10 pack: Small Sampling of Random, mostly Eagle-centric, Draft Related Questions

A few random questions to ponder. I have my own opinions, but I was curious what the consensus was in the BGN community. Please include the corresponding question numbers with your answers. Feel free to answer just one or two, or answer them all.

1) If I told you, as the Eagles GM, that with the 15th pick in the draft you could have your choice between these two options: A) Your top rated DT...or...B) Trade the pick for a 3rd round pick this year and a 2013 1st round pick ....Which would you choose?

2) With the evolution of the athlete getting bigger-stronger-faster and the proliferation of the 34 defense in the college ranks, there have been an increasing amount of college level 34 rush LBs with the ability, even at their size, to possibly transition to 43 OLB or MLB. 2009 - maybe Clay Matthews, 2010 - Dexter Davis, Eric Norwood, and maybe O'Brien Schofield, 2011 - Von Miller, Akeem Ayers, and Chris Carter. Who do you think are the candidates in 2012?

3) With advances in technology, scouts now have more information than ever before to evaluate prospects. I say that, because I used that reasoning to limit the data resourcing for this next question to the last decade of drafts, 2001-2010. A total of 101 QBs have been selected in rounds 2-7 in the aforementioned decade of drafts. Of the 101 selected, only 2, Brees in the 2nd round and Schaub in the 3rd, have gone on to become quality starting QBs with 2 others, Matt Flynn and John Skelton, that fall into the too early to call category. The back half of the 1st round (17-32) isn't much better, producing only 2 more quality starting QBs and 1 too early to call in Josh Freeman. The top half of the 1st round (1-16) has about a 50% success rate. My question...Is it worth it to try and draft a starting caliber QB outside of the top half of the 1st round?...or is it a wasted draft pick?

4) Speaking of drafting franchise QBs, with the botched attempt at a trade with the Rams for what amounts to RG3 and the inane contract given to the oft injured D'Qwell Jackson that gets more absurd by the day, not to mention Frostee Rucker,...How does Tom Heckert still have a job?

5) With the NFL becoming more of a passing league each year, RB is a position that continues to lose draft value. Is it possible that Trent Richardson suffers that same fate and falls in the draft? and if so, how far?

6) I believe the Eagles will trade Assante Samuel. who? and for what?

7) Assuming the Eagles trade Assante, do you think they will use a high draft pick, 1st or 2nd round, on a CB or do they have faith in Curtis Marsh and Brandon Hughes?

8) In trading Assante, the Eagles will still have Asomugha and DRC on the outside. However, I also think there is a strong possibility that Joselio Hansen is cut from the team creating a need in the slot. Who do you think are the best Slot CB prospects in the draft?

9) How many sacks do you think Brandon Graham records this season? Is that number more or less than the sack total for Tapp? Cole? Babin?

10) Every draftnik loves obscure late round sleeper prospects. Who you got?

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