Review of 7 Round Mock Draft

What's up fellas. I'm a huge fan of the work done at Every week they have a new 7 round mock draft. Today I'm a little bored so I'm gonna review there projections and tell you my opinion of each selection. Let's get it started after the jump.

Round 1: Pick 15 Eagles select Michael Floyd, WR from Notre Dame

Floyd is a big, strong wide receiver from the Big Ten. He measured in at the combine at an impressive 6'3 and 220 pounds. According to many sources Floyd is a "polished receiver" who shows the ability to release off of the line of scrimmage with ease with his strength and burst. He is a major player in the run game as he uses his strength has a game-changing blocker on the edge. Floyd is a red zone threat which is a major attraction to a team like the Eagles that has been lacking a player of this sort for a long time now. The major concern on Floyd going into the season was his speed. After the combine this worry has been settled to say the least as he ran a respectable 4.47 forty yard dash. Lastly, Floyd has had a few run ins with the law related to alcohol. I don't think this is a strong enough issue to affect his draft stock; especially since his projectability to the next level is a big-time key to his draft value.

All in all Floyd, is a powerful wide receiver that the Eagles certainly lack. If Desean is traded I'd view this as a fantastic choice at 15. If Desean stays I honestly wouldn't be too upset with the pick since Kuechly was already taken (projected to go to Cowboys at Pick 14). While I do like Hightower I like the linebackers that are available in the 2nd round just as much. Floyd's impact in the blocking game is a major reason for my approval. His physicality is certainly a game-changer and would definitely bring a tough attitude to a team that seems to have lacked in that department since the departure of Brian Dawkins (absolutely not comparing the two I'm just saying that physicality is needed on this team and Floyd can definitely bring some).

*If Kuechly is available he is the matter what.

Round 2: Pick 46 Eagles select Mychal Kendricks, LB from California

Kendricks had an impressive combine to say the least...that is after his size was measured. Kendricks stands at 5'11 which is certainly small for a linebacker. With that said, shorter linebackers have been able to find success in the league (see London Fletcher or our very own Brian Rolle). To fill everyone in about this man's performance in Indianapolis, Kendricks ran an official 4.47 forty yard dash and recorded a 39.5 inch vertical. That is incredible! He also performed a 127 inch broad jump and 4.19 second 20 yard shuttle. Those numbers are unparalleled by any linebacker in this year's draft.

Kendricks is more than just a workout warrior however, he was this years Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year after he recorded 105 total tackles for the Golden Bears in his 2011 season. Scouts are confident that this linebacker can and will bring a physical presense to any defense. Kendricks has been durable in his career and has been a tackling machine in the 51 games he has played at Cal. I am a huge fan of Mychal Kendricks and this pick at #46. I would be absolutely ecstatic to see this selection made while I sit in my living room in April. He would start from Day 1 and instantly improve the most disgustingly terrible linebacker crew I have ever seen in Philadelphia.

Round 2: Pick 51 Eagles select Sean Spence, LB from Miami (FL)

Spence measured in at a tiny 5'11.5 and 228 pounds. He is extremely quick and agile so his size (like Kendricks) can definitely prove to be acceptable. What I, and everyone else who like Spence likes most, is that he has phenomenal instincts. Todd McShay recently credited Spence with having the best overall instincts of all outside linebackers (including the highly praised Courtney Upshaw). After reviewing some game tape, Spence has shown traits ideally suited for the WILL position in our scheme. He will be able to provide Castillo with naturual instinct, speed, and leadership. "The U" breeds linebackers and Spence is certainly a guy that can continue that trend. He registered 106 tackles as a senior. In high school, his winning attitude carried his team to be named the consensus National Championship team by USA Today and Sports Illustrated. Spence has been effective all four years at Miami. As a Freshman he was named 2008 ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year. He was also named First Team Freshman All-American. As a Freshman he led the team in tackles for losses with 9.5 while having the third most tackles for the Hurricanes. As a sophomore, he missed three games due to injury. Before the injury, he averaged 7.3 tackles per game and he still managed to have 6.5 tackles for loss in his short season. As a junior, he had a team high 16 tackles for loss, was named the team's co-MVP at their annual awards banquet, and was named second team All-ACC. Lastly, as a senior, he started 11 games after missing the season opener, and led the team with 106 total tackles. He had 14 tackles for loss, leaving him with 47 tackles for loss in his career (second among active NCAA players). He earned ACC LB of the week honors three times, was a semifinalist for the Butkus award, and was named to the All-ACC First Team. This guy has been and always will be "a player".

