My Mock 2012 Draft for the Eagles - just bc we need one a day

Here's my mock draft, after Watching "tape" and analyzing the eagles needs and the prospects that would fit into their system this is what I came up with. Some picks are reaches while others are wishful hoping.

I know its a month away but since I do one every goes nothing

Rd 1 Luke Kuechly – SAM/MLB - This can be debated but at the end of the day if he's there and you're the eagles you have to take him...not only does he fill a need but he might be the BPA at that spot

Rd 2 Mohammed Sanu – WR - The Eagles will take at least one offensive skill position player in this draft. A tall WR who can learn the ropes and take over for when/if Maclin goes elsewhere next year, desean is cut in 2 years or just for the heck of having a possession/ red zone receiver

Rd 2 Derek Wolfe -DT/DE - Out of all the possible DT's that we can acquire in this draft.. Wolfe may be the best fit for our Wide 9....and he can be a every down player to boot....he can play under-tackle in pass rushing situations...but has the athleticism to move to DE on rushing situations

Rd 3 Josh Robinson – CB - Will most likely be gone but if not, he would be the most intriguing prospect at this spot...he played man in college and has the same level of athleticism as DRC when DRC came out a year under bowles and you can have potentially your future CB starter for next yr.

Rd 4 Danny Trevathan - OLB/ WILL - hard hitter, great tackler, great on blitzing, has good zone coverage skills...whats the knock...he's undersized at 6'0 237...but the wide 9 utilizes small linebackers so he will be a great complement to Mr. Rolle at WILL.

Rd 5 Chris Rainey - KR/PR/RB/WR - (he'll either go in the 4th or 5th I don't why people have him going in the 3rd, he's awesome and I would LOVE to get him but…he has off the field issues, is injury prone and mainly a special teams player but a great special teams player thus he fallas to us in the 5th STEAL) -hopefully we get atleast a 4th and a conditional for asante and then we use that 4th on this epic would that be it would be very, very epic indeed.

Rd 6 picks are all Howard Mudd’s...multiple olineman for him to pick and develop…its just what he does. All of these guys have had average to above average college carrers with flashes. They are all athletic but some what under sized all below 6'4 and in the 290- 305 range

Rd 6- Don Barclay, OT

Rd.6- Joe Looney, G

Rd.6-Adam Gettis, G/C

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