Who's Your Man Crush?

I think we are all getting sick of everyone and their mother doing a mock draft. It's fun to do and fun to see who knows what there talking about and who has absolutely no idea. We will get bombarded by mocks from here until about 8:00 on Thursday.

Here is something different. I wanted to get a pulse here at BGN on who is everyone's man crush. Who is the one prospect you want the Eagles to get more then anybody. Doesn't have to be a 1st rounder either. If your man crush is Dale Moss or, God help you, Vontzaze Im-Burfict, then that doesn't mean you want the Eagles to spend a 1st on him. Just that the player is your favorite in this draft class, you will make a customized Eagles jersey or set player for the draft(I did Kerrigan last year with tape over my Reggie Brown jersey) and you will completely lose your mind when you hear that player's name called. Here is a list of players for the poll with some analysis.

Fletcher Cox- If Cox is your man crush, you probably can't think for your self. In all seriousness, he fits our scheme really well. He won't command double teams for the next 7 years like some other DTs might do, but he will be a great pss rusher for years to come.

Michael Brockers- Very high ceiling for a guy who was taken out during passing downs. There are two sides for the fans who want a DT in the 1st. One side wants an elite passing rushing tackle like Cox, Worthy or someone like that. The other side wants someone who can command double teams and keep the left guard or center from making blocks upfield on our linebackers on running plays. I see both sides points but I think Brockers is very risky.

Dontari Poe- Legendary combine numbers wil get you a lot of man crushes. Poe did just that with a sub 5.00 40 at 346 pounds along with 44 reps in the bench press. He could be the next Albert Haynesworth, or better, or he could be the next Andre Wadesworth or Mike Mamula.

Melvin Ingram- Great pass rusher on the outside or inside. Good effort player that is pretty polished at this point in his career.

Quinton Coples- Great pass rusher on the outside or inside. Some say not a good effort player who isn't quite polised at this point in his career. Keep in mind, some scouts thought he would be a top 3 pick less then a year ago.

Luke Kuechly- Eagles fans love what they can't have. Linebackers. Just like Flyers fans love goalies and Phillies fans power hitters and Sixers fans love halfway decent basketball players. Kuechly would be the SAM next to Demeco Ryans and neither player would ever have to leave the field. They both play the run and pass very well. Only problem is about 25% of BGN members still can't spell his name right.

Dont'a Hightower- People love his physicality. I definitely see it. I just don't see Andy Reid, a coach who has devalued LBs in the past, taking a 2-down 4-3 OLB in the 1st round. No way he plays in nickel packages over Casey Matthews or Keenan Clayton.

Stephon Gilmore- If I didn't watch any college football or draft coverage and was shown the game tape of Morris Claiborne and Gilmore, I would tell you Gilmore is the better player. He is longer, bigger, just as fast and quick if not mroe and better in run support. Complete package at CB.

Mark Barron- There is no way in hell the Eagles draft a safety in the first round. Quote me on it. But that doesn't mean you can't be in love with Barron. Big hitter, leader, good safety in pass coverage when helping a corner over the top. Not good in coverage by himself.

Brandon Boykin- One of my favorite prospects High character player who is the best slot corner and the best return man. Huge needs for us. I know we have Hanson but we could use another slot CB for this year and Hanson is gone after the season if not sooner. Potential as an outside corner as well. Not afraid to jam bigger recievers right at the line.

Vontaze Burfict- Everyone is allowed to their own opinion, unless your Ted Nuggent. Burfict has looked like a star MIKE at times, others he has looked just plain awful. Someone is going to either get a steal in the 7th round/FA or they will get a locker room cancer that could set the franchise back even if he gets cut during camp.

Kirk Cousins- Great leader, leads receivers on his throws and has plenty of arm strength. Don't understand why he isn't projected higher. Could be really good fit for the Browns in the 2nd. Good fit for any WCO.

Russell Wilson- Good athlete at quarterback. Is his arm good enough to be a starter? Will his size hold him back like it has at times for Vick? I honestly don't know. I think he is a better prospect than Troy Smith but past that I am not sure.

Kellen Moore- Really good guy that people will want to root for. Having said that, Heisman votes do not equal NFL success. It's the biggest argument from his supporters and it makes zero sense. If you like him, make a valid point, not votes for a college trophy.

Michael Floyd- Love this kid. That is saying a lot for people who know me as the diehard Wolverine that I am. I have seen him tear up Michigan for four seasons. He can flat out player. Short routes, deep routes, jump balls, crossing routes, whatever. His best attribute is his ability to make big plays in big moments. Players like that don't grow on trees, especially outside of the quarterback position. I will be sick if he is on the board at 15 and we don't draft him.

Dale Moss- Okay last one, this list is getting way too long. If you went purely by workout numbers, he should be the first pick of the draft. 41.5 inch vert, fastest 3-cone drill in history at 6.32, 4,4ish 40 as well. 6'4, 215-220. Basketball star turned football star. Have you ever watched a NBA player with no jumpshot but has ridiculous hopes and though "This guy would dominate as a wide receiver in the NFL". I have, and Dale Moss could be that player.

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