5 Prospects The Eagles Should Avoid In The Draft

Excitement continues to build as we are now a mere nine days away from the 2012 NFL Draft. Analysts continue to make their mocks and fans continue to research their favorite collegiate players. Finding a good player in a draft can be like finding a needle in a haystack, depending on what you're looking for and what pick you possess. It's a hit-and-miss type system, but here are five players that the Eagles should really, really try to avoid.

1. QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

I understand the Eagles want backup quarterback. I understand Tannehill is the third best quarterback on the board after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin. But this pick would be such a huge mistake for the Eagles in a few different ways. For one, selecting Tannehill would likely mean trading up in the draft order. This would be foolish, considering Tannehill is quite a risk. In a draft where the Eagles can get a decent backup option in later rounds, Ryan Tannehill would be one of the dumbest possible moves.

2. DT Michael Brockers, LSU

If Philly wants that defensive tackle they've been craving, they should go in a different direction than Michael Brockers. He's a big guy, and he can clog up running lanes, but he's not the strongest guy in the world and is somewhat soft for a defensive lineman. One positive is that he played for a championship caliber defense at LSU, but aside from that, I believe Brockers will be a bust if he's selected at #15 by the Eagles.

3. SS Mark Barron, Alabama

Let me get this out of the way first. I think Mark Barron is not only better, but significantly better, than Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, and Jaiqwann Jarrett. With that said, if you're the Eagles, you simply cannot invest another high draft pick on a safety. You've made your bed with these three guys (Yes, Coleman was a later pick but he's still a guy you're trying to develop) and you're just going to have to develop them as well as you can and hope for the best.

4. DT Dontari Poe, Memphis

Everything that is flawed about the way NFL scouting works, the NFL Draft works, and the NFL Combine shows up in Dontari Poe. At Memphis, Poe was very unproductive, and against Conference USA oppositions at that. Poe is an athletic, big, speedy defensive tackle but it's all in his potential and upside, rather than what's he shown on the field. At the combine, he vaulted himself out of nowhere to become one of the top ranked players in this draft. The Eagles should not be fooled by that and let another team make the mistake of taking him.

5. OLB Zach Brown, North Carolina

Zach Brown is everything that the Eagles already have at linebacker: an undersized coverage linebacker that misses tackles and can't shed blocks. While Brown is one of the more athletic players in this class, and is perhaps the best coverage backer in it as well, he struggles to get the ballcarrier on the ground mightily. Brown isn't heavily disciplined and also has a problem shredding blocks and finding the ball. The Eagles should pass on Brown and use their second round picks more wisely.

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