what if...

First off I love the move of Demeco Ryans, what a solid pick up/value. This pick up lets us do many things in this draft. Maybe we trade down for a OLB or safety, maybe we keep the pick and draft the best available player. Well if im the eagles here what i'd do.

1st off trade asante to Detroit for a 3rd rounder. Then take that 3rd rounder our 48th pick and next years 2nd, 3rd and 4th to the Rams for the Redskins 1st rounder and pick 33 in this years draft. Why? We need a QB after this year and on our roster we don't have one. I would be fine with draft kirk cousins if he falls to the 3rd round but if he doesn't this trade allows us to fill needs for this years team and be able to get a great qb next year. So now we have the 10 mill off our hands from asante as well as 2 first round picks. So what do we do this year?

1:15- LB Luke Kuechley- yes we got Demeco Ryans but there are 2 other linebacker spots and why not get one of the best prospects in the draft? Pair him and Demeco up and that is one deadly duo

2:33- DE vinny curry- one of the most promising players form this years draft. He is fast, a very good tackler, surprisingly strong, and can replace cole or babin along side graham in a few years.

2:51- DT kendell reyes- a fine DT prospect will come in and be a very good rotational man.

3rd-CB Chase minnifield- very underrated and will be a great back up incase DRC or nnamdi go down will also replace asante and can play slot very useful. He wouldve been a 1st rounder if he never got hurt. But he has not shown signs of slowing up he is a very valuable player. Sneaky risky pick but will be much worth it.

4th- WR Tommy Streeter- he is a receiver that will put the eagles over the edge, he is very fast and very tall, could be a steal of the draft at this point. What is not to like about a 6'5 4.4 40 runner? He is consistant and is very talented and could put the eagles receivers on top this year.

5th- TE ladarius green- this man is 6'6 and runs 4.5 40's there is a lot to like with him

6th- KR Chris rainy- a return specialist, very fast.

7th Jeff adams- what is a draft without lineman for Reid?

The eagles realize in this draft they dont really need lineman considering they just signed two of them along with a very consistant top of the league o line. The needs of the eagles will be another linebacker some youth at CB and DE maybe a starting DT which this class if very very heavy in, and they need another WR. I'm really liking the thought of adding another talented receiver to the corps. Deseans the man that will get us down the field quick. Maclin makes many plays. Avant is what steve smith was suppose to be, a slot very good route runner. But i think the eagles need another big weapon to set them over the edge. Maybe a TE will be what they need but when you look at all the teams last year they have 3 good receivers the eagles need that. Some names are Plax, Alshon jeffery, stephen hill, Brian quick, T.Y Hilton, mohammad sanu. Whoever it may be will complete this eagles offense. The qb situation will be taken next year because there is ALOT of talent in that area next year. And i also like to see the Eagles go for a big back like Jacobs.

Once again good or bad lemme know what you think of this.

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