Mock Draft 1.0

Well ... It's that time of the year for me. Usually I wait until the end FA frenzy to do this, so I guess that's now. Seems to me Philly won't be doing anything else this off-season that will really sculpt the draft at all like the DeMeco Ryans trade. Aside from the possibility of trading Asante Samuel for more picks or picking up a Returner and or Red Zone threat I don't see a need for FA other than camp bodies anymore. Not the point though. I don't mock anything crazy in my mocks besides what we currently have for picks, none of that crazy shit like trades, moving up or down, and such. Being an Eagle fan for as long as I can remember, I gave up a longggggg time ago trying to predict them. I know, I know, your asking yourself, "Isn't a mock draft a prediction?", yes, but its also a way for me to kill time. More seriously, I love watching College Tape and analyzing players with my free time and put my opinion on players out there to get you guys thinking besides the regular bodies everyone picks.

Round 1 - CB - Stephon Gilmore - SC - I want to mock Luke here still, but I just don't see him being available. I wouldn't mind seeing him in the SAM. Too much talent at LB is never a bad thing. Besides, our LB coach ran his drills at his pro day. Back to why I picked Gilmore, Asante and Nmandi aren't getting any younger, and I personally don't think Asante will be back next year, so this is just an insurance policy. He can push for the number 3 CB spot and be a long time solution at CB for years to come. I originally had Gilmore rated as a late 2, but the way he performed at the combine, and watching more tape, i've come to think of him as a top 20. I hope we trade back from this pick though and get somebody else, or Gilmore later, he might be still there. If you hate this pick, your not alone, I'm really not a fan of it either.

Round 2 - WR - Mohammed Sanu - Rutgers - Poor combine lets this massively talented WR fall to us. He fills the void as a red zone target, and is a improvement to the slot. Sorry Avant fans, he's been good to us, but upgrading when available ANY position is something I'm a fan of. Sanu is strong, loves contact, and isn't afraid of the middle. Fights for extra yards, and has crazy good hands. Can't count how many one handed catches I saw him make near the end zone watching him this year.

Round 2 - DT - Kendell Reyes - UCONN - I'm not really sold on the top few DT's in the draft, all are GREAT in one area of another so differentiating between the top 5 is hard for me. I believe Reyes to be the most well rounded out of all of them and that's why I chose him. Besides, he's great value if he falls to end of the second like I have him mocked. I believe the combine warrior that is Poe and the rise of all the other DTs will push Reyes back some, which I'm more than okay with.

Round 3 - OT - James Brown - Troy - Depth is needed across the line now, and Brown is an athletic beast. Just the type of OT for Mudd to play with and groom.

Round 4 - OLB - Terrell Manning - NC State - Big, fast, pretty physical. I believe if he went to a better school he'd be a higher prospect, but to each his own. Good enough to compete for SAM against Chaney right away, and definitely capable of being excellent in coverage.

Round 5 - RS - Chris Rainey - Florida - Originally, I was in love with the idea of Isiah Pead out of Cin to become the number 2 RB and the return specialist for Phi. Watched a lot of tape after I heard a lot of good things about this Rainey kid. I'm sold. He can run routes and catch like a receiver, blocks kicks consistently which is scary, and a really good returner. This kind of rare athlete needs to be in Phi.

Not going to go any farther in the draft, but if your curious what kind of players I got my eye on for the later rounds I'll list a few below.

TE - Josh Chichester - Louisville - Huge athletic beast of a TE. At 6'8 and runs a sub 4.7 he can be a huge red zone problem for many teams if we want to go that route. Can't block to save his life though.

MLB - Vontaze Burfict - Ari - Do I even really need to mention this? If he falls all the way to the 6th, why not.. Let him sit and polish behind Demeco and live on the practice squad. Who knows what you'll get out of him.

DE - Frank Alexander - OU - Pretty solid DE, was grading out at about a 3 or 4 rounder until a heart condition stopped him from going to the combine. I was a fan of possibly grabbing him in the 4th until this incident. Might be worth a gamble?

SS - Tavon Wilson - Illinois - Good instincts, solid tackler.

FS - Jarell Young - South Florida - Simply because of that monster game he had against Notre Dame he's worth a look in my eyes. He's also pretty fast for a FS posting a 4.5 at 6'1

P - Bryan Anger - Cal - Why not upgrade Henry? Anger averages over 44 yards per kick last year, strong, very accurate and likes to stick balls in the corner under the 20 yard line. Who doesn't want a punter named Anger anyways? Maybe he'll tackle people like Rocca used to

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