Investing In the Future

One of the hot button topics has been QB, and rumors swirl about Ryan Tannehill. I support the idea of adding Tannehill, but only at 15, as I don't think its worth moving up for the #3 QB in the draft.

I also don't support forcing draft picks and setting ridiculous expectations for rookies, ala Casey Matthews. I do support seeing through previous drafts before adding a clone at a position, ala Safety and Jaiquawn Jarrett. Much less do I support spending 1st round picks on rotational players or high draft picks on reserve positions (Nickel CB in early 2nd, for example).

The term "Best Player Available" isn't a term teams use in regards to the big board of top overall prospects left, it is a board of the best players to fit your team, and constantly milking as much value as you can while still landing your top guy. The Eagles said they have gone a little too far in reaching for players, so we'll see if that continues or not.


Moving on from there keeping everything in mind, here's how I think we should play this draft:

We start with: 1st/2A/2B/3/4/5/6a/6b/6c for 9 in total.

At 15, I would love to add Kuechly, Cox, or Tannehill, all of whom would be foundation players for the future. But I don't see any of those 3 being available, and the substitutes would all be reaches here.

Trade 15th Overall + 5th Rounder to Detroit for 23rd overall + 2nd Rounder
-Detroit would love to have the selection of the top Offensive lineman or Cornerback and they have to jump above all the teams ahead of them at this point who are targeting the same positions. This gives us an additional 2nd.

23) Jerrell Worthy- DT Michigan State
Worthy is a great fit for Washburn's system and replenishes our DLine with more talent, and I see him as the 2nd best DT for our system.
-Replaces Trevor Laws

We now have 3 2nd round Picks

Trade 46th overall to San Francisco for 2013 1st Round pick + 5th
-San Francisco has always been willing to trade future picks for the present, and with very few needs they add another weapon to their offense catching the second wave of WRs.

51) Josh Robinson- CB Central Florida

-Robinson is a tall, fast CB with high play-making ability who can also tackle. Another option is Janoris Jenkins provided he falls this far, but I don't see the Front Office taking a flyer on him. Robinson would be a welcome addition provided Asante is traded. You can never have enough CBs, and this gives us talented depth.
-Replaces Asante

Trade 54th overall + 4th to St. Louis for 2013 2nd Round Pick + 3rd
-The Rams need help along the Oline and after adding skill position players early in this draft they can add the best available OL, while having the wealth of draft picks from the RG3 trade to finance it. The 3rd is almost a late 2nd rounder, so we are getting two 2nd round picks for the willingness to wait and a 4th.

Trade 65th overall + 6th to New Orleans for 4th + 5th + 2013 5th
-The Saints don't have much going on in this year's draft, and they need to add value where they can so they move up here and let us move up in the 5th.

88) Keenan Robinson- LB Texas

-Would have loved to add Bobby Wagner in round 2, but the value was there to add more picks and I believe Robinson would be sitting here now. Robinson is a great fit at SAM, and gives us a natural fit at that position which we don't currently have now.
-Replaces Fokou/Jordan

Trade 5th + 2013 6th to Cleveland for 4th round pick

100) Ladarius Green- TE LA-Lafayette
Green is a athletic TE with very good hands who gives us flexibility to move Harbor around (H-Back?) in certain formations, replacing Schmidt in the offense.
-Replaces Schmidt

122) Chris Rainey- KR/PR/WR/HB Florida
-A speedy asset that can immediately step into our KR role while also handling the bulk of our Punt returns to keep Desean fresh on offense. He also adds a versatile weapon for our offense to occasionally grab some touches.
-Replaces Chad Hall

162) Jaye Howard- DT Florida
-Quick DT with plenty of experience who played in a lot of big games at Florida.

172) Markus Zusevics- OT Iowa
-An athletic OT that should fit Mudd's scheme pretty well. He played well in big games and the Big 10 is always a good place to find tough OLineman.
-Fights for backup OT job

Trade 194 to New England for 7th rounder (200)
-Just for the hell of it

200) Quinton Salusberry- C Mississippi St
-Athletic back-up Center that fits Mudd's mold.
-Replaces Jackson

In Summary:

1-Jerrell Worthy- DT
2- Josh Robinson- CB
3- Keenan Robinson- LB
4- Ladarius Green- TE
4- Chris Rainey- KR
5- Jaye Howard- DT
6- Marcus Zusevics- OT
7- Quniton Salusberry- C

2013 Draft Picks:


That leaves us with 9 draft picks, 4 of the first 63, leaving us able to nab anyone we could wish for, including another strong QB class with Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, or Geno Smith. If we decide to move on from Jarrett/Allen/Coleman there is elite talent we can grab at the position instead of reaching this season. There are a few very good LBs coming out, much better fits than what sits behind Kuechly this season.

Ideally, instead of grabbing QB #3 this season in a reaching effort, how about we maneuver up next year and grab Matt Barkley, who is just as good as Andrew Luck, save the fact that he stands 2 inches shorter.

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