Andy Reid's draft day humor, possible trades with NE + mock

Those who know Andy Reid personally insist he's a completely different person behind closed doors. One thing in particular that they all say, really stands out, because it seems so out of character: that he's hilarious. Its not even because he's so reserved in press conferences, because regardless of how much it annoys reporters, it makes sense to keep his team's business behind closed doors. After a heart-breaking loss, I wouldn't want to give a serious answer to Howard Eskin's retarded, bitchy questions either. Fans just can't picture this obese mormon daywalker with a permanent mustache having a sense of humor. Who hasn't tried to imagine what kind of jokes he tells? What is an Andy Reid joke?

In last year's draft, we got our answer, and no: it wasn't taking a 27 year old fireman from Canada in the 1st round, reaching for the feisty local kid in the second, upgrading dime CB in the 3rd, immediately naming a 4th round legacy pick the starting middle linebacker, drafting two guys under 5'10, or even taking TWO KICKERS NAMED HENRY, although I actually got those jokes and I'm sure NFL draft rooms were falling out of their chairs. The "joke" came just before the end of day 3, when as a joke, the two longest tenured coaches in the NFL made a meaningless trade just for the hell of it, "to keep their streak alive". Maybe Andy is the NFL's class clown- the pro version of the guy whose fantasy football team never comes in 1st because he refuses to take the draft as seriously as everybody else. If this is all an elaborate Andy Kaufmanesque ruse, I guess I admire his principle, but assuming we're actually trying to win...

No NFL teams move around more on draft day than the Gold Standard and the New England Patriots. With extra picks this year, they're likely to again. This year, the trade might actually matter, because the two teams are in prime position to make a significant trade that could shape both team's entire drafts. I'm gonna go over several possible trades we could make with the Pats and how our draft could look if it went down.


But first, more prologue:

In my last mock, I targeted the Packers for a trade down, because the draft charts and needs of both teams matched up, making them a viable partner. When I went to a Packers blog for research, I saw Packers fans proposing the same trade, except with a better return coming our way than in my apparently modest proposal. The same thing happened when I visited the excellent NE draft blog, to check if Pats fans targeted us for a trade; a draft day trade thread containing a number of proposed trades with the Eagles, similar to the deals I envisioned, except with a better return.

How about this trade proposal I found on the Pats draft site?

  • Mark says: April 20, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    My favorite round 2 accumilation scenario mentioned b4.

    PATS 27+95+127=~680+120+45=845 for PHI 46+51=~440+390=~830

    BB would have 31,46,48,51,63 = One 1st rounder and 4 second rounders because the Eagles will want to trade up to grab a lineman at 27 after taking Keukly or Whomever at 15.

    Do a PATS mock with them apples.


Not bad huh? I'll even throw them a 6th(172) rounder or Asante to even it out. This is probably my favorite of the options. It would look like this:

To Eagles: 27(1) 95(3) 127(4)

To Pats: 46(2) 51(2) 172(6)

Again, lets say Kuechly drops to 15, then we see DTs like Brockers, Poe and/or Worthy falling to the end of the 1st round. The Pats have no picks after the 4th and want to acquire some, to improve depth at a low cost. Here are some different ways it could go down.

To Eagles: 31 and 62 884 points

To Pats: 46 & 51 & 153 & 172 & 194 889 points

The Pats have no picks after the fourth round, so we swap 2nd rounders with them and give them a 5th and two 6ths. This would enable the Pats to pick up another mid 2nd round player(pass rusher or wideout) who might not drop to the end of the round.


To Pats: 2013 1st rounder, swap 2nd rounders (51 for 62) and a 5th.

To EAGLES: 27th overall pick.


To Pats: 2013 2nd rounder, swap 2nd rounders(47 for 62) a 5th and a 6th.

To Eagles: 31th overall pick

In these, the Pats get one of the future high round picks they try to collect, we get the late 1st and still have two 2nd rounders to use on, lets say a red zone target, CB, DE, WILL, QB or trade down. First four picks could go something like: Kuechly/Worthy/Jeffrey/Boykin, Cox/David/Wagner/Trumaine Johnson, Barron/Worthy/Kendricks/Curry, Gilmore/David/Reyes/Boykin...something like that.

