Combined results from 15 Eagles mock drafts

A new fan favorite has emerged from the Eagles mock drafts since the trade for DeMeco Ryans: Vinny Curry has now been selected on 5 of the 15 mocks (33%). A "consensus" mock draft would look something like this:

Round......Position........Player (votes)
....1............DT/SAM......Fletcher Cox (4) or Luke Kuechly (4)
....2.... .......SAM/DT.......Bobby Wagner (4) or Kendall Reyes (3)
....2............DE...............Vinny Curry (5)
....2............WR...............Mohamed Sanu (4)
....4............TE.................Ladarius Green (4)
....5............RB... ............Chris Rainey (4)
....6............O-line............David Molk (2)
....6............O-line...........Tom Compton (2)
....6............CB................Coty Sensabaugh (1)

The Eagles would select one DT and one SAM with their first two picks. They would trade Asante for an extra 3rd round pick, and then trade both 3rds for a 2nd.

Curry is the only player who was picked five times among the 15 mock drafts. Six players were picked four times, 5 players were picked three times, 13 players were picked twice, and 53 players are currently one-mock wonders:

  • Picked 4 times: Bobby Wagner, Chris Rainey, Fletcher Cox, Ladarius Green, Luke Kuechly, Mohamed Sanu
  • Picked 3 times: Bernard Pierce, Bobby Massie, Brandon Boykin, Kendall Reyes, Nate Potter
  • Picked twice: Brandon Mosley, Brian Quick, Chase Minnifield, David Molk, Demario Davis, Devon Still, Jacquies Smith, Jeff Adams, Jerel Worthy, Mychal Kendricks, Stephon Gilmore, Tom Compton, Tommy Streeter

The most popular positions are the offensive line and linebacker; followed by wide receiver, defensive tackle, and cornerback.

  • 15 of the 25 offensive line selections (60%) would occur during day 3, providing plenty of "projects" for Mudd to develop into eventual starters.
  • Every mock draft includes at least one linebacker, including four post-DeMeco selections of Luke Kuechly in the first round.
  • Shadysquad still has the only mock without a wide receiver, perhaps partly because he only made picks through the fourth round.
  • 12 of the 14 defensive tackles were selected in the first two rounds (86%). The eight first-round selections include five different players.
  • 10 of the 13 cornerbacks were selected in the first three rounds (77%), even though the Eagles still have three Pro-Bowl cornerbacks on their roster.
  • Draftek has the only mock without a defensive tackle. Do we know something that they don't?
  • Kyle selected Ryan Tannehill in the first round, which makes his mock the only one that includes a quarterback!
  • Only five mocks include a safety, which continues to reflect a weak draft class in this area of need for the Eagles. Is there any remaining hope for free agency or a trade? In Jarrett we trust?

The mock drafts are generally avoiding excessive optimism about which players could fall to the Eagles in each round. Only 17 of the 123 picks (14%) involved selecting a player in a later round than CBS Sports expects him to be available. Another 38% of the players were selected in an earlier round than CBS, and the other 48% were selected in the same round as CBS. Of course CBS and other big boards are not perfect, but they seem like the best approach for keeping the mocks as realistic as possible.

This FanPost contains many of the other mock drafts that were combined into the overall results. While you're commenting on the summary, why not take a look at one of the other mock drafts too? They're all embedded in the comments.
.....In addition, if you add your own mock draft to the comments, then I will feature it at the top of the page for a day or two (just as I am currently featuring this summary of the other mocks). Most mock drafts only get a few days of attention anyway, but this thread can put a title of your mock in the section for Recommended FanPosts!
.....Finally, this thread can also provide a forum for discussing other draft-related topics, so don't hesitate to propose any ideas that aren't quite ready for a separate FanPost. Simply add a comment at the bottom of the page as usual.

Here are the links to each of the mock drafts within the comments of this FanPost. Please click on each link to zip directly to the mock draft, and insert your comments as a reply to the entry.

Mr.Electric10 joins the growing trend of making mock drafts for the full first round

Talon Talent gives the Eagles a surprise in this mock draft of the full first round

Kowalski strengthens the d-line with his first two picks

tst29 gets praise from MTD for this mock draft of the full first round

DirtyWaters takes another safety in round 2 (two recs!)

tst29 trades down for extra picks in rounds 3 and 4

Kernowblazer features local talent from colleges in PA and NJ

Kyle gets the most comments by picking Ryan Tannenhill in round 1

Avant-Garde gets six picks in the first three rounds

mlbsports23 takes two more linebackers in the first two rounds

Shadysquad has the only mock draft with no WR or TE

Kernowblazer trades for a future first round pick

AnotherAndyR finds value in rounds 3 and 4


Here are the links to the previous threads which contain additional resources for creating mock drafts:

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