Mock Offseason, post combine.

I made a Mock Offseason a few weeks ago and since the combine has come to pass and there are more reports on which players are truly going to be available in Free Agency I figured I'd go ahead and write up another one based on how I see things working out from this moment forward.

Eagles Free Agents

Re-signed Players:

  • Antonio Dixon- Before injury he looked as if he was going to be something special, but without a chance to truly learn the scheme and with the injury I do think we sign him to a 1 year deal just to see if he can develop into something.
  • Derek Landri- This guy is all effort with a tiny bit of talent. We need a guy like him as a backup, he honestly provides some quality depth and that's all you can ask for at this point. I think he's high on our list of guys to bring back.
  • Evan Mathis- Before last season he looked like a career backup, however this scheme seems to fit him perfectly and he seems to fit the scheme perfectly.. Why break up a perfect marriage?
  • King Dunlap- Dunlap isn't high on my list of guys to keep, however you simply don't let a quality backup OT walk. We should find a way to keep this guy.
  • Owen Schmitt- Fullback isn't a premium position, and it's not like there's a guy like Weaver out there to make us improve this position. Owen's more than serviceable and does his job well.
  • Desean Jackson- I think at this point we franchise Jackson, I don't know if I'm exactly happy with this but it is a move we should make at least until we bring in some FA WR's. If we sign a guy then we can just get rid of the tag.
Who we let walk:
  • Vince Young- The guy is worthless, we paid him to pretty much throw INT's.
  • Steve Smith- I would like to give the guy a shot and see what he can due when actually healthy, however I think we should stick with healthy bodies for now and take a look at bringing him in after the draft as a potential Slot WR.
  • Juqua Parker- Parker is just to old at this point, letting him walk will allow us to let Graham, Tapp and the other young fastballs develop.
  • Trevor Laws- The kid showed so much promise in 2010 just to tank in 2011. I just don't think we should oust the potential Dixon has or the consistency Landri bring to the table for a guy who's only shown flashes.
  • Ronnie Brown- I can't stand Brown, I just can't. If he doesn't throw that pass we're likely in the playoffs.
  • Victor Abiamiri- No way we bring him back, the guy hasn't contributed anything to this organization or the NFL. He's a waste.
Other Cuts:
  • Chad Hall- I feel bad for this, I personally love the guy he's a great story but unfortunately great stories don't win you a Super Bowl.
  • Jamaal Jackson- Jackson's done a lot for us and while I do think we could get something in a trade for him out of respect we let him choose his next team.
  • Moise Fokou- Once again a guy I like. But we need to start making changes at LB and that begins with Fokou.
  • Winston Justice- The guy is getting paid to much money to be a backup right now. I think he restructures in order to stay and compete for the main backup job.
  • Darryl Tapp- Tapp's cap hit is to big for a role player, I think he'd be a valuable asset to this defense and would fill that void (with the help of Graham) that the departure of Parker opened up.

  • Asante Samuel + Winston Justice + Jason Avant + Kurt Coleman to the St. Louis Rams for their 2nd Round pick (#33 overall)...Basically the Rams need some sort of an immediate impact especially on defense. Samuel gives them a top flight CB with enough left in the take to make a difference over the next 3 years he alone probably would warrant the Rams 3rd rounder however the Eagles had more to offer than just the probowl CB. Another weak spot for the Rams is OT and with them potentially trading out of the reach of the top 2-3 OT's in this draft they need somebody who can come in and compete ala Justice. Also along the offensive side the Eagles throw in Avant who's a solid Slot WR who's shown flashes while positioned on the outside and this gives Bradford a solid option to feed the ball to. And Kurt ends up traded because he's a major upgrade over what the Rams have in their secondary and while Kurt's a decent player it's become obvious you only want him as a stop gap type of guy which is what he'd do in STL for the next year or two... All in all I think it's a fair trade which frees up some cap, add another high draft pick and helps the Rams out now.
  • Eagles trade two 2nd round picks (46, 51) to the Browns for their 1st round pick (#22)... The Eagles had 3 2nd round picks, I don't think they make the trade for Griffin and have to settle for Blackmon and in an effort to pick up more picks they trade back and grab 2 2nd round picks. The Eagles move up for a player they want and effectively gives them picks 7 spaces apart (15-22) and 11 spaces apart (22-33) and would allow them to likely get 3 1st round talents in the first 2 rounds.

