How unfair is the Eagles Schedule?

There's been a lot of talk over how unfair the Eagles schedule is this year. They're once again playing multiple teams that are coming off of their bye week, and also have some unfavorable matchups with teams after a Monday night contest.

With that said...its hard to gage just how fair or unfair the schedule actually is without reviewing some other teams schedules and comparing it to the Eagles. So thats what I did....

Analysis after the Jump....

So I am not going to do this for all 32 teams. I decided I would do it for the NFC East, and then also included the Ravens since I live in Baltimore. I figure that would give me at least a decent baseline for comparison.

What I compared was the disparity in the Days of Preparation. For instance, when the Eagles play a team coming off of a bye week, they would get a score of negative 7 since their opponent will have had 7 additional days from their previous game to prepare for the game against the Eagles. The opponent would then get a +7. I added up every day in difference whether it was a bye week, or just a variance in the day that the 2 teams played. (Especially with those Thursday night games now in there. Thats 3 extra days of rest, or +3 points.)

By the end of my analysis, I added the disparity from each week to come up with a final "score" which is basically the amount of days that a team either had in addition to prepare, or was short in preparing for their next opponnent for their entire schedule.

I would assume, if the NFL had a "goal" in mind for this category, it would for all of the math to net out at 0. Basically giving each team equivilent amount of time to prepare for least on an accumulative scale since weekly would be impossible.

My results were more shocking than expected. I wont post my chart, since I did it all on paper, but here ya go...


Redskins: +8

Giants: +5

Cowboys: +2

Ravens: +1

Eagles: -31

So the complaints are justified. Thats a HUGE difference from the rest of our division, and the Ravens. Huge. Negative 31 days? Thats ridiculous....

A couple of notes.

-The Eagles will only hold the advantage of more days to prepare 1 time throughout the entire year, and it will come in week 2 when the Ravens are coming off of a Monday night game. (The advantage in the bye week is nullified by the Falcons also coming off of their bye week.)

-The Eagles will have less days to prepare an astonishing 7 weeks of the year. No other team in my sample size had more than 3.

-The Redskins do not have a variance in days to prepare for any opponent until week 11, where they come off of their bye week and take a +7 score.

-The Redskins only have less days to prepare 1 time throughout the schedule. Good for RG3...

- The Ravens schedule is the most balanced with a +1 score. That seems very good of the NFL considering how many primetime games they got the Ravens into.

-Overall, I think the NFL bypassed any Eagles concerns for days to prepare in relation to everyone else in order to get them on TV and get the ratings that seem to break records every year.

So in close, I have to say that I think the NFL has absolutely screwed up this schedule for the Eagles. I dont intend to do research on the other 27 teams, but I would venture to guess that no team is worse than where we are. We have 31 accumulative days less to prepare for our opponents than they do for us. Thats an average of nearly 2 less days per week to prepare. That is a horrible miss by the NFL and should not go un-noted for future scheduling.

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