Round 3: Pick 77 Eagles select Jake Bequette, DE from Arkansas

Bequette is a big defensive end. He measured in at 6'6" 274 pounds. This does not sound like the kind of defensive end for our scheme. His 40 yard dash time was 4.82 seconds. With that said, he did have a 34 inch vertical leap and a 113 inch broad jump. These numbers lead me to believe that he has exceptional burst. Nothing to write home about but good enough. After reviewing his numbers at the combine, I referred to Youtube for some visual on this guy. He actually has impressive burst. He gets off the ball well and sets the edge nicely. As far as run defense goes when setting the edge this would definitely be of help when he relieves Jason Babin. Bequette does show impressive pass rushing ability (had 11 sacks this past year in the tough SEC). For a third rounder, this pick is certainly acceptable. However, I would've liked to see an offensive lineman or safety chosen here. Safety is a position of great need for us (free agency?) and we are in serious need of a backup lineman on our OL.

Round 4: Pick 99 Eagles select Bernard Pierce, RB from Temple

Pierce had a surprisingly good combine. He had the second best broad jump for all RBs with a 123 inch leap. He had the 5th highest vertical jump: 36.5 inches. And he had the 9th best 3-cone drill for all RBs while running a 4.49 forty and beating out LaMichael James with a 10 yard split time of 1.52. He stands at 6'1 and 218 lbs. He has drawn very loose comparisons to Arian Foster for his one-cut ability. With that said he is not nearly as effective in the passing game so that perfectly explains why he is lasting to the fourth round. Now...why would the Eagles select a RB that doesn't perform extremely well in the passing game? Because his one cut ability could make him a fantastic option in the Red Zone. His vision helped him run for 1481 yards and 27 touchdowns. As a running threat-especially in short yardage situations-I love this guy. Nice pick, but I really would've preferred a safety or OL at this pick as well.

Round 4: Pick 114 Eagles select Nick Foles, QB from Arizona

This guy had been regarded as a potential first or second day pick. After a disgusting performance at the combine along with some extra film review, his draft stock has dropped tremendously. He posted the slowest 40 time at the combine with a disgusting time of 5.14. His sluggish performance was matched in his slow drops. He struggled in throwing drills at the combine as well. Maybe he was sick? He doesn't sound like the kind of guy the Eagles would draft but he could end up being very good so while the Eagle have three respectable QBs on the roster, it isn't a terrible selection at the end of the 4th round. His potential of being a solid NFL QB leads me to agree with this selection. If he doesn't show up in camp...just cut him or trade him for a very late pick next year. No big deal.

Round 5: Pick 145 Eagles select Eddie Whitley, FS from Virginia Tech

Whitely has drawn some praise for his ball-hawking stills as a Hokie. He runs well (couldn't find his 40 but I've read that he runs about a 4.45). He measured in at 6' and 1/8 inches tall and 186 pounds. He has been a four year contributor on the Virginia Tech squad and could certainly step in right away in Philly and make an impact on special teams. If he can add a bit more mass to his frame I think that he could be a quality ball hawking safety for the Eagles. I'm hoping they let their free safety roam a bit and play centerfield and bring their strong safety in the box more. We'll see how it goes. Nice pick here. I like it.

Round 6: Pick 176 Eagles select Jamell Fleming, CB from Oklahoma

He stands at 5'11" 206 pounds and runs a 4.43 40 yard dash. He has decent size and fluid hips. He shows an ability to be physical in press man and finds the ball quickly in coverage. His skills at deflecting the ball away is very attractive. He gets very nice breaks as well. On tape, he doesn't look like he runs a low 4.4 forty. He doesn't seem to have elite recovery speed which his 40 suggests. His tackling could also be improved. Lastly, he can be overwhelmed by bigger, stronger receivers. Not a bad selection for the sixth round. I'll take it.

Round 6: Pick 183 Eagles select Reuben Randle, WR from LSU aka Malcolm Kelly WR from Oklahoma

This guy was a real disappointment in the combine. He measured in at 6'4" 207 pounds. He ran a 4.55 forty yard dash and had a small 31 inch vertical. He did perform well in the gauntlet but I could really care less. This guy is not going to make the team. He is strictly a camp body. I am not a fan of this pick. Where are the offensive linemen!

Round 6: Pick 189 Eagles select Landon Walker, LOT from Clemson

Yay! We picked an offensive lineman. I like this guy in Round 6. He has shown flashes of greatness. I'm not saying this guy is a future stud...I'm just saying he has shown something. He had a phenomenal performance against the impressive pass rushers of North Carolina this year. He played 82 snaps for the Tigers as they scored 59 points on the Tar Heels unit. He didn't allow a single sack in the game which they threw 46 times in. He also had five knockdown blocks in the 59-38 victory over UNC. Solid selection late in the 6th round. He stands at 6'5 300 pounds if anyone was wondering.

Round 7: Pick 206 Eagles select Brett Roy, DT from Nevada

This might be my favorite selection of the entire mock. This guy is phenomenal. He measured in at 6'3 275 pounds at the Combine. He performed 32 reps on the bench press and had a 30.5 inch vertical. This guy "breathes football", has "outstanding player temperament", has "explosive hip snap", and is an emotional leader. His downside is obviously that he is an undersized inside rusher. This guy is a tweener but I think he finds a home here in Philly. This is the place for Brett Roy. Gotta love this pick.

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