Looking Back At The 2009 Eagles Draft Class

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 01: LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles accepts his 2011 FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Year award during a press conference for the FedEx Air & Ground NFL Players of the Year. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Whenever the draft ends and pundits start handing out grades, the caveat is always that it takes at least 3 years before you can really begin to grade a draft class. So now that we're just about three calender years removed from the day the 2009 draft class heard their names called at Radio City, how about we take a look at how the Eagles have fared?

For this analysis, I'm only going to look at the players the Eagles drafted, not trades. They made a ton of moves in this draft not only picking up Jason Peters in the process, but also a slew of other draft picks. This exercise, however, is just about the draft class.

Round 1, Pick #19 - WR Jeremy Maclin - Maclin has been a consistent contributor since almost day one. In fact, over the first 35 games of their careers, Maclin has outproduced DeSean Jackson. Maclin has the second most receptions in team history over his 1st three seasons (Keith Jackson has the most). Still, I think there's another level that Maclin can get to that would really make this selection a home run. He's a very good WR, but not a great one yet. Still, this has to be considered a good pick.

Pound 2, Pick #53 - RB LeSean McCoy - Obviously a home run pick. If the 2009 draft was done over again, Shady may very well have been a top 5 pick. He's one of the top RBs in the NFL already and has to be considered a steal in the later half of the second round.

At this point, the Eagles would complete a number of trades that would net them several extra picks and Ellis Hobbs. They would not pick again until the 5th round. That said, given the success of the 1st two picks, this has to be considered a pretty good draft. However, let's continue after the jump.

Round 5, Pick #153 - TE Cornelius Ingram - Keep this in mind when you hear draf pundits making proclamations on draft day. When the Eagles picked Ingram, Todd McShay called him "the best pick of the fifth round." Maybe if Ingram had ever gotten healthy that would have been the case, but he didn't.

Round 5, Pick #157 - CB/S Macho Harris - Macho Harris was actually signed yesterday... by the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. So, that should give you some idea of he worked out.

Round 5, Pick #159 - OT Fenuki Tupou - Tupou is still in the NFL currently with the Saints, however, he's yet to make an appearance in an NFL game.

Round 6, Pick #194 - WR Brandon Gibson - He was traded in his rookie year as part of the deal that brought Will Witherspoon here. He had a promising sophomore season in St Louis, but ultimately probably isn't much more than a 4th WR.

Round 7, Pick #213 - OG Paul Fanaika - He's never played in a game, but has been on the practice squad of four different teams.

Round 7, Pick #230 - LB Moise Fokou - Far and away the Eagles best pick after the first two rounds, Fokou is still a member of the squad and has started 22 games over the last 3 seasons. In what is probably an indictment of the Eagles LB corps as a whole, I don't think it's crazy to say that Fokou has been the Eagles best and most consistent LB over the last two years. Plus, he's a good special teams player. Fokou may not be a long term solution, but as 7th round picks go, this one was pretty good.

So what would be your grade for the 2009 Eagles draft class?

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