Quick Draft Post: Players I Love

Just wanted to take a few minutes and write some quick notes on a few players that I really like. Here's a hint, Vontaze Burfict isn't one of them. He's a better fit in the 3-4 as a ILB. Too much responsibility as a 4-3 MIKE for such an immature player. Even Ryan Leaf thinks he's too immature for the NFL. Anywho, here's some prospects:

Kirk Cousins: Love Cousins for our offense. Very smart player who can make all the throws. Most importantly, he is great at leading receivers. Probably has done enough to sneak into the second round. If the Eagles want more competition at quarterback(for backup of course) and a guy for the future Cousins would make sense. Guys like Nick Foles and Brock Osweiler are trendy picks but they are very risky picks.

Chris Rainey: Had a bad week at the Senior Bowl where he looked tenative with the football but is still a special talent. Runs somewhere between a 4.37 and a 4.41 40. Good speed back who can line up as a slot receiver as well even though he is a very raw receiver. Also a special teams ace as a return man and a dangerous player for punters. Blocker 6 punts in college. Dynamic special teams player who fits a need at running back as the third guy who can help on third down later on.

Mohammed Sanu: If the Eagles address the MLB spot in free agency, which they should if Lofton or Tulloch is available, they probably trade out of their 15th overall pick and maybe get another 2nd round pick or later in the 1st. If they do I hope they get this kid out of Rutgers. Very strong receiver, difficult to jam at the line. Catches everything that comes his way. Very reliabale receiver, can you imagine if we had him last year against both the Falcons and the 9ers? Well, the Giants wouldn't be raising a fourth Lombardi Trophy that's for sure. Andy, gets some reliable receivers. Speed in nice, but I like converting first downs consistently rather then gets an occasional 70 yard play.

Michael Egnew: Orson Charles and LaDarius Green get all the attention as the dynamic tight ends in the draft class, but Egnew is the best value. Could be had as early as the third round. More of a wide receiver in a tight end's body. Can't block but runs just like a wide out. Good size and good speed. Very reliable red zone target for Mizzou the past two seasons.

David Molk: I loved this kid as our next backup center before he benched 225 lbs 41 times at the combine. Already being compared to Jason Kelce. Both are a tad undersized for some scouts but fit our system pefectly. Molk would give us a great backup for Kelce with little to no dropoff. It also gives Banner the power in negotiations with Kelce when his rookie deal is up. Can't demand more money then we offer when his backup is the same player he is.

Vinny Curry: On Paper we are set at defensive end. In a couple weeks though, Juqua Parker and Darryl Tapp will be released. Trent Cole and Phillip Hunt rotate on one side and Jason Babin and Brandon Graham rotate on the other. Curry is an outstanding pass rushing end who plays the run surprisingly well and his intangibles are through the roof. He would be a good replacement for Jason Babin along with Graham in a year or two and also a nice insurance policy if Graham's knee is shot.

Zach Brown: This player really intrigues me. I hated him as our first pick when some people suggested it a couple months ago. He was undersized and is an awfukl tackler. He got up to 244 pounds for the combine and probably is a SLB prospect rather than a WLB. He is extremely athletic and should develop into an outstanding cover linebacker. We play against Jason Whitten, Fred Davis/Chris Cooley, Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen, Kellen Winslow, Heath Miller, Jermaine Gresham etc etc etc next season. If you can get a linebacker who has the potential to shut down tight ends in coverage then pull the trigger. Not a first round prospect at this point but that could change.

Brandon Boykin: The guy I am circling as our must draft player this year. He will be a very good slot corner and an excellent kick returner as well. It would be nice to see one, just one, kickoff go past the 25 yard line. Also, Joselio Hanson is probably in his last season as our slot corner so it's time to find a replacement. The future of our corners would be set with Curtis Marsh and DRC on the outside and Boykin in the slot. Marsh won't happen for a couple seasons but he will eventually take over for Nnamdi.

Joe Adams: If DeSean goes, then Adams just makes sense. Bad 40 time is good news for us, he probably stays out of the second round now. Good slot receiver and punt returner. Good hands and capable of breaking a tackle or two. Built like DeSean but much stronger and not quite that fast. He is willing to go over the middle though which kind of makes him the anti DeSean despite being the same size.

RG III: He isn't coming to Philly, but man is he impressive. Why can't we get a QB who can run the 40 in under 4.4 and throw the ball deep with little effort. Oh, wait we have that. Whoever wins the RG III sweepstakes is going to get a special, special player. Faster then Newton and maybe even a better arm. Very humble but confident too. However, the winner is going to make the Falcons trade with the Browns to get Julio Jones look like chunk change. Browns might lose 2 first round picks, a second, a fourth and Mike Holgrem.

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