Another possibility is New England trading up for an impact defender, like Barron, Brockers or Ingram. If Barron slips past the Cowboys, there could be a number of teams calling us, trying to trade up for him. Same goes for Floyd, Gilmore, Brockers, or Ingram, who received top ten grades from several teams. Tannenhill is unlikely to fall that far, but one highly rated QB seems to every year.

If Kuechly and Cox are gone by 15, a trade like this would make sense: (I got the idea from the Pats board, so at least their fans find it acceptable)

To Eagles: 27th and 31st picks

To Patriots: 15th pick

The value is hugely (230pts, about a high 3rd rounder) in our favor, but a swap of 2nd rounders+4th+5th would balance it out.They like future picks, are interested Asante and are willing to deal. Or they could give us their early 2nd instead of one of their late 1st, and it would be even. Why would we do this trade? We could get whichever DT falls, snag Lavonte David ahead of the Giants and still have two 2nd rounders.

There are lots of rumors floating around about Asante Samuel returning to the Patriots and it makes sense for a number of reasons: aging star players played a huge role in their success over the past decade, a zone scheme, a desperate need for a CB, $11 million in cap space and they paid him $10 million before when they franchised him. They're just hoping the Eagles cut him, because the Patriots don't overpay.

My mock is based on the first trade - the one from the Pats blog. In this scenario, Kuechly drops to 15.

NOTE: No repeat picks from my last mock- all different players. I wanted to show different options and its more fun that way. I was most tempted to repeat on late round picks who'd fit especially well. (Taylor Thompson, Brandon Hardin and by far, Lucas Nix, because he has a high ceiling, can play any spot on the OL and fits Mudd's scheme) I also included pick 172(6th), because the pick we'd get for Asante would be at least that high.

1(15) Luke Kuechly - With Luke and DeMeco in place, we could get away with Chaney or Rolle at the weakside. If that doesn't work out, we could address WIL next year, but if our linebacking corps is not already significantly improved, we have a deeper problem on defense.

1(27) Jerel Worthy/Michael Brockers/Devon Still/Dontari Poe/ best available DT. It doesn't matter who you'd "like at 27", because the best available interior lineman is the pick here. Go ahead and complain about "taking Still that early", but if the rest are gone, he won't last either. Even next tier guys like Brandon Thompson, Derek Wolfe, Kendall Reyes and Jared Crick could start coming off the board around this point if the rest are gone. Don't be shocked if it happens, because it won't be the 1st or 10th time it has- there's never any shortage of demand for quality interior defensive linemen, so teams that missed out on a DT in the 1st will start trading up for them in the late 1st/early 2nd. It all starts with the Rams at 6: if they take Cox, which is looking more likely every day, the dominoes will start to fall, and we could end up spending a couple hours praying Worthy lasts til 15.

3(88) Ron Brooks CB/S LSU - You think this is too high for a guy who didn't start in college? Who was he backing up? A top 5 pick, a future top 5 pick and a preseason Heisman contender- no shame in that, and Brooks wouldn't "start" for us either. In my last mock, I detailed why nickel back should be considered a separate starting position in today's NFL. With 4.37 speed, a 38" vert, exceptional agility and outstanding experience playing the nickel, Brooks is an ideal long-term replacement for Joselio Hanson. Brooks is a confident, aggressive, versatile DB who also excelled as a gunner on special teams. Plays the run and blitzes so well that he's discussed as a possible safety conversion prospect, all of which makes him a perfect fit inside as the immediate starter in the nickel package. If Brooks is gone by this point and yes he might be- a lot of teams love him, hopefully Boykins is still around.

3(95) Isaiah Pead (best RB available) Pead is one of the more dynamic and versatile backs in this class. He can pass protect, catch passes, return kicks and carry a load if McCoy gets dinged up. Pead is single cut runner with excellent acceleration who "plays with a chip on his shoulder".(sound familiar? hint: announcing this pick) While he lacks ideal bulk (5'10" 197) for running between the tackles, he compensates with quickness, agility and straight line speed that makes him deadly in the open field. A lot of people like Pead, so we need other options for backing up McCoy. If David Wilson falls to the 3rd, I'd move up. If Pead doesn't last til here, I'd go with Robert Turbin of Utah State. After that, I don't know, maybe Pierce from Temple, but there could be lesser known, better choices.

