I messed up, I really messed up

The old adage is "don't fall in love with a prospect," but alas, I have fallen in love with not one, but two prospects in this draft. To make matters worse, I don't think we'll get either one and I am not sold on anyone else at the 15th pick. You may say trade back, but this draft is so wide-open to me, that I really don't know how much we'd get in return or who we'd pick.

The men I love in the first round are obviously Mississippi St.'s Fletcher Cox and Boston College's Luke Kuechly. For the most part, we all adore these two players, but I think a lot of us have realized we won't get them. Whether it be from the Eagles' draft history or the teams picking ahead of us.

My main issue is outside of the top 6 (Luck, RG3, Claiborne, Blackmon, Richardson, Kalil) and our two beloved guys, I don't see anyone worth taking at 15. You can make the argument for Mark Barron or David DeCastro, both of whom I admire but we just drafted Jaiquan Jarrett and Danny Watkins with our first two picks last year. If you take either of those guys, you are basically saying the high round pick last year wasn't worth it. I don't know how you can justify that with Kurt Coleman being solid (but not spectacular) and Watkins still learning the position under the great Howard Mudd.

I get it, you're still a fan of trading back if Luke and Fletcher are gone. I see your point, but if you trade down, who you taking? As much as I think we need a redzone threat, I have a problem drafting a tight end (Celek led the team in receptions and had 800 yards last year, we also don't use the 2nd TE a lot) and wide receiver (you know who our guys are) in the first round. I'm also for 2nd round, but we simple don't rotate those positions enough to justify that pick to me (Cooper didn't get targeted until he had to start for injuries).

The positions we do rotate are DE and DT, so I'm down with that. I think most of us are scared of a scenario where we take Dontari Poe of Memphis and I think that is valid. Devon Still has fallen off the the face of the Earth. I am a fan of Jerel Worthy of Michigan State, but I wouldn't take him before 25. A guy I think we can all face in love with is Chandler Jones (I am a Cuse fan, but that's not why). He's lanky and extremely athletic, with a mix of JPP and Aldon Smith in game. The only issue is he's a fast riser. I've watched a majority of his games in college and will tell you, I thought he was a 3rd round pick until maybe a his Combine and Pro Day, even then I thought he was an early 2nd. Mayock loves the kid but still.

Some say trade back into the 2nd round and get a bounty for next year.

The issue is, much like drafting a QB early, it stunts the fact that Andy is under pressure this season and after listening to Lurie this off-season, it sounds like that's far from the case.

Some say we should trade up if we really want Cox or Kuechly. I am all for that, but trading up doesn't seem like with this wide-open class outside of the top 6. I have a feel that the Rams will pass on Blackmon and take Cox. This puts us in a tough position, either we trade up with the Bucs who will want a ton or we focus on Kuechly. I love it, but remember Buffalo, KC, Arizona and Carolina (who all pick before us) have needs at linebacker. If he makes it past them, it has to come down to whether the FO wants to spend a first rounder on a SAM linebacker, something I don't think they are prepared to do. If they stick to their board, he should be the dude. But after drafting Jarrett last year, that can't always be the case.

After last year, I am really scared of a dumb pick like Reilly Reiff (they just signed Bell and Reiff is likely a right tackle) or the aforementioned Poe. I know a lot of people say corner is a good idea and I agree if you get rid of Asante and get good value for him. Be my guest if it's Kirkpatrick or Gilmore but only if you plan to address linebacker in the 2nd round.

I love Kuechly and Cox and think they are perfect fits, so much so, I am blinded by their potential and the possibility of them bleeding green. What do you have to say my dudes?

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