Thoughts on Eagles' LT position and Asante Samuel

Readjusting mocks drafts can be annoying. So instead, I will be writing my opinion on the matter. Similar to Wild Eagle’s post, I’m also not as worry about LT. In addition, I’ll also be giving my opinion on what the Eagles should do with Asante Samuel. His career is still uncertain but I believe several fans are neglecting his importance.

Jason Peters:



Peter’s injury has a huge effect on the running game. Fortunately, Andy Reid’s team doesn’t run the ball as much. With the possible hole at LT and Reid’s pass friendly offence, it is likely that McCoy does not repeat last year’s success. Unless someone can fill the void at LT, I wouldn’t be surprise if some Eagles fans turn on LeSean McCoy. Peters will be gladly missed.

Before every Eagle fans ask the front office to pull the OT trigger, let’s be rational for a second. Trying to sign the best player available is not possible. Having the best football players works in Madden because video games only deal with logarithms and physics. In real life, football franchise needs a quality team with limited pay roll. One poor move could place a NFL franchise in turmoil.

Reading an article at, several comments stated that the Eagles should sign a LT with their first round pick. I don’t know about you but that sounds ludicrous. First, the Eagles’ linebacker depth is weak and secondly, you can get a decent LT in a later round.

They will draft a Tackle with their first pick in the draft….maybe even trade up to get the one that they want. – some guy.

My suggestion would be that the Eagles sign a LT via free agency. I had Demetrius Bell in mind. He is best option out there. Outside Bell and Marcus McNeill, the LT position is lacking. From reading about McNeill, I heard he has health concerns. This sounds like Ryan Harris all over again. We saw how that worked out last year, didn’t we? If the Eagles decide to sign Bell, a one year deal with a 2nd year option would be great. If Demetrius plays great for the 2012 season; he can serve as trade bait. If not, the Eagles can simply not pick up his 2nd year. Having Demetrius Bell and King Dunlap would be serviceable depth for the 2012- 2013 season.

There is a reason why I did not suggest drafting a LT in this upcoming draft. Before trying to find long term option, it would be wise to see how the Eagles perform next season. Next season is important because many Eagle players’ jobs are on the line especially Michael Vick. If next year proves that Vick is not the Eagles’ long term solution, the 2013 draft will be more important than this year’s draft.

If the Eagles draft a quarterback in the 2013 draft, they will have to take into account their new quarterback’s handedness. Let’s say the new franchise quarterback is right handed. With a right handed quarterback, the Eagles will also need a good pass blocking LT. Personally I would be more comfortable with drafting both LT and QB in the same draft so they can grow together. The best case scenario would allow Jason Peters to serve as a mentor while still getting snaps next year. This would allow Reid to decide if Peters is still capable playing as a LT or not. I do not know about you but shifting an aging Todd Herremans back at LT does not sound appealing for the next two seasons. Before the Eagles think about solving the long term solution at LT, they should see how they play this upcoming season.

Asante Samuel:



I know a lot of people want to trade him for another draft pick but I disagree. The front office is having a hard time trading Samuel. Apparently, no one can afford to have Asante on their team. I say we should keep him. There is nothing wrong with having more depth. If DRC or Nnamdi goes down for the season, many Eagle fans are going to be mad if Samuel is dealt off. Too expensive you say? Here is what I would do. Either restructure his contract or just pay Samuel his lucrative contract. If Asante plays poorly, the Eagles could easily not resign him next year.

I am surprise that the front office have not asked to re-negotiate his contract. Samuel mentioned last season he wanted to still play for Andy Reid. I’m aware the NFL is a business but Samuel was the most productive Eagles CB last year. Stopping all negotiation and telling Asante he will be here would be the best decision. If trade negotiation continues, Samuel will be a distraction next season if he is not traded to another team.

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