Mock Musings: A New Beginning

Mock Musings is a new thread where Bleeding Green Nation readers can express their ideas on changing the Eagles’ roster. Mock Musings is in no shape or form a way to replace the fanpost section. I and countless others believe Mock Musings could reduce the clutter on Bleeding Green Nation. I’m not sure if you are aware but many people stop reading the fan post section especially when the writing quality varies from great to painfully retarded.

Hopefully, Mock Musings thread can restore balance within the Bleeding Green Nation community.

Getting started:

Here are some suggested links you should used before posting. You don’t want to look like an idiot especially when your ideas could actually destroy the Eagles’ salary cap.



Mock draft

Mock draft

Mock draft

Prospects rankings

Prospects rankings

Prospects rankings

NFL transactions

Interviews with prospects

Combine results

Trade Value Chart

7 round mock draft (includes order)

How to use Mock Musings:

You come up with an idea (which we hope you researched) and post it in an active Mock Musings thread. People will comment on how they think of your idea.

If you agree or disagree with someone’s thought process, simply click the reply button and write a response.

Before writing your commentary, here are some rules to abide by.

*Rule 1 #: Stay on topic

There is no reason for you to post about the Stop Kony campaign or the Invisible Children in any Mock Musings thread. Save that stuff for the Eternal threads, Facebook or Tumblr.

Rule 2#: No personal attacks

So you wrote a poor argument about signing Michael Gasperson? No need to attack everyone who disagrees with you. Flame wars are the quickest way to lose credibility and respect. Remember not everything you come up with will be great. As Sturgeon's law suggest “ninety percent of everything is crap”.

Rule 3 #: Pictures should be on topic.

Pictures can be a great way to express an idea but are often misused. No one wants to see pictures of Rosie O’Donnell, Wendy Williams or Sarah Jessica Parker in a mock thread, so don’t post them.

Rule 4 #: No Racial Slurs

Racial slurs are illogical and unnecessary. Skin color has nothing to do with a person’s work ethic, character or intelligence. Remember Bleeding Green Nation is a diverse blog who has readers from different parts of the world. You will not agree with everything you read but at least express decency and respect to your internet peers.

Rule 5#: Give Background Information on Relatively Unknown Players.

A few BGN readers are casual fans (like BIBTD) who don’t have time to follow every player in the NFL and/or NCAA. Be courteous and give some type of information on the player you are talking about.

Rule 6 #: Have Fun


When should I post in a Mock Musings thread or create a new fan post?

If you are writing about a new perspective then write a fan post. Everything else should be posted in the Mock Musings thread.


1# Russell Wilson would be a great fit especially when he has the same skill set as Vick.

This belongs in the Mock Musings thread.

2# Reason why some Eagles fans want Peyton Manning because they believe a white quarterback is the answer to the Eagles’ championship woes.

You can make a case about this but it’s best to avoid this topic unless you want to risk losing your credibility.

3# The NFL combine is a poor way to determine a player’s success.

This can make for a great fan post especially if you know how to go about writing it.

4# What do you guys think about Janoris Jenkins? You think the Eagles could snag him?

This is also acceptable in a Mock Musing thread.

Why should I post in a Mock Musings thread ?

You should post in a Mock Musings thread to avoid clutter in the fan post section. When someone writes about a topic without adding anything new, it makes the topic stale. Most people don't like stale things (food) so why should they like stale topics?

How can I get people to like my ideas?

Write a clear and concise argument. Writing styles and skills varies within the Bleeding Green Nation community so do not be alarmed. As long as your writing is clear and logical, readers will approve.


Bad writing #1: Michael Vick are soooo dum, he liek killz doggies. LOL. I wunnder what I can ate later.

Bad writing # 2: We should sign Donovan McNabb. Clowns and monkey chow for dinner.

Good writing# 1: Drafting Vontaze Burfict would be a great idea for the Eagles. I know several people do not like Burfict, but I believe he deserves a second chance. Despite what everyone says about Burfict, I believe a quality mentor like Michael Vick or Andy Reid could help Burfict become a great linebacker.

Just do your best and your writing skills will develop over time. No need to be lazy with your writing or ideas.

How can I tell if someone likes my ideas?

Someone will either gives you a “rec” or simply express their admiration in their response.

As this is the first Mock Musings thread, a revise version of what I wrote above should appear in the next Mock Musings section. Any commentary on what should be added or removed is welcome.

* Subject to future changes.

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