Final Mock

Haven't done a mock draft, or any post in a while actually, but here we go. I'm done looking for and watching tape of players, I quit until the draft starts. My first Mock is going to be what I think the Eagles really will do, and since it's impossible to guess what the hell they will do trade wise, I won't do any trades for them. Going to do a second mock at the end with what I want them to do. Follow after the jump.

Round 1 - Michael Brockers - LSU - DT - I believe both Cox and Kuechly are off the board and those are the only two Defensive players they will covet here at pick 15. They then take the best DT left on the board. I think Brockers is head and shoulders above Poe who is the only other realistic option at 15, whom I dislike a lot truthfully. Brockers only downside is the lack of a pass rush ability, but the guy is a massive man child who is really just learning how to use his body. I think with some good coaching, Washburn will see what he can do with this beast, and want him. Truthfully, I think this pick will be a bust if it does happen.

Round 2 - Janoris Jenkins - NAU - CB - Think this pick here is a steal. I love the talent he shows on tape and is probably talent wise alone the number 3 CB in the draft. (Claiborne, Gilmore) But one or two others may go before him because of his massive history of getting in trouble. I'm fine with Philly using a pick on a troubled player or two with the type of personalities we have on the team, they'll be fine.

Round 2 - Brock Osweiler - ARI - QB - I hate this pick. Andy Reid will do it. This will be either Foles or Osweiler, if I had to chose it would be Os.

Round 3 - Jeff Allen - OT - Illinois - I think round 3 will be an OT, but I don't think Andy will go for the one I want so I'm going with Jeff Allen here.

Round 4 - Chris Rainey - Talent - Florida - Most talented return specialist in the draft goes to Phi. I like this pick, but don't love it. Phi realizes how badly we need to fix our return game, about half of the prospects to come to Phi for work outs have been returners.

Round 5 - Nigel Bradham - Florida State - OLB - Think this is a real steal here, and we need a new SAM LB. Nigel is tough to judge, I've seen him go in the sixth and I've seen him mocked in the 3rd. I think he's too inconsistent to pick higher than the 5th round.

Round 6 - Brandon Lindsey - Pitt - DE - No way Phi goes an entire draft with out at least one DE. Lindsey is very fast, and a great addition to the rotation.

Round 6 - Adam Gettis - Iowa - G - Very athletic OG for Mudd to play with.

Round 6 - Sean Cattouse - Cal - SS - Showed some real flashes of being a real competitor at Cal. Very raw, and very inconsistent. Most likely just a camp body. I'm betting we sign a vet SS after the draft so a late round pick probably won't make the team.

That's my mock for what I think they will do or something extremely close to to those lines. The goal I was aiming for was the position picked per round and the likelihood of who it will be based on past drafting and current staff types.

Now for my dream mock I got 2 trades.Trade one is Asante going away to some random team for a conditional pick next year. Doesn't effect this draft at all. Trade two does though. Trade two is going to be trading pick 15 to the Pats for picks 31 and 48. That's a 30 point value difference going to the Pats as the winner technically.

Round 1 (Pick 31) - CB - Janoris Jenkins - I'm still taking Janoris, I see that's its earlier than the other mock, but hey, I want a CB in the first two rounds, especially if we toss Asante. Janoris is a bit of a wildcard and I think can still go anywhere from 20-50. Depends how many GMs view his talent worth the risk. The kid is good.

Round 2 (Pick 46) - DT - Kendell Reyes - I really don't understand why he's not ranked higher. Maybe its because I'm a big east fan and I've seen what he does a lot. When he plays his motor is non-stop, you'll see him chasing down RBs who make it into the third level of a defense.

Round 2 (Pick 48) - WR - Mohammed Sanu - This is my draft man crush. He will be an instant upgrade over Avant in the slot and a huge redzone target. I don't think I've seen many WR's who fight for yards with such reckless abandon for their own body than this guy.

Round 2 (Pick 51) - OLB - Bobby Wagner - I don't want to beat a dead horse here for how badly we need an upgrade at SAM. Bobby is the best OLB on the board.

Round 3 (Pick 89) - OT - James Brown - I think he's a bit of a steal in the third round. Ultra athletic and fits our scheme very well.

Round 4 (Pick 114) - RB - Isiah Pead - My last mock I had Chris Rainey. I love Rainey and think whoever gets him is going to get a real talented player in the draft. My concern is we need not only a return specialist but a good RB who can spell McCoy and god forbid, step in in-case of injury. Pead is a much better all around RB than Rainey, with no injury concerns. Pead can also contribute in the return game as proven in the senior bowl.

Round 5 (Pick 153) - TE - Evan Rodriguez - Evan intrigues me. Simply put, I don't care much for Clay Harbor, and I think Rodriguez is an upgrade at the number 2 TE spot. Besides, we all like to draft the local players.

Round 6 (Pick 172) - OT - Joe Long - His brother is a beast. Why not shake the family tree and see what happens. It's only a sixth round pick. Not like we are spending a 4th rounder on a "starting" MLB just because of who is brother is .. we would never do that.

Round 6 (Pick 194) -C/G - Scott Wedige - Can play either Guard or Center, big and athletic. Another Mudd project. We need a back-up center regardless.

Round 6 (Pick 200) - MLB - Vontaze Burfict - If he's here, take him. He needs to be motivated, and between his sophmore and junior years they DID change the defensive scheme a bit so it's possible he struggled to adjust? I don't know.. I find it hard that a kid THAT talented his first two years can drop this badly. Let's let Ryans kick his ass and try to fix him. Might be a real steal here.

You can love either mock or hate it. Really don't care, I just like to post and see how close I can get each year.

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