Midwest's Top Five Prospects for Eagles at #15

The first round is loaded with talent at almost every sinlge position. The Eagles are in great position with the 15th pick. Some have suggested that they might trade up but the cost isn't worth it. They would lose at least one of their 2nd round picks. Having 3 picks in the first 51 is huge this season. A lot of really great players will still be on the board in the second round. It's a great year to have two picks in the second round. You can't throw that away for one player who might be a complete bust.

Here is my list of the five prospects I like the best for the Eagles at 15. It's impossible to gauge exactly who will be available at that point and who will be gone so a couple of these players could be off the board. Maybe they are all off the board or maybe they are all still undrafted. Everybody has a great idea of how the draft will shake out at this point. A few picks into the first round, not so much.

My 5 Prospects after the jump.

5. Quinton Coples DE/DT UNC- I like this kid more then most people. Watch the tape on him from 2010 when he played defensive tackle. Really good inside pass rusher which is what this defensive line really needs. He can play DE and DT just like Fletcher Cox. Love his versatility, athleticism and power.

A lot of people are really down on his effort. I don't see it as much as most people think they see it. UNC was a horribly run program the past couple seasons. Agents were surrounding these players and Butch Davis had to be fired. The Eagles aren't run like that. Jim Washburn is the type of defensive coach that allows you to role the dice on prospects who have questions about their work ethic. Remember Albert Haynesworth?

Coples could fall anywhere in the first two rounds of the draft. Somebody is going to really want this kid and could pull the trigger before the Eagles are on the clock. On the other hand, every team interested in him could be too afraid to spend a first round pick on a player with some major questions coming out of college.

4. Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina- My favorite defensive end prospect. We don't really need a defensive end but he is also an outstanding pass rusher from the inside as well. He can play DT in nickel packages giving us the inside pass rusher we need.

Ingram is a much more polished player then Coples is. His effort is unquestioned and he has an array of pass rushing moves. He has the character, motor and physical abilities to be a Pro Bowl caliber player for the next 10 years.

I doubth he last to the 15th pick but anything is possible in the draft. He would thrive as a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB. In a league where you can never have too many pass rushers, Ingram will be a target for everyone outside of the top 5.

3. Luke Kuechly LB Boston College- Might be the safest pick in the draft including the top two quarterbacks. One of the most accomplished college careers in the draft. Game tape and combine both showed his ability to be a start middle or outside linebacker at the next level. Run stuffer and coverage specialist, he really is the complete package at linebacker.

The Eagles would put him at the strong side next to Demeco Ryans and opposite Brian Rolle. The worst linebacking core from last year would become the deepest with three really good starters and five reserves with starting experience.

Kuechly is one of the best and safest picks in the draft and he could go as early as the top 5. He is a linebacker which has become a very de-valued position and he could go after the first 20 picks of the draft. If both Kansas City and Dallas pass on him I believe he is here at 15. The question is would Andy Reid go after two Pro Bowl caliber linebackers in the same offseason?

2. Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State- If you read BGN or any Eagles blog site you know all about Fletcher Cox. He is a great athlete and a very good pass rusher already. He has room to grow. He can line up anywhere on the DL as he did at Mississippi State. He fits in well with the wide-9 scheme it's ridiculous.

Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame- I love this kid more then most and it has nothing to do with my loyalties in college football. I bleed Maize and Blue on Saturdays. Michael Floyd is what I call a gamer. You can't measure him on a track or on a full season of game tape. You have to watch his body of work in critical situations. Floyd is clutch.

He has been the focus of Notre Dame's offense without a good quarterback since he walked on the campus. He never had less then 44 receptions in a season. Never less then 700 yards and never less then 7 touchdowns.

Floyd has the size to be a jump ball receiver, the hands to be a possession receiver and the speed to be a legitimate deep threat. He is a complete receiver with plenty of proof on film to back it up.

Some people don't see this as a need pick for the Eagles. Really? I don't care. If a player this talented and proven if there at 15 you pull the friggin trigger. You can line up both Maclin and Jackson in the slot. Floyd gives you that red zone threat and if either of those three wideouts go down you aren't relying on a big game from Riley Cooper.

I could see Floyd going as early as the Rams at 6th. Justin Blackmon is the top reciever on almost everyone's board so he probably goes first. Kendall Wright could sneak ahead of Floyd. Maybe Floyd drops to the Eagles. If Howie has the choice of Floyd or Dontari Poe or some

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