The Eagles Newest Fan

My name is Simon and I support the Eagles.

I've been an NFL fan for 5 years but until last Thursday I did not support a team. So how come I'm now proudly supporting the Eagles? The story of how I reached this point is a long and hopefully, interesting one.

It started in early January, when I decided that as much as I loved watching the NFL, I needed a team to support. I'm a big fan of Gillingham FC and know the lows and occasional highs that supporting a team can bring, it's a feeling that I wanted from my NFL supporting life. But how could I pick a team? I'd tried before to support teams - but my attempts to be a Chargers or 49ers fans were half hearted at best, and I felt no real connection with the teams. I decided to rectify the situation by deciding which teams I couldn't support and eliminating them one at a time. Eliminate 31 teams and you're left with your ideal team! What's more -I decided to write a blog about my journey.

How do you eliminate31 teams? If you're me you do it by using a multitude of methods - some stats based, some opinion based, some decided by other people and some that were just absurd. The Jags fell at an early fence thanks to Blaine Gabbert having the worst QB rating of all the regular starters, whilst the Chiefs didn't last very long as they had the lowest TD count in 2011.

On the flip side, the 49ers bit the dust as my girlfriend thought Sourdough Sam was the worst mascot and the Browns had to be eliminated due to their stupid helmet logo.

The poor Cowboys (or scummy Cowboys as I now know them) lost out on a coin toss and the Titans proved to be the hardest ground to get to from my house!

To cut a long story short, it all ended with an exciting game of Madden 07, between the Eagles and Lions. The Eagles prevailed 23-0 (Jon Kitna was the Eagles MVP!), so here I am. But can I be a true Eagles fan based on such an absurd selection process? Of course I can!

Firstly, I feel that I've put so much effort into picking the Eagles that I am confident I can put the same effort and commitment into actually supporting them. Secondly, I have previous of being a loyal supporting - anyone who can support a team as inept as Gillingham for 20 years should find the Eagles an easy prospect. Thirdly, I'm happy with the decision - the Eagles won because they avoided elimination in all categories - admittedly a few were due to luck and on another day they would have lost the coin toss, but that just makes them my team of destiny. Finally, and most importantly, I already love the Eagles and am really happy that I support them. I've already joined the UK Eagles and had some messages of encouragement from fellow fans. It's great to be part of the Eagles family!

I'm going to carry on blogging about the NFL and the Eagles as I thoroughly enjoy it and want to write about some of the off season activity (Free Agency, Draft etc) as well as looking at some of the broader aspects of supporting the Eagles. Please read and follow my blog (You knew there was a shameless plug coming) at and I look forward to many happy years as part of the Eagles nation!

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