Ok so free agency is only 3 days away.. It is just like christmas, you cant wait, and you dont know what your going to get. So the fans are like the kids what we are asking for is MLB, OLB, WR, RB, S, and DT. Some names at each position that I would like the Eagles to take a look at, at each position(I will do top 3 at each postion).

MLB: #1 Stephen Tulloch

He played behind the wide nine, with wasburn and played well. I truly belive he is the #1 player on the Eagles wish list on the start of Free Agency.

#2 Curtis Lofton

I like Lofton alot and I see him playing in Philly if Tulloch isnt there to sign. Great player but struggles in the pass a bit. Great run stuffer and overall player.

#3 Gary Brackett

Gary Brackett was not supposed to be a free agent but was just recently released. This may be an option for philly to get there MLB? This guy is also a team leader and a local of Philly. Good fit?

Now OLB this is the position where i see us going in the draft in the 2nd RD. I like to see Ronell Lewis, Sean Spence, and Travis Lewis. If I am going threw free Ageny I would list them like this.

#1 David Hawthorne

I see him as an Will or Sam. I cant see him as a MIKE so I list him as and OLB. Thoughts on him?

#2 Manny Lawson

Manny Lawson could be a fit in Philly but is going to be a hot target in free agency. I would like to see Manny here but I dont see it.

#3 Dan Connor

I like Connor but he is often injuried and that is not what I want. I want a guy that is not in the trainers room, He is good when on field so it would be intresting to see what he could do if he would be wearing mid-night green.

Now WR there isnt reallya RB, and WR that I see the Eagles going out and getting exept this couple.

I truly see Plax coming here cheap and have Jacobs following his close friend to a team that is trying to contend for a SB. I would like to see this couple in Philly green next season.

I also see this guy as a possible target.

Hot topic down in NO good workout, but his year off and age is a little iffy. Reid has been chasing him for the longest time and I can see him in philly for 2012 season. I would rather have PLAX!

DT is not really a need and I dont see any free agents that are worthy exept Jason Jones from the Titans. I would like to see Philly go and take Cox, Poe, or Still at #15.

At Saftey my faviorte is Landry Jones but I dont see Washington letting him go. There is option 2 where we can go Tyvon Branch or Chris Harris. These are just some thoughts and options. Feel free to give more options on what we could do(free agent mock) and decide who we take at #15. My free Agent Mock would be:

Sign: Tulloch, Plax, and Jacobs other minors for minor depth. I would take Poe at #15. He reminds me of Sapp.

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