This is my final Mock before the draft.

So with the draft on Thursday and everything else falling into place with an eye for Training Camp I decided to come up with one final Mock draft. I'm basing this off my opinions so feel free to debate.

Team Needs:

This team doesn't have a whole lot of needs, mostly depth and LB, so I'll rank my list of needs highest to lowest.

  1. Outside Linebacker- The Eagles are pretty much desperate for somebody to contribute at an above average level for an entire season. Chaney is talented but he's coming off a neck injury and wasn't that great last season, Casey Matthews wasn't what he was anointed by the fans to be last season and Rolle was decent but also lead the team in missed tackles which is something that cannot happen again. Not to mention guys like Fokou, Jordan and Clayton are probably fighting for roster spots.
  2. Strong Safety- Nate Allen secures the Free Safety spot for now, he has to build upon what he did late last season and continue to be used properly (but the latter is on Castillo). The big issue here is that Jarrett is looked upon as a 3rd Safety by me, I was never really high on him and it is difficult to believe in a guy who barely played last season considering the problems we had at Safety. Coleman is a great 3rd Safety who can play both Strong and Free and I'd like to see him play again this upcoming season but if there's an upgrade out there you almost have to take them.
  3. Defensive Tackle- This isn't a pressing need, I'd say it's more of a depth need than anything. Jenkins started strong then tapered off statistically, though he was very disruptive the entire season. Patterson is a solid piece to have and you'll never see me knock him, but it's apparent that with he and Jenkins being over 30 we need to find a DT of the future at some point in this draft. Landri is one of those guys you just have to love, he's a great rotational guy who's relentless, but I highly doubt he'll develop into anything more than a solid starter. Guys like Dixon and Thornton are pretty much the wild cards here, Dixon hasn't been used in this system and Thornton is a young guy we're looking to try and develop. It's clear that we need to get somebody in here who can develop and challenge Landri, Dixon and the others quickly.
  4. Wide Receiver- No we don't need a starter with Maclin and Jackson in place, but we do need a guy who can come in and challenge Avant for the 3rd WR spot. Riley Cooper and Hall are pretty much what they're going to be by this point so it's time to get some younger talent.
  5. Offensive Tackle- Once again a depth pick, we have to get somebody in here that we can develop for the future. Also I'm not entirely sold on Dunlap as anything more than a swing OT for emergency purposes.
  6. Running Back- I'm not sold on Lewis being the primary backup to McCoy. I've said it a thousand times this offseason that we need a guy who more or less compliments Lewis (knock on wood) just incase something happens to McCoy and he misses a few games. Not to mention we can't just hand Lewis the backup spot in his 2nd year, we need to make him fight for it.

Asante Samuel is traded to Denver for a 6th round pick (#188 overall) and a 2013 conditional pick (3rd-6th)... I didn't factor in Asante's cap hit or anything, it's fairly simple, if the Bronco's want him they'll find a way to make it work. Now this trade is simply to get the Salary off the books and potentially have Asante play his way into netting us as high as a 3rd next season.

The Draft:
1st Round, #15 Overall: Mark Barron, Safety, Alabama
Everybody see's this guy differently, however I see him as an instant upgrade at SS and a guy who is a solid tackler with the adequate cover skills to succeed in the NFL. He's full of potential and honestly was the best player available to us at #15 (Have Luke, Floyd, Cox and DeCastro going before us). Barron is a smart safety who can come in and help out our secondary day 1. As for those of you worried about his injury issues I say don't because he stayed healthy last season and if he were to miss a game or so we have Coleman who's had his best games filling in for injured Safety's.
2nd Round, #46 Overall: Mike Adams, Offensive Tackle, Ohio State
After testing positive at the Combine for Marijuana usage he's likely to drop into the 2nd round. I think that if this were to happen the Eagles would happily snag him up and groom him behind Herremans, Bell and Peters for the next few years. He's a big guy who fits the system we run and with a few years to adjust to the pro game and add some muscle to his frame he could be a dominant Left or Right Tackle. This is another BPA pick for the Eagles.
2nd Round, #51 Overall: Mychal Kendricks, Linebacker, Cal

A versatile Linebacker who can come in and play any spot we ask him to. He does have some weak points in his game but I think he'll develop into one of the best Linebackers from this draft. I think he comes in and competes for the SAM LB position and worst case scenario he sits for a year and learns. His ability to play any LB position combined with his speed to cover the new breed of TE's makes him a very good pick in the 2nd.

3rd Round, #88 Overall: Josh Chapman, NT/DT, Alabama

I simply love this guy, he tore his ACL last season and finished it out (while playing very well), he's listed as a Nose Tackle or Defensive Tackle but the guy can do what we need him to do which is draw double-teams and free up Babin and Cole on the outside. He'd be a 1 gap monster in this system. Now he may need some time to recover and he might not be ready for the start of the season but I think before he tore his ACL he would've been a 1st round pick. This is a flyer on a guy with a ton of upside and who's tough as hell.

4th Round, #114 Overall: Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati

Pead reminds me of Buckhalter, he's not the biggest guy but he'll hammer it in between the tackles but he also has that ability to break the long one not to mention he's an adequate receiver coming out of the backfield. The thing I like about Pead is that he's simply a gamer and will help wherever he's needed and will do whatever is needed of him. He's the perfect compliment to Lewis (as I mentioned above we need that) and will challenge immediately for the #2 spot behind McCoy.

5th Round, #153 Overall: Dwight Jones, WR, North Carolina

Jones is a big specimen at WR, he's listed at 6'4 225lbs and he's very talented. He drops so far because of some issues off the field and injuries, but with a guy his size reportedly running in the 4.4-4.5 range it's hard to pass up on a low-risk/high-reward player like Jones. The thing I like about Jones is he changes directions very quickly, wins jump balls and has very strong hands. Look for him to compete with Avant and probably even win the spot next season.

6th Round, #172 Overall: Jaye Howard, DT, Florida

Howard produced very well against top notch competition in College. I think he's the most underrated player in this draft and would be a great pickup at the top of the 6th. He's a technically sound player who excels against the run but he will likely need some refining in the pass rush department. At this point he's another player who can win a roster spot and likely contribute in the rotation.

6th Round, #188 Overall: Chris Rainey, RB/WR/KR, Florida

Rainey is a speed demon, he can contribute everywhere and most importantly he can upgrade the KR position and take some stress off of Jackson as a PR. Look at him as a talented Chad Hall.

6th Round, #194 Overall: Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

Wilson is a QB who isn't exactly great at any one thing but he's smart and athletic. If it weren't for his height he'd go much earlier in this draft and would likely be deemed somebody's QB of the future. His ability to buy time with his legs and move the chains from time to time is a great asset to have, if you look at guys like Jeff Garcia you'll see why I like Wilson. I can see him being given a chance to be the QB of the future in a few years and he may even give Kafka an run for his money as the Backup day 1.

6th Round, #200 Overall: Danny Trevathan, Linebacker, Kentucky

Danny is one of those guys I feel is underrated. He lead the SEC in tackles two years straight and is a very smart player. He comes in and competes with Fokou, Jordan and the rest for a roster spot.

Final Thoughts:

I don't think we have this many picks, I'm sure there will be plenty of trades and whatnot to move up and down, I think we'll likely pick 7-8 guys out of this draft by the time it's all said and done. But in this one I assumed there was only 1 trade and the rest of the time we just sat on our picks.

Let me know what you think.

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