Post Peters and Ryans Mock Draft

This month started off real good with the Eagles trading for Former Pro Bowl Linebacker Demeco Ryans. But earlier today the hole Eagle Nation was gut checked with Jason Peters ruptured his Achilles Tendon. Now the eagles will have to choose to take a Tackle either through the Draft or Free Agency. there are some good Tackles out there in both places. Before what happened with Ryan and Peters i had the Eagles drafting Luke Kuechly. Because with Demeco Ryan Achilles injury i would play it safe and draft the best Linebacker in the draft. Now since Peters will be out i would expect the Eagles to draft a Offensive Tackle in the first round.


Also the Eagles will trade Asante Samuel to the Chargers for a 3rd round pick.

1st Round 15th Pick: Johnathan Martin OT, 6'5 315 lbs Stanford, The Eagles will get a Tackle here in the first round because the lost of Peters. Martin is exactly like Peters big Physical and has good footwork.

2nd Round 46th Pick: Zach Brown OLB, 6'1 244 lbs North Carolina, Brown finds the ball , reacts to the play and tackles the ball carrier. His speed is no doubt the strongest part of his game. Brown is a natural mover is real good from removing himself off blockers and getting to the ball.

2nd Round 51st Pick: Stephon Gilmore CB, 6'0 190 lbs South Carolina, With the Eagles most likely trading Asante Samuel the Eagles will have to fill the back up spots with Rodgers- Cromartie taking the starting job.Gilmore has impressive footwork for his size and he's a man Cornerback. he will jam up a Receiver at the line.

3rd Round 78th Pick: Dajohn Harris DT, 6'3 306 lbs USC, Is quick off the line of scrimmage. He understands how to use his hands and feet to get to the Quarterback. Harris is athletic and will get the job done every play of the game.

3rd Round 88th Pick: Nigel Bradham OLB, 6'2 241 lbs Florida State, Nigel is probably the most undderated player in whole draft. He will be a steal if taken here by the Eagles. He is very physical and you can always trustt him to make and finish a tackle. His ability to get off blacks and go tackle the ball carrier is very good.

4th Round 114th Pick: Terrance Gannaway RB, 6'0 239 lbs Baylor, Terrance is a big physical back that will punish a defender that gets in his way. The Eagles need this type of Runner because McCoy is not the physical type of Runningback. He is very quick out of his stance to hit the holes.

5th Round 153rd Pick: Case Keenum QB, 6'1 208 lbs Houston, This Kid put up numbers at his years in Houston. He has perfect accuracy and he has good mechanics who makes good throwing decisions. Keenum has good touch on the ball and leads his receivers to catch the ball. He reads defense perfectly and puts the ball where he wants it.

6th Round 172nd Pick: Adam Gettis OG, 6'2 293 lbs Iowa, Gettis is quick off the ball and he uses his explosion off the ball to beat the bigger defenders. He is a good overall blocker because he wins with leverage. Adams has good hand and footwork. He has quick feet so he is mobile and versatile blocker.

6th Round 194th Pick: Michael Egnew TE, 6'5 256 lbs Missouri, Michael can catch the ball and will go up and get the ball if needed. He is a threat after the catch and a big target for the Quarterback to throw it anywhere.

6th Round 200th Pick: Senio Kelemente OT/OG, 6'4 307 lbs Washington, Kelemente can play either Tackle or Guard. He is fast off the ball and always puts himself in a good spot to win against the defenders. Kelemente is really good moving up to the 2nd Level.

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