2012 Eagles Schedule Released: Prediction For Every Game

Week 1: @ Cleveland WIN 24-16

The Eagles begin their 2012 campaign on the road with a 24-16 victory against the Browns. The Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin combination carries the Birds' offensive attack versus a very underrated Browns defense.

Week 2: Vs. Baltimore LOSS 31-21

LeSean McCoy rushes right through Baltimore's defense and has a huge game, but it's not enough for the Eagles to win their home opener as Ray Rice has an ever bigger day. Joe Flacco spreads the ball around nicely and Philly falls to Baltimore.

Week 3: @ Arizona WIN 34-14

University of Phoenix Stadium is jam-packed with excitement, but Michael Vick silences them with one touchdown after another. Trent Cole, Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins all cause havoc on Kevin Kolb and the Eagles escape Arizona with a big win.

Week 4: VS. New York Giants LOSS 20-17

When the Eagles play the Giants, it's always an interesting matchup. This is no exception. The game is close throughout, and Eli Manning seems baffled by the looks the Eagles D is throwing at him. The Giants are able to stay in the game thanks to subpar play by McCoy and Vick. However, a defensive stalemate at half turns into a sudden shootout and the G-Men drive down the field for a late field goal to get out of Philadelphia unscathed.

Week 5: @ Pittsburgh WIN 27-21

The Steelers defense isn't looking like it's usual self, as LeSean McCoy carries the ball a number of times, pounding out tough yardage each run. Red zone offense is a surprising success in this game and the Eagles hold a steady lead until a huge run by Mendenhall makes it interesting towards the end. But the Eagles win this tough game.

Week 6: VS. Detroit WIN 24-17

Asomugha vs. Johnson is the matchup everyone's looking at. Johnson gets his catches and touchdowns, but for the most part he is contained for minimal damage. This allows Michael Vick to pick away at the Lions secondary for big chunks at a time, and the Eagles win their first home game of the season.

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: VS. Atlanta WIN 20-10

The Falcons got the best of the Eagles last season in Atlanta, but this game is largely won due to the play of DeSean Jackson. He burns the Falcons secondary multiple times and ends up making the biggest difference in a 10-point win for the Eagles.

Week 9: @ New Orleans LOSS 31-19

Much like their meeting in 2009, the Eagles hang with the Saints for much of the game. But late in the third quarter, Drew Brees begins to get on a roll and the stacked Saints backfield gets the best of tired Eagles linebackers. In the end, the Saints offensive arsenal and the noise of the Superdome is too much for the Eagles.

Week 10: VS. Dallas WIN 30-21

This game is won in large part to DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick and Todd Herremens. LeSean McCoy is having a subpar game before exploding in the fourth quarter to seal the victory for the Eagles.

Week 11: @ Washington LOSS 34-30

This is the first game the Eagles play against Robert Griffin, who has been tearing up the league thus far. Griffin continues his hot streak by torching the Eagles defense with his arm and his feet. Michael Vick plays one of his better games, as do Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. McCoy gets his touchdowns but doesn't have a very good overall rushing game.

Week 12: VS. Carolina WIN 29-28

Another running QB in Cam Newton gives the Eagles the same headaches as the week before, but this time they're able to contain him enough to drive down the field in the last five minutes for a game winning touchdown. DeMeco Ryans has a huge game against the run, and LeSean McCoy tears up the Panthers defense.

Week 13: @ Dallas LOSS 38-20

One of the more putrid performances comes out in this game. While LeSean McCoy plays a good game, Michael Vick and his receivers can never get on the same page and Vick decides to run when he shouldn't. Meanwhile, Tony Romo is flinging the ball all over the field to Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. Bryant has a huge day.

Week 14: @ Tampa Bay WIN 39-10

The Eagles follow up their blowout with a blowout of their own against the Buccaneers. The secondary plays incredibly and Josh Freeman is confused all day and is also sacked multiple times. Michael Vick gets on a roll early in the game and hooks up with DeSean Jackson for some big plays.

Week 15: VS. Cincinnati WIN 25-21

A tough, hard-nosed game against the Bengals gives the Eagles some identity moving forward. The Bengals hang around all game and then take the lead late in the fourth. LeSean McCoy had been having a tremendous day but now it's Michael Vick's time to lead the Eagles to a comeback, which he does using a series of intermediate passes to Jason Avant and Jeremy Maclin.

Week 16: VS. Washington WIN 43-24

This time around, the Eagles have Robert Griffin's number. He's confused by their looks and throws his fair share of INT's. Griffin is also pressured by Babin and Cole all game long. The offensive line plays its best game and gives Michael Vick time to spread the ball to all of his weapons, ending in a big win for Philly.

Week 17: @ New York Giants WIN 17-14

This is more of a hard-hitting, defensive grudge match. Much like last seasons second meeting, the Giants struggle to get any production on the ground at all, which forces Eli Manning to take over. He plays a good game but is just asked to do too much eventually, and throws a Pick-6 to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the red zone that ends up losing the game.




If you agree, disagree or have any other thoughts, please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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