Boom or Bust

Mock me one more time and I'm gonna..............I kid, I kid. I though it would be fun for this weeks draft to rate the top 5 at every position boom or bust. No in between. No he'll make a good number 2 WR. Or he'll be a good 3rd down back. Boom QB will be a a top 10 QB. A 25 TD guy at least and a 3,600 yards. Boom RB will be a top 10 back. 1,000 yards rusher and 10 total TDs. Boom WR will be 1,000 yards receiving, 10 TD's or 85 catches. Boom TE all pro, 7 TD's, 825 yards and 60 receptions(BTW NE TE's had 2,300 yards last year). Boom OL all pro or pro bowl. BOOM DE 10 sacks and/or 5 total FR/FF and 45 tackles(a game changer). Boom DT 5 sacks, 40 tackles and/or all pro or pro bowl. Boom LB 90 solo tackles, 110 total tackles, and/or 10 sacks, 5 INT's, 5 FR. Boom CB 5 INT's, 50 total tackles and/or 1 TD and at least 4 turn overs caused. S Boom 90 total tackles and/or 5 turn overs.

To clarify anything after and/or means if they get those stats instead of what came before the and/or they are a boom. Example for DE: 10 sacks boom. Or 5 FR/FF and 45 tackles boom. And the boom season has to happen in their first two seasons. Also I threw in all pro or pro bowl because OL and DT aren't always accumulating stats to help their teams win. Blocking and eating up blocks or controlling the trenches in pinnacle to a teams success.


1. Luck - Boom

2. Griffen - Bust

3. Tannehill - Bust

4. Osweiler - Bust

5. Weeden - Bust

Non top 5 guy prediction Foles - Boom


1. Richardson - Boom

2. Martin - Boom

3. Miller - Boom

4. Wilson - Bust

5. James - Bust

Non top 5 - Pierce - Boom

WR :

1. Blackmon - Boom

2. Floyd - Bust

3. Hill - Boom

4. Wright - Bust

5. Randle - Bust

My write in Sanu and Toon - Boom

TE :


OL :

1. Kalil - Boom

2. Reiff - Boom

3. Glenn - Bust

4. Adams - Bust

5. DeCastro - Boom

No non top 5

DE :

1. Coples - Bust

2. Ingram - Bust

3. Jones - Boom

4. Perry - Bust

5. Upshaw - Bust

Non top 5 Mercilus, Curry, Crick - Boom

DT :

1. Cox - Boom

2. Brockers - Bust

3. Poe - Busted

4. Worthy - Boom

5. Reyes - Bust

Non top 5 Wolfe

LB :

1. Kuechly - Bust

2. Hightower - Boom

3. McClellin - Boom

4. David - Ba Boom

5. Ronell Lewis - Boom

Non top 5 Spence - Boom

CB :

1. Claiborne - Bust

2. Gilmore - Bust

3. Kirkpatrick - Bust

4. Jenkins - Boom

5. Johnson - Bust

S :

1. Baron - Boom (short career)

2. Smith - Bust

3. Taylor - Bust

4. Martin - Bust

5. Allen - Bust

To be fair 2 years is short for CB and S's to reach their goals. The rankings I used was Espn. Although they are not the most accurate. I put the non top 5 in so you guys could write your favorite guys in. Good luck. I am going to save the article on favorites and if it's not erased we can revisit this for the next two years. Should be fun.

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