mock offseason 3.0 why are we so lucky?

The Eagles linebackers were obviously bad, they were the only thing that kept them back this season. People need to stop complaining about safety! Our safeties were so bad due to the fact that if the our D-line didn't make the tackle our safeties would have to cover for the linebackers. The safety position should not be so relied on to make tackles when you have linebackers.

Luckily we are lucky! This offseason shows a mass number of great options at linebacker. There are veterans like: London Fletcher who would be a 1 year deal but a great one since he is still one of the most productive backers in the league, along with that he is a leader, just what the eagles need. Another veteran Bart Scott who has not been as productive but is a veteran and would need need a trade but that trade would be like a 4th rounder and Scott is worth that to the Eagles. Gary Brackett is another option as he was released by the Colts this week he wont be looking for a big deal but he will still perform.

If the eagles are not looking for the 1-2 year people and are looking for an answer for 4+ years they are even luckier. One of the biggest names Stephen Tulloch is nowhere close to a deal with the Lions and is looking for a big deal but we do have plenty of money to spend on a linebacker. He played behind the wide 9 and would look perfect in an Eagles. Curtis Lofton is another young veteran and long term guy and since free agency is tomorrow and he has not come close to a deal he will hit free agency and maybe the eagles figure he is a high productive guy and a long term solution and go for a guy like him. Another name that is starting to get attencion is David Hawthorne, i mean how can't Eagles fans know who he is he stapled our season shut. He is very underrated and wont be looking for lofton tulloch money so i expect him to be sought after by the eagles. Dan conner is already on the eagles big board as they are looking for an answer, and him and Hawthorne can play all linebacker postions which makes them even more valueable.

Well maybe the eagles don't go after a free agent and go to the draft (which i don't see happening but is a possibility) they have the 15th pick there are many linebackers. The famous eagles fan favorite luke kuechly, who has the versitilaty to play all linebacker spots and be productive for years to come. Donta hightower who is a 3-4 linebacker but can play OLB in a 4-3 or maybe they take a shot at Vontaze Burfict and bring in a vet who will show him how to mature?

There are 7 free agent options along with 3+ linebackers in the draft who can come in and make a difference so the eagles lucked out this season so what i think the eagles do....

First off take care of the business inside your own team. We have approximitly $20 in cap room


OG Evan mathis- come on our 2 or 3rd best lineman he was a huge part of this season bring him back already. 5 years 25 million

DT Derek landri- surprise for the eagles show he is a solid rotational guy. 3 years 8 million

DT Trevor laws- so many people hate on him for understandable reasons but you forget he was a 2nd round pick there has to obviously be some talent here. Resign him 1 years 1 million with lots of insentives so maybe he finally plays to where we want him

WR desean jackson- hes franchized as of now but i want him similar deal as steve johnson 5 years 42 million with ALOT of insentives because when he has something to play for he shows he can be a top WR

OT king dunlap- we are going to need some depth this year on the line 3 years 4 million.

This leaves us with only 11 million in cap so we need more cap space


C jamaal jackson- i don't think he really wants to be here he feels betrayed but he will take his vet leadership somewhere else and save us 2 million

DE darryl tapp- with the return of graham we dont need to pay a small rotational player 4 million what a waste of money i really dont even like him saves us 4million.


OT winston justice- restructure for about 1.5 million a year giving us 2.5 million back if not cut him.

This puts us at roughly $19 million

Free agency:

LB stephen tulloch- I think that the eagles will make this too public i think it will be as quiet as nnamdi last year hes worth it 5 years 37 million

WR plaxico burress- he his begging to be here why not just sign him for almost nothing?! 1 year 1 million redzone help for one year

DT jason jones- Washburn recruits him here and like jason babin will make him play his absolute best and jason see that and is interested 5 years 25 million.

RB/FB brandon jacobs- the eagles need a lot of help on short yardage why not get the granddaddy of them all? 6'4 260 lbs? Played on the giants a division rival last year? He can do big things for the eagles and will play inspired football for the eagles especially when they play the giants if i were the eagles id go after him. Why not? 2 years 5 million. If not i'd pursue Mike tolbert, both are great fits and options.

This leaves us with about 2-4 million which we use for rookies or maybe the eagles find someone else of interest.

NFL Draft:

1:15- LB Luke Kuechly- if he falls to 15 he is the best player on the board no doubt he can play strong side backer and paired with tulloch thats lethal for years to come

2:48-DT kendall reyes- yes another d lineman but if Laws sucks again and doesn't get to the potential he has then we need another lineman, or what if Mike patterson undergoes brain surgery and can't play this year he is very risky and theres always the chance that Landri was a one hit wonder or even if someone goes down! another insurance man plus hes one of the best available

2:51-DE vinny curry- another best available player and will be the guy to put our pass rush at the best in the league one way or another we will get the next JPP even if we need to trade up to get him and plus with babin and cole entering their 30s they are only getting older sadly but I think they each have 3 more solid years

3:77- QB kirk cousins- I think he has first round talent the only thing holding him back is his athletisim which i think is the dumbest thing to hold back a person from the 1st round to after the 2nd he's getting attencion but not that much all scouts say he has great accuracy with great decision making and will be the biggest leader on the field with andy reid and marty he will be one hell of a player

4:99- TE Ladarius Green- one steal right here a man that is 6'6 and runs an excelent 40 time can play reciever in the red zone also. He can be a difference maker

4:114-OT matt mcCants- they need to address their oline depth and this is where they do it.

5:145- RB Chris Rainy- one fast kid he will be a special teams man he can play a big role in special teams with his deadly speed

6:176-OT jeff adams- again a concern with oline depth this where they go with this pick

6: 191- OT/OG james brown- can play just about every oline man spot that versatilaty is very much needed and will be praised by howie mudd and andy reid. Could show some potential to be good..

Let me know what you think i put a lot into this and would love to hear what people think about if this were our offeseason i think its very reasonable and would put us in a deep playoff run next year, im still kinda new to this so good/bad let me know!!!!

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