Mock Off-season 2.0

In this Mock I'm going to discuss the Desean Jackson situation, Signing, Re-Signing, Cuts/Trade, the Draft, and RG3 Nonsense

Desean Jackson Situation:

Now that we know Desean has been Tag the trade Desean Jackson talks to start up. Howie Roseman says they want Desean to be there for the long haul but we all know if the eagles get a good trade offer they would pull the trigger on that one.



  • Owen Schmidt
  • Steve Smith
  • Jamal Jackson

Trades: Asante Samuels to Cincinnati Bengals for a Second Round(54th Pick).


  • King Dunlap -We can not let this guy go he is solid back up he can play the inside and the outside of the line
  • Derek Landri- All i got to say is this guy gives 115% everytime he is on the field.
  • Antonio Dixon- I'm not really sold on him but since he was injured this past season i will give him a chance to show what he can do for the team.

Free Agent Signings:

  • Stephen Tulloch- He has experience under the wide-9 and was very productive. If the Eagles sign him he will be a huge boost to LB Core
  • LaRon Landry- This guy is a flat out animal he was injured most of this past season but when he was playing his presense was felt with his hard hitting. Which is something the Eagles Lack in the Safeties position.
  • Brian Dawkins- Yea i know he is old i understand and im not signing him to play. I'm signing him to a one day contract for he can retire an Eagle. Now if he still wants to play then sign him to a one year deal for we can have a veteran in that position.




1st Round #15 Pick....Dontari Poe is a 1st rounder after his performance during the combine. He's 346lbs and runs a 4.98 which is pretty fast for his size. He is a run stopper up the middle which the eagles had trouble with lat season. Defensive Tackle Position is one of the most important position for the eagles cause our DT arent getting any younger.



2nd Round #46 Pick, Mychal Kendrick is a tackling machine. In my opinion he haa 1st round talent but since there is other good Linebackers he won't be taken in the 1st.



2nd Round #51 Pick, Vinny Curry reminds me a little of Jason Pierre-Paul. Good at getting to the Quaterback also decent against the run game. When Curry has a lane to get the Quaterback he has burst to finish the play.



2nd Round #54Pick, Sean Spence is an athletic athlete he will fit well in a 4-3 defense when he can play freely. He can shed blockers very well and is well in coverage. He could play the SAM and i think he could be a starter.



3rd Round # 77 Pick, Nate Potter is quick off the ball to get to his blockers and sustain in the run game. He has strength also balance to get movement on his assignment. He is good at getting to the second level which makes him versatile to go to Guard.



4th Round #99 Pick, Brock Osweiler is the most underrated Quaterback in this draft. His accuracy is very good, he doesn't get taken down easily. He also can extend the play with his feet.



4th Round #114 Pick, Ladarius Green has gronkowski type body. He knows how to get open also he knows how to box out against smaller defenders like linebackers, so he would be good in the redzone and in short passing situation.



5th Round #145 Pick, Tommy Street reminds me of Plaxico Burress he can stretch the field and he wont be afraid to go up a grab it. Has speed for a tall guy like Moss and can create seperation like him to.



6th Round #176 Pick, Amini Silatolu is a large athletic interior lineman. He will kill his oppenents and will keep his block untill the end of the play. Also he can pull and get to the outside to locate his defender for he can engage with them.



6th Round # 183 Pick, Terrence Gannaway will punish the person that will try to tackle him. He waits for a play to develop. This will help the Eagles in 3rd and 1 situation where they have struggled recently.



6th Round #189 Pick, Kyle Wilber can move fast and move quickly when dissects a play down. He hits the gaps hard and deliver a big hit against a runningback when he meets them in the line of scrimmage.

Robert Griffin III:

Since the Combine last week there has been rumors that their has been a "mystery team" in RG3 sweepstakes. Guess who everybody saying the mystery team is...Eagles. All the talk is crazy, don't get me wrong getting RG3 would be pretty awesome but be honest it's not going to happend. If it does happend which it WON'T, but if it does everybody is saying what happend to "Win Now" (quoting AR). With RG3 we would win with him you know why because he can last a whole season unlike Vick and they play alike but RG3 likes to pass more then run.

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