The 5 Most Likely Prospects Available at #15

This is a bit different then the post I did the other day on the top 5 targets. I am going to start this post with a mock draft of the first 14 picks and then looks at the five best players and where we should go from there.

1. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck QB Stanford- Duh

2. Washington Redskins- Robert Griffin III- Even Synder can't mess this up. After Luck is taken, I am going to be pissed if we have to wait 10 minutes for this pick.

3. Minnesota Vikings- Morris Claiborne CB LSU- Kalil is the obvious choice here, but I agree with some scouts thinking that he isn't strong enough to be a top 5 pick at LT. He looks average in run blocking at times on film. He is a very good player, but not Jake Long or Joe Thomas good. Claiborne makes sense because the NFC North is loaded with wide receivers, even if Chicago.

4. Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson RB Alabama- This is the smart pick here. Richardson is the perfect fit for the west coast offense. He is a do it all back. Not just a inside runner, he burns you outside, as a receiver in the backfield and in pass protection. Running game or lack there of really killed this offense more then Colt McCoy or lack of big play receiver. Too many good wideouts to take an over hyped one this early. Remember, they have three more picks before round 3, they can get a WR, a RT and a QB if they really want to.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina- Claiborne being taken at #3 will really shake up their plans. I mean they did hire LSU's DB coach. They wouldn't mind Richardson either but they settle for Gilmore here who I actually like better then Claiborne. He has more size and is a better tackler. Realy, Claiborne is the 1A corner and Gilmore is 1B. Blackmon doesn't make sense here after signing Vincent Jackson to team up with Mike Williams.

6. St. Louis Rams- Matt Kalil OT USC- Too much value here to pass up on. OL stunk last year. He could play RT or LT right away, depending on who plays better in training camp, Saffold or Smith.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State- The Jags wide receivers have stunk since Jimmy Smith and Keenen McCardell left. That was the Tom Coughlin era Jags. Yeah, it's been a long time. They can't pass on the best WR on their board still on the board. I predict they draft a WR in round 1 or 2. They want to get Gabbert some help before it's too late. GM Gene Smith's job depends on Blaine Gabbert's success.

8. Miami Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M- A lot of teams will really think hard about trading up for this kid, but no one will have the guts to do it. Too risky. 19 starts and needing a lot of time to develop. Makes sense for Miami because this franchise needs a franchise QB and Matt Moore can hold the fort down for at least another season along with David Garrard.

9. Carolina Panthers- Michael Brockers DT LSU- Everything I heard about Carolina until about 2 weeks ago was all about Brockers or Blackmon if he is stil there. They need a run stuffing DT to free up 1-on-1 matchups for the rest of the DL. They could take Floyd here but the offense isn't the issue with this team. They need to stop the run to compete in 2012.

10. Buffalo Bills- Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame- If Floyd gets past 10, he could very easily be on the board for Philly. Next four picks are WR deep teams: Kansas City(Bowe,Breston,Baldwin), Seattle(Rice, Tate, Baldwin), Arizona(Larry Fitzgerald, Roberts), Dallas(Bryant, Austin). See my point. They could take Floyd but all four teams have major needs at other positions that should have very good players available at those spots. The Bills take Floyd here because FItzgerald needs another weapon. He isn't the type of QB that can win without help around him like a Brady can. With weapons, maybe he can.

11. Kansas City Chiefs- David DeCastro OG Stanford- Interior line is really the biggest need for the Chiefs. They have drafted well at other positions but need help in the middle of the line. They could be the favorites if DeCastro looks good in camp and Cassel as well. They are a real player for Tannehill but too early to give up on Cassel and QB class in 2013 is really, really good.

12. Seattle Seahawks- Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina- Ingram is a flat out steal outside of the top 10. A true testiment to how deep this class really is. Seattle is going to be looking for a pass rusher in the 1st round. Coples, Perry and maybe Cox are possibilities here but Ingram is the better and will be gone by this pick no matter what happens.

13. Arizona Cardinals- Riley Reiff OT Iowa- This OL is complete, well, you know what. They have to draft the best OL available and plug him in. If they can shore up their line by 2013, they could be a playoff team with a decent QB.

14. Dallas Cowboys- Mark Barron S Alabama- I am giving way too much credit to Jerry Jones here, but the can't pass up on Barron here. Their secondary is awful. If they ignore this unit again in the draft they and WSH will allow 30 points a game.

Okay, so that leaves the Eagles with Dontari Poe, Quinton Coples, Fletcher Cox, Dre Kirkpatrick, Luke Kuechly and Kendall Wright. I just did this mock out of the knowledge and instincts that I have and this is how it turned out. Cox probably doesn't get out of the top 10 but remember, not everyone runs the wide-9. 4-3 teams like their 1st round DTs to be better against the run at this point. I will get destoryed if I suggest that Cox will be here at 15 so I will leave him out. So that leaves us with five good players to chose from.

Dontari Poe- I'll make this simple. I would love this pick if it happened. If it didn't, it's probably for good reason. If Wash loves him, then so do I. If not then he sees something in him that raises a serious red flag. He has the potential to be better then Haynesworth. Stronger and better athlete. Effort is there on tape too, just needs some good coaching.

Quinton Coples- Let's forget about the effort questions for a second. This is a top 10 prospect that fits our wide-9 scheme very well. Looks like an athletic DT but can be a force as a DE as well. I think Wash is the one DL coach where you can take prospects with effort concerns b/c when you play for Wash you play hard. He spells sacks with a $ and he stick to you like a june bug on a chicken. Some scouts had him as a top 3 player a while ago.

Dre Kirkpatrick- Never been wowed with Dre thru this whole process. I think he falls out of the top 20 in the draft. Maybe Jenkins sneaks up to the 1st round and Dre is the 1st pick on Friday. Maybe I am crazy and he is the next great big CB. That's what is great about this time of year, no wrong answers this time of year unless it's praise of Burfict.

Luke Kuechly- Would be a great fit here. Gives the Eagles 2 Pro Bowl caliber LBs as opposed to zero. I don't see Kuechly as good in coverage as others see him but he is still really, really good. Great tackler, good in zone coverage. Will be a solid starter for the next 10 years guaranteed. In my mind, he is the safest pick for any team in the entire draft.

Kendall Wright- Definitely not a need pick, but give the Eagles an explosive slot receiver who is more willing down the middle then DeSean. Avant is a nice player but he doesn't scare people. Also, we would have four good WRs. Riley Cooper only plays in emergency situations. I would rather us draft a bigger receiver but if we get a Fleener, Allen or Egnew then it doesn't really matter.

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