Post combine mock and roster moves suggestions

I would like to apologise in advance for this FanPost. I have not been playing Madden. I have actually considered the salary caps of our 31 opponenets when considering deals and targets to sign. You will therefore not see any moves such as:

Moving up to No2 and draft a Nickel Back
Moving up to No2 by trading veterans and putting the Rams $30m over the salary cap

Beginning with the draft I would like to see this draft as I think it addresses our needs and depth issues

Bit of a no brainer as Luke addressed all of the issues concerning his athleticism at the draft. Combined this with his production in college and his football intelligence and its as a safe a pick as you can find, which is what Andy needs. The BPA and filling an immediate need. Except for experience, he is the equal of any free agent we could sign and cheaper. The concern is whether he'd last to 15, but other teams looking above us have greater needs elsewhere thankfully unlikely to be addressed by them in free agency.
The Bearcat had an outstanding senior season with 70 tackles, 21.5 for loss and 9.5 sacks. He addressed concerns about size bulking up from 286lbs at the Senior Bowl to 295lbs running a 40 time of 4.94 and is very much in the James Jones mold that Washburn worked with at the Titans. With Landri and Laws being UFAs and Dixon being a RFA as well as Patterson requiring a neurological procedure regarding blood vessels which can never be guaranteed, fresh depth is useful and welcome.
Andy drafting a OL, what a surprise ... but it makes sense. We attempted to have Ryan Harris at RT last year, Justice is a backup earning over $4.25m we can cut and save $2.5m and Massie is in the mold of Ryan Diem who Mudd had with the Colts. Massie played well in 2010 and 2011, is a good pass blocker which is vital with a lefty QB, and a hard nosed pile driver in the ground game. He is raw but has a high upside. He did well at the combine, the only area of concern being a disappointing bench press (better than Adams) but explained partially by his very long arms, desirable for a OT
The big CB/FS from Montana did himself no harm at the combine, running a 4.50 at 204lbs whilst standing 6ft2. He may be the best DB from his conference since the Jaguars Mathis. If we cut Samuel (saving $8.5m) he can fit into the slot, or he can move back to FS, with Allen sliding to SS where he's listed on the Eagles website. Or even have Johnson become a Charles Godfrey type who moved from college CB to Pathers' SS
Day3 - no numbers because of compensation picks
Brown won't be resigned, so we need a big downhill runner because Lewis can't carry the load if McCoy went down. One of the bigger backs at 218lbs, yet running a 4.50 he wins over Isiah Pead because of the extra size.
A strong armed QB who I think may even beat out Edwards in camp. Showed very strong upside at the East-West Shrine Game. Has enough agility to avoid the rush even at 6ft3 and 235lbs and can throw on the run. In a couple of years we may have Vick's replacement already inhouse.
Jackson took one for the team last year but is a very expensive back up at $1.875m. Molk showed immense strength at the combine with 44 reps but is only 286lbs so will only fit certain schemes one of which includes ours. Someone able to keep our center on his toes
Another Washnurn type DT weighting in at 299lbs standing 6ft5 and running a 4.91. The German had only played in his homeland before joining the Wolfpack but has demonstrated an almost vertical learning curve
An Ivy Leaguer LT from Columbia, aside from needing to hit the weight room, Adams has shown all the attributes necessary to be a LT in the league including size (6ft7, 305lbs) and pass protection feet movement. He would be a far cheaper alternative to resigning King Dunlap
If DeSean goes we need a returner a task that Graham carried out for the Wolfpack. The 5ft11, 188lbs WR also ran a 4.41

I personally believe even thinking of moving up for RG3 is insanity. When the Giants moved up for Eli Manning it cost them the No4 pick, the No36 pick and the R1 the following year. And this was when the Chargers moving down could guarantee that their desired player would be there. Moving up from No15 to No2 is impossible. It would as a minumum cost No15, No46, No51, No77 and R1'2013 and maybe more. And the Rams WILL NOT accept veteran players as they are up against the cap. And with a proper pre-season for the OL under Mudd's guidance, Vick will not be as injury prone

No Mock should fail to mention Vontaze Burfict. After his senior season, his stock was down a little, but the combine ... it was so dreadful if it was possible to get a minus score in the Wonderlic, Vontaze would have got it. In my opinion, he is undraftable, lacking any semblance of maturity, intelligence or work ethic to succeed.

I did consider WR like Michael Floyd and Stephen Hill WR, but with Free Agency being deep here and with Eagles having considerable cap space, I'd look to free agency for improvement unless we signed and traded DeSean for picks


OWEN SCHMITT - every team needs a Full Back on the roster
EVAN MATHIS - signed for $5m a year for 4 years
DESEAN JACKSON - if only on a sign and trade deal at $8m a year for 5 years, allowing him to be tradeable in the future but young enough to sign another big deal aged 30.
ANTONIO DIXON - tendered with a 2nd round pick


WINSTON JUSTICE - earns too much at $4.26m
ASANTE SAMUEL - his salary makes him very difficult to trade for anything
JAMAAL JACKSON - after taking one for the team deserves the chance to find a starting gig

Free Agents

A giant WR and easiest to sign as Vincent Jackson and Dwayne Bowe. Cheap if he's looking for $7m a year and we should get him straight away as we have the cap space
Not the major FA signing, but young and improving. Hawthorne, Tulloch and Lofton are likely to be more expensive and less versatile as Connor can also play SLB effectively
Coming off an ACL but a skilled veteran CB at 27 whose signing will damage a major contender. Likely half the price of Samuel

Starting Day Roster
QB: Vick, Kafka, BJ Coleman
RB: McCoy, Pierce, Lewis
TE: Celek, Harbor
FB: Schmitt
WR: Maclin, Jackson, Avant, Colston, Cooper, Graham
LT: Peters, Adams
LG: Mathis
C: Kelce, Molk
RG: Watkins,
RT: Herremans, Massie

RE: Babin, Graham
DT: Jenkins, Wolfe, Kuhn
DT: Patterson, Dixon, Thornton
LE: Cole, Tapp, Hunt
SLB: Connor, Chaney, Fokou
MLB: Kuechly, Matthews,
WLB: Rolle, Jordan
RCB: Rodgers-Cromartie, Marsh, Lindley
LCB: Asomugha, Thomas
FS: Johnson, K Coleman
SS: Allen, Jarrett
K: Henery
P: Henry
LS: Dorenbos

A 23/27 offense/defense split with 3 special teamers

The moves give us a strong position to extend some of their best players like McCoy. With Cuts we start off at about $83m. If $8m is set aside for draft picks, Colston ($8m), Jackson ($8m), Mathis ($5m), Connor ($4m), Thomas ($4m) and Dixon ($2m), will take us to $122m still under the cap

NB* I realised I was a man short at 52, and also in response to commenst, I have dropped a backup OG and added Phil Hunt and Cedric Thornton to the starting day roster
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