Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft 2012 and Depth Chart 2012 2/29/12

Happy Leap Year everyone!!!
So might as well make a mock draft for the Philadelphia..
Let me know wat u guys think:

Round 1 (Traded Round 1 #15, Round 2 second pick, Desean Jackson, and 2013 Round 2 and 3 picks for Rams Round 1 #2) - Morris Claiborne, LSU CB - Tis is a crazy idea but hey this is something that can help out defense out since Andy Reid doesnt like to pick Linebackers and Asante Samuel is a free agent, so this is what I might think...

Round 2 - Rueben Randle, LSU WR - Since Desean got traded for my first round, Eagles have speedy receiver, so why not get a tall receiver like Randle to catch long ball... He will be the #2 option or could be #1..

Round 2 - (Traded to Rams)

Round 3 -Mychal Kendricks, Cal ILB- He really surprised me at the NFL Combine.. I think many people underestimate this guy.. He does have a size problem, but could be a linebacker that have speed and be a good linebacker fo the Eagles..

Round 4 - Bruce Irvin, West Virginia OLB - He did well at the combine but it only the combine... He but still can be someone who Eagles will need to defend the outside coverage with his speed...

Round 4 - Marcus Forston, Miami (Fla.) DT - Mike Patterson is getting sluggish with his tackle now and it now time for him.. I meant his time is done because of his age... Forston will be that guy to replace him.. This guy, with his quickness, can get to their QB and stop rushers for loss of gain..

Round 5 - Nate Potter, Boise State OT - Someone need to protect Michael Vick so he can stop running with the ball and throw for often in the pocket... Potter can be that guy...

Round 6 - Russell Wilson, Wisconsin QB - If Vick get injured again, then we need a backup... Kafka can backup Vick and eventhough we got Edwards, we dont know that he can handle the Eagles. So Wilson can be the #2 QB...

Round 6 - Garth Gerhart, Arizona State C - Gerhart can be the guy to help in offense. He is a good pass and run block... He is a average center that can play well in Eagles offense...

Round 6 - Christian Thompson, South Carolina FS - Kurt Coleman will need backup so Thompson will back him up..

Round 7 - Devon Wylie, Fresno State WR - With Desean Jackson traded, we need a receiver to play slot. Wylie can be that receiver because he have great speed and hands.. He is the Eagles #3 or #4 option for Vick to throw to..

So 2012 Eagles Offense Depth Chart:
QB - 1. Michael Vick, 2. Russell Wilson, 3. Trent Edwards, 4. Mike Kafka
RB - 1. Lesean McCoy, 2. Dion Lewis, 3. Graig Cooper
FB - 1. Owen Schmitt, 2. Stanley Havili
WR - 1. Jeremy Maclin, 2. Rueben Randle, 3. Jason Avant, 4. Riley Cooper, 5. Mardy Gilyard, 6. Devon Wylie
TE - 1. Brent Celek, 2. Clay Harbor, 3. Brett Brackett
LT - 1. Jason Peters, 2. King Dunlap
LG - 1. Winston Justice, 2. Julian Vandervelde
C - 1. Jason Kelce, 2. Garth Gerhart
RG - 1. Danny Watkins, 2. D.J. Jones
RT - 1. Todd Herremans, 2. Nate Potter

2012 Eagles Defense Depth Chart:
LE - 1. Jason Babin, 2. Brandon Graham
RE - 1. Trent Cole, 2. Darryl Tapp
DT - 1. Cullen Jenkins, 2. Marcus Forston, 3. Antonio Dixon, 4. Trevor Laws
LLB - 1. Bruce Irvin, 2. Casey Matthews
MLB - 1. Mychal Kendricks, 2. Jamar Chaney
RLB - 1. Brian Rolle, 2. Moise Fouko, 3. Keenan Clayton
CB - 1. Nnamdi Asomugha, 2. Morris Claiborne, 3. Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, 4. Brandon Hughes
FS - 1. Kurt Coleman, 2. Tom Nelson
SS - 1. Nate Allen, 2. Jaiquawn Jarrett

2012 Eagles Special Team Depth Chart:
K - Alex Henery
P - Chas Henry
PR- 1. Devon Wylie, 2. Jeremy Maclin
KR - 1. Devon Wylie, 2. Dion Lewis

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