What a couple of trades could do for us.

Well this is a best case scenario for the Eagles in the draft. Although it is very realistic, it does not mean it will happen. The main point however is too show you how just a few trade could reshape this draft into something very special. This would also effect next year in a very good year as well giving us another pick. Secondly, I hate the combine, just need to add that in as a heads up. The fact that someones 40 time or vertical jump can make them lose or gain rounds i think is rediculous game tape is what matters and how these football players play the game, not on the dumb drills that dont matter in the heat of the moment in the game. Also, I am also hoping as a side note that the Eagles pick up Yerimiah Bell, he is a safety that has had 100+ tackles 3 years in a row. Yeah thats right 100+ tackles, that would give the Eagles a very, very helpful hand. Without further ado enjoy....

To start it off with our first pick. Since i can easily see Luke Kuechly, Fletcher Cox, and probably Coples off the board its obvious we move back. Since i see Mark Barron still on the board but nobody we need. So we call up a team like New England that is desperate for some safety help, especially because if we dont take him the Jets will so the pats would like to move up ahead of their rivals and snatch their man out of their hands. and we trade our 1st and 5th next year to the Pats for their 1st (27) and 1st (31). Why? There is no need to reach pick someone with our first. The patriots are a safety away from a superbowl win, and they also have a lot of picks this year so they won't mind it. We also get 2 1st rounders, who'll ill name the picks later.

Next trade, since we have 4 picks in the first two rounds we send New Englands 1st (31), Asante Samuel,Our 4th and our second (51), and a 2nd next year and we trade them to the Rams for the Redskins 1st next year, and the rams 2 2nd rounders (33), (39). Why? Well we don't need Asante because he doesn't want to be here and we can get 2 1sts next year and we don't need a higher pick to pick a reach guy, but what we do need is a QB soon. Next year will be the year too get one on top of it. Next year there are many options with Barkley, Bray, Smith, Wilson, Jones and that is just a few names. Having two picks next year puts us in position to have a very good chance at some top prospects.

Now we have the picks 1(27), 2(33), 2(39) 2(46), 3(88), 5(153), 6(172), 6(194), 6(200).

So where do we go from here?

1(27) WR Stephen Hill- 6'5 redzone threat very tall. A very interesting idea with him playing the outside moving maclin and desean into the slot. He is kind of a project but is a very good target and has potential to be a top receiver. With the size and athleticism theres a lot of promise and also he is the WR follow Demetrius thomas and calvin johnson. I really would love to have this guy.

2(33) DT Jerel Worthy- This man could end up being one of the best players in this years draft. If he gets his high motor going he wouldve been the top DT in this draft. Instead he hasn't and he was lazy and fell in the draft. But the thing is this is great for us. Not too long ago was one of the laziest players in NFL history (albert haynsworth) a part of jim washburns line. SO i do believe that Worthy will be just like him and play up to a great standard he has. This will be a great pick moving forward.

2(39) DE Vinny Curry- This was one of the harder picks, but i think this is one of the right ones. I think that there may be crowding at the DE position but i do think this guy will put us over the top. He is fast and surprisingly strong too. I think he is a small project though because he did come from Marshall. There may need to be alittle time to get use to the NFL system. I think he comes in as a rotational guy much like JPP did and he learns from the best of them and becomes a monster. The main reason for the pick is the upside is through the roof and I think he will be the next JPP and also step up if Graham isnt up to speed or one of the guys gets hurt so no pressure is put on tapp or hunt.

2(39) LB Mychal Kendricks- This is someone who I am really starting to like and Eagles fans should get to know. He has a HIGH motor and would be perfect for the eagles. He is very fast so he can play the SAM, this man is a big play maker and he LOVES the game. He exciting to watch, he makes big hits and thats what the eagles need a LB version of dawkins. The more I see the more you want to watch and enjoy him. This will solidify our defense, a great pick for years to come.

3(88) FS/CB Trumaine Johnson- This is another prospect I'd love to see the Eagles get. He is very versitile and can play both Safety and Corner. This is very handy and helpful. He is also over 6ft with great length. That is very good because he has the size of Nnamdi and could end up being nnamdi sitting behind him. He absolutely locked up in Montana but that was against bad competition. If he had a chance to play good talent he'd be a sure 1st rounder. But he would give the eagles another man to man player that would replace asante and fit the scheme.

5(153) RS Chris Rainy- I mean every Eagles fan wants this to be this pick. Lets make it happen. The thing is he compares himself to a smaller Percey Harvin. I think he could be a good guy to have on offense like a less physical Darren Sproles. He can be a sneaky guy playing receiver and running back, there is a chance for him to be a poor mans wes welker/ jullian edeleman.

6(172) LB Vontaze Burfict- This is simply because he was suppose to be a early round pick now he is dropping 4-6th rounds? Nobody wants him because of a poor combine and an off year. I think he has a lot of motivation to be good and i would take him with our 5th pick if we had to. I personally would love to add a hothead to the team giving them a guy who isn't soft and pumps people up with his hits. He was compared to Ray lewis, not going to happen but he can easily be fired up to be a stud in this league.

6(194) OT Jeff Adams- He fits mudd's scheme, very atheltic has potential to actually be a star on the o-line, has everythign you look for.

6(200) WR Dwight Jones- This is kind of a surprise I know. A 6th round surprise, but his guy was as high as the 5th best receiver on Todd Mcshay's board. People mocked him to the eagles in the 2nd round, i mean its a 6th round pick the only other thing we would get here is a lineman which we can always get. I really believe he can be like jason avant in the slot running some solid routes with good hands and size. I mean like Vontaze its really a low risk but very very high reward. I also think they will both have solid NFL careers.

So the question is, is this better than wasting our 1st rounder on DT depth or just one LB? Let me know, I always love to hear what people say!!!!

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