Eagles Should Consider Targeting Robert Griffin III

According to a report by Chris McPherson of the official Philadelphia Eagles website, the Eagles met with Robert Griffin III. With Michael Vick already on the roster and the Eagles seemingly in win-now mode, this report comes as a bit of a shock.

However, it may be a good decision for the Eagles if they decide to do this. It may sound crazy, but it is actually quite logical.

The Eagles have not drafted a quarterback in the first round since 1999. And when they did they struck gold with Donovan McNabb. And with a Heisman Trophy winner available in the draft, the Eagles might be able to get Vick's eventual replacement this draft.

The problem with taking Griffin is that it would certainly require the Eagles to give up their first and second round pick at the very least. At a time where the Eagles are desperate to improve on its 8-8 record, such a decision seems foolish.

Yet, would it be? That all depends on how the Eagles pull this off.

If the Eagles did nothing in free agency, then yes it would be very foolish to trade up for Griffin. But the biggest problem with the team is the linebacker play. An excellent linebacker can be acquired in free agency, with the likes of Stephen Tulloch, London Fletcher, and Curtis Lofton all available. An acquisition of one of them would decrease the urgency to select a difference-making linebacker in the draft.

And if the Eagles were to bring back DeSean Jackson, which signs seem to be pointing to (most likely via the franchise tag), they would not need to select a wide receiver in the draft either.

With the gaping hole at linebacker filled and the potential wide receiver issue resolved, the Eagles could afford to trade up to select Griffin. For the most part, sans the linebacker position, the Eagles roster is very impressive on paper with talent at nearly every position. A full offseason would do wonders for this team.

Why is it so important to trade up for a young quarterback? Well the level of importance is up to the Eagles to decide. But Vick has shown himself to be very injury-prone. If he cannot stay healthy consistently, the Eagles may have little choice but to move on from him.

Griffin is also a special player. He has accuracy to complement arm strength, and has impressive speed. Such skills seem to make him perfect for Marty Mornhinweg's offense. He also shows a significant amount of maturity, which could be a key NFL quarterback intangible.

Having the 15th overall pick also makes it easier to move up in the draft. It is not certain that the Eagles could select a quarterback as talented as Griffin within the next few years. It may very well be worth it for the team to take its quarterback of the future while it can.

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