Salt on the Wounds

[Note by JasonB, 02/07/12 10:27 AM EST ] Several of our community members have been offering their ways to deal with the Giants Super Bowl win in the fanposts. I thought it would be fun to feature some today. I've you've got your own idea, be sure to post it over there.

As if it wasn't enough to go through this nightmarish season...

But whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Officially the nightmare that was the 2011 season is now over. Let's cleanse ourselves of the stink.

I couldn't watch most of the game last night, I just flipped to the game once or twice a quarter to check the score and then flipped right back in disgust. But to flip to the game with 9 seconds left and to see who was up, was the worst feeling ever. I don't wish that feeling on my worst enemy.

I know a lot of us have to put with Giant fans in our daily life, so here's my strategy... Deny that I watched the game at all, act like I don't know who won and congratulate them when they act all goofy and pumped up about their Giants winning another one and try to throw it in our face. Their elation will probably last for a week or two or three... and then eventually they'll come back down to earth and then we can have a normal conversation with them. But until then, avoid them at any cost, do not accept the fact that the Giants won, and smile and congratulate them with the deepest hatred inside if you somehow bump into one of these people.

As for us, we'll get through this. Free Agency is right around the corner, and then we get ready for the draft. We're only one year away from Reid getting fired if they're having another disappointing season. So we can start looking forward to the next regime.

Isn't it funny that the last 2 Super Bowl Champs beat us in some way to get to win the Big One. So it is reassuring some what, if the Giants, decimated by injuries, can win the Super Bowl, then the Eagles can too, and not down the road, but soon, and despite of Andy Reid and the regime. Yes We Can !!! That should be our motto. If anything, this should just motivate us more to go out and win it all next year.

Sigh... but for now, we just have to live with this fact. Maybe act like the Patriots won, or worse yet, tell a Giants fan that although you didn't watch the game you thought the Patriots would win and still hadn't checked but were pretty sure that the Patriots won. And see their reaction --- play around with them a little bit. They're so giddy right now, they won't know what we're saying anyways, they just want to see us be miserable -- but don't let them see it.

That's all I got for you on this somber Monday, we'll get through this, somehow... someway... just ignore all sports site except for BGN which is like a support group really, avoid Espn for a week or two. If it helps, if you're surrounded by Giants fans, imagine that you're in a nightmare, and that it's not real, maybe that might soften the blow. Let them enjoy, after all, we would be out of our minds too if our team won, it's only a natural reaction.

I never considered the Giants to be a great team this year, but somehow they pulled it off, and more power to them. That doesn't mean anything for next year, this is it for them. If any Giants fan responds in this post, let them revel in their glory and try to look at it from their perspective and be happy for them. They are still human beings, after all. Time to swallow our pride for a minute and let them enjoy their day. It will soon end, their elation, and then they'll be right back down to their miserable lives. So think of it as something they need to feel good about themselves, to boost their self-esteem, and let them feel good. We know who's going to win next year.

Officially 2011 season is over, so another strategy you can use is telling them that that was last year and to stop living in the past. 2012 is a new year and we'll see who wins this year. Giants winning the Super Bowl was sooo 'yesterday'. They need to grow up and mature and live in the present, tell them to move on from it already. That'll irk them a little... ha ha. I hate you Giants fans, and you know it. Sheli and Victoria Cruz might have won you the SuperBowl, but you guys still suck --- see you next year !!!

On a brighter note: At least Brady and Bellichick lost, poor Patriots.... ha ha ha, wonder how they're feeling right about now. We'll send them a sympathy card, don't forget to visit Pats Pulpit and give your condolences to them, that'll be a nice touch. Anyways, if any of you have better ways to deal with this tragedy, feel free to share...

Yours truly,


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