My Mock Offseason (Pre-combine and FA)

I know d-jackfan10 made a thread called "The Make-A-Mock Thread" which was a brilliant idea.. But as I was typing out my mock offseason I realized quickly that it was to much and that I'd need more space and better formatting than the comment section would allow me so I went ahead and made mine as a fanpost.

Now in my Mock I'm not going to try and go to crazy with it, but there will be some trades and there will be some things people may not like. So after the jump we'll hit the ground running.

Eagles Free Agents:


  1. Antonio Dixon- Dixon is a very big man in the middle and I've said many times he has Albert Haynesworth potential and I think it'd be stupid to let somebody so raw and so talented walk without giving them a fair shot with Washburn, his injury set him back a little bit but just about this time last year we were all in love with this guy.
  2. King Dunlap- Dunlap's nothing but a career backup and spot starter, but in a league where you need elite OT's in order to have a fighting chance a quality backup who can start some games for you is invaluable, I doubt he's going to see big money anywhere else, I doubt he's going to start anywhere else. He fits perfectly here.
  3. Derek Landri- I like the guy, he's a high motor type, he fits the wide-9 and is capable of playing DT and DE when needed. Simply a great asset to the team.
  4. Evan Mathis- Mathis was a top 3 LG this season, there's no need to explain after that.
  5. Steve Smith- I am not sure if Smith was ready to return to football last season and honestly I don't care. Smith was a very good player for the Giants up until his injury and if he could even be close to the player he was for them then he's worth keeping around.
  1. Victor Abiamiri- The guy knows how to milk the system I guess. No need to keep a guy who cannot stay healthy.
  2. Ronnie Brown- Brown simply sucks, he's ineffective and has lost all burst.
  3. Desean Jackson- I don't think Desean will back off his demands nor will the Eagles overpay a guy who pretty much stole a paycheck each week last season and who's inconsistent even when he's putting forth effort.. Desean deserves a new contract but he's not a guy you overpay for because deep threats slow down and when they're pussies they don't last long.
  4. Trevor Laws- I wanted to keep him but I don't see how we do. He's shown flashes but maybe a change of scenery will help him take the next step.
  5. Juqua Parker- I like Juqua he always provides help early in the season but later on he tappers off, he's simply to old and we need to free up space for Tapp/Graham/Hunt to grow.
  6. Owen Schmitt- I love the guy but we should go after an improvement.
  7. Vince Young- Do I need to say anything?

Free Agency:
Team Needs: Wide Receiver, Middle Linebacker, Will Linebacker, Sam Linebacker, b/u Safety (veteran presence), b/u C/OG, b/u QB and Fullback
Players Signed:
  1. Josh Johnson, QB, Tampa Bay- Honestly I like watching the kid play, he's a good fit for the WCO and has had experience in it when he was coached by Jim Harbaugh at the University of San Diego. Josh has a good arm and good mobility and seems like a guy the Eagles could eventually develop then trade away.
  2. Jacob Hester, FB/H-back, Chargers- It may be hard to pry him from San Diego but honestly he may bring more to the table than Schmitt. Hester is capable of running the ball between the tackles, blocking and catching the ball and turning it into something. With how much we use the FB he'd do well enough.
  3. Curtis Lofton, LB, Falcons- The Eagles go balls to the wall and grab a guy who's the best MLB in this Free Agent Class. Lofton instantly improves the teams LB core no matter who we put around him. The Eagles saw a need, saw a guy who could fill it immediately and went after it.
  1. Asante Samuel is traded to the St. Louis Rams for 2012 3rd rounder (#66 overall) and a conditional 2013 5th round pick that can jump up as high as a 3rd based on performance.
  2. Jamaal Jackson and Winston Justice are traded to the Buffalo Bills for a 2012 4th rounder (#105 overall)
  3. *** Eagles Trade 2013 1st round pick + 2012 2nd round pick (#51 overall) + 2012 5 rd round pick for Tennessee Titans 2012 1st Round pick (#20 overall)*** <--- Made during draft.
The 2012 Draft:
  • Round 1, Pick 15: Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor- Kendall simply is the best player on the board at this point that will fit our system and team. The Eagles are happy to pair this tougher version of Desean with Maclin. This is a great day to be an Eagles fan.
  • Round 1, Pick 20: Zack Brown, OLB, North Carolina- The Eagles see Zack dropping but know they can't get him at their next pick so they package a deal to move back into the 1st ahead of the other 4-3 teams who will most likely snatch this talented OLB up. The Eagles know that pairing a guy like Brown with Curtis Lofton could be an amazing thing and will turn a major weakness into a strength for years to come.
  • Round 2, Pick 46: Zebrie Sanders, OT, Florida State- Here the Eagles go BPA when there aren't any true needs to fill. Sanders is one of the better OT prospects in this draft and would serve as a "player in waiting" type of role for a few years. This comes at a good time when both Herremans and Peters are getting up there in age.
  • Round 3, Pick 66: LaMichael James, RB, Oregon- The Eagles are in need of a backup to McCoy, and at this point in the draft there's not much else out there worth taking and James's explosiveness and abilities could really be an asset to the Eagles moving forward, he would probably make an amazing KR in the NFL.
  • Round 3, Pick 77: Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas- I actually love watching this kid play, he does some crazy stuff especially that return he had this year. In round 3 we look to improve the depth of this teams WR core in order to provide a more explosive offense. I think Adams comes in and fills the void left by Desean in the PR department and provide some competition for Avant in the Slot.
  • Round 4, Pick 99: Russel Wilson, QB, Wisconsin- The Eagles are always looking to develop a QB whether it is because they're looking for a successor or if they just want to flip the project to get better draft picks they're constantly having 1-2 guys in that pipeline. Wilson brings the athleticism the Eagles covet and they'll look to improve the rest.
  • Round 4, Pick 105: Ben Jones, C, Georgia- One of the team needs is some backup talent at OG/C with Jamaal gone. Jones fills this need and honestly seems like a guy who we could flip in a few years for a draft pick.
  • Round 4, Pick 114: Josh Robinson, CB/PR, UCF- Josh is a good PR and honestly isn't a bad CB, give him some time and he could develop into a fine role player. This pick mostly is for competition for the Returners spot and to develop a young player as a CB.
  • Round 5, Pick ???: Danny Trevathan, LB, Kentucky- I'm surprised Danny isn't gone by now nor on anybody's radar, it's hard to lead the SEC in tackling. But the Eagles grab him as a project but with our LB core he could end up helping immediately at either SAM or WILL.
  • Round 6, Pick ???: Aaron Henry, S, Wisconsin- Henry looks to me like a long term project, but why not take a chance?
  • Round 6, Pick ???: Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn- Mosley's got good size and measurables but was not dominate in college, we all know Mudd's a great OL coach and will obviously give everybody a fair chance.
  • Round 6, Pick ??? T.Y. Hilton, WR/KR, Florida International- Hilton's a raw talent who honestly needs some work to become a complete player. But with Desean leaving, Cooper not standing out at all, Avant being a known commodity and Steve Smith possibly never being the same we need to add some depth and competition to this roster.
Let me know what you think.
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