Nothing to do with free agency, just curious...

I know I'm gonna get reamed for this post, but I was talking with some guys at work about a Pro Bowl game between the best of the white vs black players. At first I laughed and thought the white team would get smoked and my second thought was about how racist some people might think the even thought of that game is and how it would be the opposite of progress.....which I agree. Lets just pretend if it did happen how it might turn out, the more I discussed it with some co workers, including my Captain who is black, I thought the white team might have a chance, hear me out.

Now the black team would have way more depth, I mean you could make a case that the black B, C, and D teams might beat the white A team, but the top tier white players and pretty close to the top tier black players at most positions with some notable exceptions.

QBs: advantage white team, Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, they really have a leg up here at the most important position. Black team probably has to start Vick, who I love, but he is not as good as those others, big drop after him. Cam Newton is gonna be awesome but still new.

RBs: advantage black team....big time! Peterson, McCoy, Foster, Johnson, its not even close, the white team has so few to choose from, but they could have an ok backfield with Hillis, Woodhead, and Hester. Not great, but if they rely on the passing game they could get some production out of these guys.

WRs: advantage black team.... again not even close, Johnson, Megatron, Fitz, wow! Still if you grab the top white receivers, they aren't bad, Welker is a pro bowler, Jordy Nelson is awesome!! There are a few other decent ones.

TEs: I give this a draw, great players on both sides, Witten, Gronkowski, Gates, Davis, this is even.

OL: I give slight advantage to the white team here, maybe I shouldn't but without going into names it just seems like most of the top OL draft picks are white and pro bowlers, but I know there are plenty of great black ones too, close to a draw.

DL: Like the OL, but with the opposite swing I give slight advantage to the black team, lots of great players, but the white team does have Allen and Babin, to of the leagues sack leaders. Both sides could field pro bowl talent.

LBs: Draw again, I know the black team has more depth but just starters vs starters its pretty even, the black team has guys like Willis, Lewis, Miller, the white team has Mathews, Urlacher, and Cushing, its pretty close.

Ss: Big advantage to black team, tons of talent, too many to name, the white team could field a few ok ones, Weddle did go to the pro bowl but I even think he is over rated. Jim Leonard is starting caliber.

CBs: wow this is the position where the white team gets smoked, I don't think there even is any white CB's in the league, they would have to make some safeties or wide receivers play CB and try to defend guys like Megatron, huge mismatch and may cost them the game.

Sp teams: this is is achilles heal of the black team, while they will have the advantage in the return game, they will have no kicking game. They may have to always go for it on 4th down, or home they can get someone to at least make extra points. The white team is gonna have a guy like Janikowski making 60 yarders, don't underestimate the importance of the kicking game, it could cost the black team the game.

Coaching: slight advantage white team. I think Belechik should coach the white team and Tomlin the black team. Both are great and have won superbowls, but Belechik is the zen master.

So lets say each team has two weeks to prepare and practice. I'd love to hear the comments, I'm sure people will tell me I'm a racist asshole but whatever, I know I'm not. I might be rooting for the white team but only cause they would be big underdogs, if I had to bet I would put the farm on the black team though.

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