4(114) Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin - Everyone's talking about him as a huge sleeper. I don't know if its short dudes rooting for him or genuine fans, but Wilson clearly has a ton of talent, the only question is whether it'll translate to success on the next level. There's a lot to love about Wilson- he led the nation in QB efficiency, with a ridiculous 191+ QB rating last year, 22 points higher than Luck, who was #2. Wilson outperformed Luck in every way, even against common opponents, and was really the 2nd best QB in college football, behind RG3. Wilson has a cannon arm and 4.5 speed, but intangibles are probably his best quality. In his only year at Wisconsin, he learned the pro-style offense well enough to break every school record, and led the school to its best year in decades. He's a cerebral QB, who excels at quickly reading defenses, exploiting their weaknesses and throwing to the open, single covered receiver, which shows in last year's 33/4 TD ratio...but is he too short? Wilson's overhand release somewhat negates his height disadvantage and Wisconsin's offensive linemen weren't any shorter than those he'll play behind in the NFL.

What I like most about Wilson is how well he fits this offense. Eagles fans might be sick of short, shifty QBs, but Wilson's the closest thing to Vick, outside of BG3. With his arm strength, athleticism and maturity, Wilson allows us to run the exact same offense if Vick went down. If Wilson is unavailable or we simply go in another direction, I see two other mid-round options: Nick Foles and Ryan Lindley. I wrote about Foles last mock, but I see him as more of a 3rd rounder. I almost picked Lindley in the 5th round in this mock. Lindley, like all Aztec QBs, have to intrigue Reid because their coach learned from Reid's BYU guru; the inventor of the WCO: Don Coryell...then again, Russell Wilson starred in a west coach offense for three years at NC State.

4(127) Senio Kelemente OL Washington - Samoan with experience at LT and LG. Pretty much all the Polynesian football cliches apply: natural bulk which he carries well, light on his feet, plays with fire and conviction, raw technique etc. Great Mudd project

5(153) Audie Cole LB NC State - Yeah, I know he's a slow SAM/MLB type, but look at the roster. Even after adding Kuechly and DeMeco Ryans, we lack depth behind them. Basically every LB left over from last year is a WILL, who is less comfortable taking on blocks than dropping back into coverage. What this defense lacks are big, tough dudes who can hold their ground, shed blocks and drive ballcarriers into the dirt. Physically, Audie Cole is a lot like Stewart Bradley, except unlike Bradley, Cole isn't injury prone, is a true 4-3 linebacker with a ton of experience playing SAM and MLB,(Bradley was a college DE), and is excellent in coverage. Despite his lack of ideal athleticism, Cole's biggest strength might be his ability to blanket TEs, due to his ideal size, (6'5 255) long arms he uses to jam TEs at the line and sharp instincts. If Cole turns out to be a great player we can't keep off the field, Kuechly could always move to the weakside, where he'd be in the best position to make a ton of tackles anyway. How many games into last season did it take the Eagles to realize their defense sorely lacked players like Audie Cole?(or Stewart Bradley) Next time, that guy will they need will be on the sideline, instead of another city. Cole at least gives Castillo some alternatives to just another speedy, undersized LB. Interesting note- Cole was a Butkus award semi-finalist.(Kuechly won of course)

6(172) Jake Bequette DE Arkansas - Had success playing in the wide-9. Compared to Jared Allen, due to his ideal size, motor and style of play. Not a huge need, but we could use some depth and competition there.

6(194) Devon Wylie WR Fresno State - If Andy's gonna have this Chad Hall fetish, we might as well upgrade that spot on the roster. Wylie is basically a great version of Chad Hall. A more fair comparison might be Wes Welker, except Wylie has insane DeSeanesque 4.33 speed. He's a little shifty slot guy, tough enough to go over the middle, with all-american return skills.

6(200) Adam Gettis G/C Iowa - Second Iowa guard in two years, but you could probably field a decent NFL line with all Hawkeyes. At 6'2" 293, he's more of a center. He was the most athletic offensive lineman at the combine, but doesn't fit most schemes due to a lack of size.

We add two elite defensive players at LB and UT, and still end up picking up an extra pick. Since the other needs are mostly for depth, they can wait until the 3rd round. I didn't take a "big WR" , but we've brought in more speedy guys than big ones, so maybe they don't perceive it as a huge need. TE is a possibility, but there aren't many good ones in this draft.

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