Things that need improved. . . unrelated to the draft

Andy has notorious reputation of ignoring simple things. . . which I find odd since the biggest factor in his hiring was his organization and his dossier on insignificant players

No matter who we draft, what free agents sign or what ever offensive line coach is running our defense can bring us a Super Bowl until Andy fixes simple things.

1.) Hurry Up Offense: From Vick, #5, Garcia, Feely, Detmer, etc, no matter who our QB is, we have never had much of a hurry up. That was a big part of the reason we do not have a lot of come from behind victories. Why do we have to switch formations and personnel sooooooo many times while the clock is running down. Can't we get a few set formations (like Peyton and the Colts with Clark in the slot and NE with 2 TE's) and go with it for 5 plays in a row? We have players running all over and motioning from side to side as the clock ticks down. Get the players wrist bands with plays if you have to. I understand they are trying to get mismatches and certain looks, but do it faster! Our hurry up is pathetic as long as the coaches have been here. It's one of the worst in the NFL

2.) #1 may not be an issue if we had any Time outs. Who burns timeout like Andy?. . . nobody. He chews 'em up like cheesesteaks.

3) Blatantly ignoring obvious roster holes.. A few seasons ago it was not have a return game. What happens in the 1st game? G. Lewis muffs a kickoff and punt and loses the game all by himself. Before Leonard Weaver, several short yardage and goaline situations lead to Akers breaking Franchise records for FG's. They had no confidence or balls. The only way we could score was if we created a new way to throw a shovel pass. I don't even want to start on the LB situation although Ryans has me very optomistic

4) Playcalling: Don't get cute. McCoy is your best player., why do you take the ball out his hands often in the redzone? Look what happens when you feed him the rock. . .

5.) Assistant coach imbreeding. Andy has made several odd promotions from within. Which is okay, when they can coach. Some times new ideas and fresh eyes can make a difference. I understand loyalty and consistency, but Rory couldn't coach a Pop Warner defensive line

6.) Being too stubborn to adjust at Halftime. The prick that coachs the Patriots is the best, and that's why Deion Branch was a Super Bowl MVP and we are ringless :(

I bleed green like the rest of you but until Andy realizes how to do a few simple things,we may have the same shitty feeling at the end of every season he is here. I believe his is one of the best coaches in he NFL Tuesday through Saturday and one of the worst on Sunday. (hence his awesome record after the bye)

I'm new to the site and just wanted to throw my two cents in before the draft. I'm hoping for BPA. One thing is certain, the Eagles are one of the funnest teams to watch in the draft

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