The most unpopular mock offseason you will read for all of 2012

Do I think there are some good ideas in this post?? Of course I do, I only come up with good ideas.

Do I think there is aaaany chance aaaany of this happens?? Slim to none, its all pretty far out of there and dependent on our coaches adopting formations/systems that I really havent ever seen anyone play before.

Despite that is it worth your time to read this fanpost?? Certainly, for instance I dont have LK going with our first pick and that alone is reason to give it a chance (Dont get me wrong I want Luke baaaad but what fun is picking him in a mock draft??? none).

After you get done reading this should you leave an unrelated GIF or a horrible limerick about OPs mother?? No, please do not. Please.

1 - 15 - Dre Kirkpatrick - FREE SAFETY - A while ago I thought up this 3 safety base defense. I was such a big fan of it because of how quickly we could change formations/coverage schemes just by shifting a player a few yards to the left/right. The problem is you need some really athletic and versatile players to play a few of the positions... Dre fits in perfectly (not Earl Thomas perfect but close enough) to this system and I will explain more after we get through the draft.

2 - 46 - Coby Fleener - TE - Just like on defense an emphasis has been placed versatility and and being able to show multiple packages/formations out of 1 personnel group. Celek is great and this pick is not an indictment on him, I have no desire to replace him just to be able to run more 2 TE sets.

2 - 51 - DT

3 - 77 - LB

4 - 99 - OL

4 - 114 - Chris Rainey - ATH -

5 - 145 - BPA

6 - 176 - BPA

6 - 191 - Jeff Demps - ATH - surprise! You thought we were done with Rainey?!? Not even close, Jeff is currently training for the olympics but we will happily welcome him back to the football world after he gets back.



The first major change we are going to see is our defense. While the line is going to stay in the wide9 system we are going for broke and changing up nearly everything behind them. The most glaring change is going to be the removal of one of the linebackers from our base defense and his replacement, a hybrid linebacker/safety or spur. We will get back to him in a minute but first lets introduce our newest draft pick, Dre Kirkpatrick, and his new position Slot Safety. Dre fits into this system so nicely because he has the size/tackling ability to play as a free safety when our spur drops to LB (which would give us a standard 43, our 2nd look) but also has the coverage skills to pick up the slot/TE when we want to shift to a nickle defense (base safety rotates to free, spur up to strong; our 3rd look). This will come in handy when going up against opposing teams that like to flex out their TE (graham, gronk, VD).

Up next is the spur. At anytime the spur can step down into the box taking the traditional WLB or MLB spot shifting the formation to a standard 43. This safety will be protected in coverage as much as possible but must be a biiig safety that can cover some ground behind the linebackers... sounds like Laron Landry if you ask me (When I originally drew this up I actually had us drafting Taylor Mays to fill this role... whoops). Lets keep our fingers crossed that his achilles really is healing because he is the cog that makes this whole system work and he is definetely going to pick up some mileage. His best year in Washington (when he was getting legit DPOY talk before injuries) they pretty much let him roam free. Limit his coverage assignments and just let him run at the ball. Our base linebacking crew (including our 2nd signing David Hawthorne + Jamar Chaney) are told anytime there is any doubt just eat up blocks and open the lane for Laron to blow em up.

The last position in our new look secondary is our base safety. In the 3 safety set they have to have the ability to play a centerfield zone but also to shift to FS/SS depending on what the player next to them do. I dont know who would eventually win this battle between Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman but for once I actually feel confident that either of them could step in and excel.



Ever since Leonard Weaver went down with that gruesome leg injury there has been talks about when/where are we going to get our next Leonard Weaver. I hate to break it to you guys but players that can run, catch, block, and stay humble without falling into delusions of grandeur about joining the CIA dont grow on trees. Luckily for us, if we can settle with a player who does 3 of those 4 things we might have finally found our guy. Peyton Hillis is not receiving nearly as much love on the FA market as expected and I think teams are getting scared off by the rumors of him being a headcase. If he doesnt find a fulltime job soon I could definetely see him taking a 2 year (or more likely a 1+PO1) contract with someone that will give him a chance to prove he can keep his head on straight. He gives us a versatile pass catcher out of the backfield, a backup to shady, a reliable short yardage option... Im shocked this hasnt come up sooner (not really though).

Our second new player is our newest redzone threat, 6'6" Coby Fleener. Once again we shift our base formation, this time shifting the offense to a 2TE set. No one is going to call Celek and Fleener top level blockers but what do you do opposing teams do when they see a 2TE+FB jumbo formation walk out on the field?? Prepare for a short yardage package and send out a jumbo defense?? Now what do they do when both of those tight ends and one of the RBs (shady) line up at WR, leaving Vick and Hillis in a shotgun spread formation?!?!

I know I am playing dan snyder, fantasy football extravaganza here but come on... lets have some fun ;)

Our only other real offensive pick up (past some OL depth in middle/late rounds) is Chris Rainey - ATHLETE. Runningback, wide receiver, return man... little bit of everything/



QB - Vick, Kafka

RB - Shady, Hillis, Rainey

FB - Hillis, Harbor

TE - Celek, Fleener, Harbor

WR - DJax, Maclin, Avant, Bro of Tebow

LT - Peters

LG - Mathis

C - Kelce

RG - Watkins

RT - Herremans

LE - Babin

DT - Jenkins

DT - Patterson

RE - Cole

LBL (Linebacker Left) - Chaney

LBR (Linebacker Right) - David Hawthorne

LBS (Linebacker Safety) - Laron Landry


CBR - Aso

SS (Slot Safety) - Dre Kirkpatrick

BS (Base Safety) - Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman

(Sorry, wanted to finish the draft picks and do some more formatting but got to run. Will try to get back to this later tonight, Im still working on exactly what I want to do with Asante + some of those early 2nd day picks. As always, your feedback is appreciated).

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