Free Agency:
Team Needs: Safety (starting), Linebacker (All 3 starting positions), Center (backup), Offensive Tackle (backup), Running back (backup), Wide Receiver (backup)
  • Stephen Tulloch, MLB- Tulloch is the guy who's played behind the wide-9 for 6 years now. He's exactly what we need and he would instantly upgrade our LB core. Eagles target their guy and get him.
  • Dan Connor, SAM- Connor is a guy who does nothing spectacular but can do what we need out of our SAM LB, he's much better than Fokou and Jordan.
  • Jason Snelling, RB- Snelling has done a good job backing up Turner over the last few years and with just Lewis backing up McCoy it's time to get a guy who compliments Lewis and also can take a few snaps to give McCoy a break here and there.
The Draft:
Needs: WILL LB, Center (backup), Offensive Tackle (backup/developmental), Wide Receiver (backup/Developmental)
  • Round 1, Pick #15: Micheal Floyd, WR, Notre Dame- Floyd wowed at the combine, and has size and speed which would help any team. Floyd's best ability in my eyes is attacking the ball at the highest point, he'll fight for it in the air. He'd help our Redzone woes and potentially spark a fire under Desean ass considering he's on a 1 year contract.. Would also allow us to move Desean inside to try and match up against a safety.
  • Round 1, Pick #22: Mark Barron, SS, Alabama- Barron provides some good value here, he's the prototypical SS and would most likely move straight into our starting lineup. He's decent in coverage and plays the run well.
  • Round 2, Pick #33: Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford- This guy slips into the 2nd round the the Eagles go BPA. Fleener was one of Luck's favorite targets and actually won Stanford a few games on his play alone. He's a steal right here and only dropped due to injury issues. He's supplant Harbor immediately and would likely overtake Celek in the next year or so.
  • Round 3, Pick #77: Mychal Kendricks, LB, California- His Combine showing was great but we shouldn't put to much stock into the Combine. Kendricks is there when we pick in the 3rd and we grab him to backup all 3 LB spots and compete for the WILL LB spot day 1.
  • Round 4, Pick #99: Chris Rainey, WR/RB/KR, Florida- I would love to grab Joe Adams however I think he goes earlier than #99 at this point. I feel as if Rainey would be a good pickup considering he can help out in the slot, line up at RB from time to time and he's got the speed and ability to be a prolific kick returner. On top of all that I do feel he could develop into a solid Slot WR and he's always a threat to take it to the house. Think of him as a talented Chad Hall.
  • Round 4, Pick #114: Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn- We need some depth at OT and somebody to begin grooming, I feel Mosley's athletic enough to fit in with what we do here.
  • Round 5, Pick #???: Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona State- Hey this kid needs some help. Honestly I don't like him but I can really see Andy grabbing him if he drops this far as a low-risk/high-reward type of pick. Plus I think Andy's addicted to "saving" people.
  • Round 6, Pick #???: William Vlachos, C, Alabama- At 6-1 298 lbs he's around the mold that Mudd likes. Honestly this may be the only center in this draft who truly fits our system.
  • Round 6, Pick #???: Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona State- I feel we stop this epic slide somewhere around the 6th. The kid looked like a 1st round talent just a year ago and now he's stooped to this. The Eagles have a habit of taking low-risk/high-reward types like Burfict. The good think is if he doesn't pan out we can cut him and he'll probably spend his life imitating Marcus Vick.
  • Round 6, Pick #???: Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State- Eagles love drafting arms late, it's one of those "if they're good we keep them, if not then we cut them in TC" type of moves.

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