Eagles can flex draft day muscle with 2 moves.

The Eagles will be holding a good hand on draft day if they decide to get bold.

Sitting at #15 in the 1st round, and #'s 46, 51 in the 2nd round gives them some flexibility. A 3rd, two 4ths, a 5th, and three 6th round picks gives them 10 in all. Now that the math lesson is over...lets get to why this is relevant.

There are 2 other moves to be made that can alter the balance of power in the Eagles favor on draft day:

1. It is rather logical to try and move CB Assante Samuel now while he still has value. Teams would be interested in making a trade acquiring a plug and play veteran pro-bowler on the younger side of 31, who can still play...but is the odd man out with CB Asomougha and CB DRC on the roster. His ball hawking skills and experience would be an asset to a team with playoff aspirations (Detroit) bound by a weak secondary.

2. Tag and listen to trade offers for WR Desean Jackson. The phone will ring off the hook with teams coveting his abilities. Jackson is a very talented WR with a bright future, a game-changing play-maker who can score from anywhere on the field running, catching, or fielding a punt/kick. To tag him will not fix the problem, it would be a band-aid for 2012, then back to contract disputes. There is a rift between him and the organization for he clearly feels wronged by the salary of $500K last year and was benched twice for basically quitting on his teammates. A change of scenery might be the best thing for him. The positive is there is NFL game-tape proving all of his amazing highlight reels...without all the warts the Eagles have seen up close. There isn't a crystal ball telling which college WR's will make the transition into the NFL with the success Jackson has displayed so far.

St. Louis holds the #2 overall pick. They seem to be set at QB with Sam Bradford, so selecting Luck or RG3 makes no sense with all the holes they have on the team. The odds of a rookie draft pick single handily taking the Rams to the promise land is slim, so the logical thing to do at this point is listen to trade offers from other teams. Move out of #2 and position yourself with a bounty of picks......and a player? This isn't Jeff Fisher's 1st rodeo, but it will be his 1st season as head coach of the Rams after a brief vacation with lots to think about.

Could the 15th, 46th, and WR D.Jackson be enough to snag the #2 spot? If you were Jeff Fisher you would have to seriously consider it. Bradford needs a WR with Jackson's skill-set, and Jackson needs a QB who can hit him in a dome, in which they play 10 games this year. His return ability is a factor as well. Jackson has high value...pairing him up with an accurate QB and a fast track could be what the doctor ordered for him to play nice.

There has been a lot of chatter on the Eagles meeting with RG3, naturally so, but what struck me more than why he is or isn't a great draft pick for the Eagles...was the consensus by mostly fans that it could "never happen" or "they are sitting too low at #15 and cant move up that high". With some creativity anything is possible, and if Reid and Co. felt like they didn't have a shot in the dark at selecting #2 overall with only 50 players in interview....why speak to RG3? Due diligence? C'mon man!

This was just an exercise to make the case that the Eagles could logically pull off a draft day move up to #2, it is not out of the realm of possibility with some creativeness....and extra draft picks. The 2 trades would actually net another pick or two from (Samuel) and save the Eagles an extra $18 million making them roughly $38 million under the cap. Enough to lock up G Evan Mathis, extend RB Lesean McCoy, sign either LB Tulloch(DET) or LB Lofton(ATL), and add any veteran WR (too many to list).

Next year draft a WR with 1st pick to develop with RG3.

Do it Andy, you got my vote!

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