

2(64) WR Alshon Jeffery- Slipping for the wrong reasons, he had a new QB I’ll give him a chance and watch him become a stud. He was projected to compete with AJ and Julio Jones for top 10 pick last year, now he falls? He was not a one year wonder but he did have a lot of new pieces that messed him up. If we can get a slidding player who was suppose to be a former top selection I would absolutely love it right here. This is the steal of the draft and for us, we now have 3 WR sets in our possesion, a great receiver, a phonmenial redzone threat and a guy who will have a nice career complimenting Desean and Maclin, especially if one of those two injury prone guys are out.

3(88) RB Chris Polk- This man is sneaking into the second round but he could still be here easily due to the amount of RB’s there are, he is a hidden gym that can do it all. He can run inside the tackles very effectively like a power back, but he also has explosive quickness. We dont need a huge brandon jacobs sized powerback but one who is too easily compared to mike tolbert. Has some good speed but does actually want to hit other and will run them over. I see him being exactly like Tolbert and giving the eagles a great option to help mccoy down the road, these two could be absolutely amazing together.

3(93) CB/FS Trumaine Johnson- Versatile, takes over for asante, great size just like Nnamdi. Pick your poison, you want a safety or a corner? You get both in a guy who locked up last year, I mean his numbers were off the charts if he were in a top conference he could be the best corner in the draft, but instead he played for Montana which hurts. He has great height and in the mold of Nnamdi has rediculous potential actually being able to play behind a guy he can be just like.

4(118) TE Ladrius Green- Receiving TE really what we need for goal line. This pick was not really a need but it is a want, or as i think of it a help pick. He is 6'6 and explosive, this is a receiving TE we need and could really help us. We wont be using him too much so thats why he is not a need but on shortyardage and goalline, he is a huge want. Good pick because he can impact asap.

4(126) DE Cam Johnson- Perfect for the wide 9, has potential to be a stud. He is a hidden gem in this class. Very athletic and has great size and best off all specializes in getting the passer but wont hide from the run. This is one of the under the radar washburn picks that will make a great rotational player and has potential to be a difference maker, if he stays healthy.

5(153) LB Audie Cole- Back up linebacker, has great size and is a very good leader. This man is not afraid of anything and will smash people. He may not start but if you play football you know that in practice having someone who will smash people and go hard for the sake of the team is very good, but like i said you need to play football to get that. He could fill in for Ryans, Luke, or Chaney because he is very versatile and actually has incredible size. He will be very helpful to this team.

6(172) WR/RS Devin Wylie- Return man he has blazing speed. Really all you need to know, theres no reason to take a RS before the 6th seeing as the game really has no place for them as they are easily avoided, that is unless the man plays offense then you can take him in the 5th or maybe 4th. I'll stick to this man though crazy speed.

6(194) OL Ryan Miller- 6’7 as a guard or hybrid lineman. This man could become a top lineman under mudd. He has crazy size and backs it up with unheardof athleticism he can easily be something special at any spot on the line. One of the best pickups in the draft.

6(200) OT Nate Potter- Another man who could become a top lineman, very underrated athletic good size. People need to realize you get pro bowl tackles late in the draft, (herramans, peters, mathis,) all late round stud on our team alone. This guy has the potential to be a top tackle and as I explained the later rounds still host a great deal of the games top olineman, he could fill in for Herramans or Peters whent hey are done.

To me thats a dream draft. Hits everything we need. We pick up a QB in one of the best QB drafts in the past decade next year with the possibility of Tyler Bray, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Geno Smith, Landry Jones and more that we might not no about yet!

Let me know what you think because I do believe this is just about the best possible draft the Eagles could have because it has an immediate impact this year and down the road!!

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