Coping with the Giants win Or "Why I Put The Gun Down"

[Note by JasonB, 02/07/12 10:27 AM EST ] Several of our community members have been offering their ways to deal with the Giants Super Bowl win in the fanposts. I thought it would be fun to feature some today. I've you've got your own idea, be sure to post it over there.

Watching the Eagles melt down at the Linc against the 49ers with my two sons this year ? $525

Flying into Philly to watch the Eagles get thrown back at the goal line by the mighty Snyderskins 3 years ago ? a cool grand

But trying to choose between the Giants and the Patriots to win the SuperBowl? Pure unadulterated Cruelty. The Patriots and Tom Brady, like Larry Bird and the Celtics of years ago, just need to GO AWAY. Enough already. You've had your SB wins, loses and, please, just GO AWAY.

The Giants, who play at Eagles North stadium, went 1-5 in true Coughlinesque late season fashion, then beat the overblown Ryan brothers (who doesn't these days?) to "power" into the playoffs out of the worst division in pro football. They get a Falcons team led by Matt Ryan who shakes like a leaf (on a tree, outside, where football is played). A Packers team that either took the biggest gambling payoff or longest bye week nap ever or both. And a 49ers punt returner who hadn't mastered that Sun Tzu art of war strategy: when greatly outnumbered by your adversary, just run away.

Why? ! WHY?! Why don't the Eagles have this fortune? Does Wes Welker drop that pass against the Eagles ? Hell no, he catches it with his ankle pressing the ball against his shoulder blades. Does Aaron Rodgers misfire all game at Lambeau against us ? Hell no, he throws a ball 45 yards through the facemask of Asante Samuel. Matt Ryan would have had his Hall of Fame coming out party and David Akers would have kicked a 71 yard field goal to beat us, as a 49er....

If there is a football God, He was not with the Eagles this season......He is vengeful and He is not smiling down at Pattison Avenue.....

So here's how I cope, it worked for me, may it work for you, that is, if you need it:

1) I don't bet on the Eagles, I'm not employed by them and the truth is, if they lose they way they did, it doesn't mean a damn thing about who I am as a man, husband or father. It's not a reflection on me, it's a reflection on them. The owner, the coaches and the players. My job is to root and root hard and I did a great job this year, never gave up until they were officially eliminated, even then I watched the last game. I read about them, watched the pressers, wrote posts, wrote comments, went to games, watched games with friends, talked about them all the time....Hell, I give myself an A ! Hey, I personally had my GREATEST season ever!

2) Much as it's fun to hate the Giants, some of them are probably downright decent guys who we'd love to have on our, I'm struggling to name one right now...but, you know what I mean.

3) I had to ask myself - do I love the game of football? Considering that I played, I coached, I watch at every level and would still rather watch a regular season football game than a playoff game of any other sport, then yes, I love the damn game, no matter who's playing. There was actually about 20 minutes where I forgot the names on the uniforms and enjoyed the sport of the's a great f***ing game and I will watch it till I die.

4) Now here's the hard part....the Giants were and have than the Eagles. I can't deny it. And that's the last time you'll hear me say it. But they win Super Bowls and we don't. They put themselves in position for other teams to make mistakes or to make their own plays and then...well, they do it. I can't call myself a true fan of the sport of football if I can't admit when the other guy is better. Eli Manning was twice the QB that Vick was this year regardless of whether I wouldn't have Eli on my taxi squad because of A) that stupid look on his face and B) he freely chose to put on that uniform. Go ahead, if you can bring yourself to say it, then say it.....the healing begins....And the truth shall set us free.

BUT it doesn't end there with "the other guy's better, I'm a loser, where's that gun?..."

No, I've too much Philly in me for that self-pitying and my father wasn't a foreman on a loading dock in Trenton for 30 years for me to whine like a school girl. I'm ready for the draft...I'm ready to see Shady and Trent and more players like Derek Landri on the team. So,

5) I figure I've got about 20-40 super bowls left in me (depending on how much improvement my wife makes in her shooting aim). I've got a real good chance of seeing the Eagles win one in my lifetime. And if they do, I am going to paint myself green and streak down Broad Street and revel in the silliness of such fanaticism. And if they don't, then I'd rather follow the Green and lose than follow any other team in this league.

I hated so many things about this team and this coaching staff this season. More than any season that I can recall.

But so help me, I love my Eagles, I love the Green and I love that damn fight song

And no Goober from Ole Miss can take that away from me.

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