What if that 4-game winning streak never happened?

I have been a lifelong Eagle’s fan and longtime reader of this site, but just officially joined last year. I haven’t posted much and rarely even have the time to get involved in the conversations in the "Comments" section but thought I’d post about one of the things I have been pondering lately.

While thinking about what changes this offseason might bring, an intriguing thought crossed my mind.

What would the ramifications have been if we didn’t end the season on such a high note? What would have gone differently if that 4-game win streak never happened and we lost some, or all, of the games in the last quarter of the season?

This does not have anything to do with what I would or wouldn’t have wanted to happen. It isn’t groundbreaking stuff; I just thought it was interesting to think about how differently things could be right now if the season ended differently.

New Regime

It seems likely that losing a few more games could have meant the end of the Andy Reid era. A lot of Eagles fans would have been happy about the change. A large percentage of the Eagles’ fan base has been calling for Andy Reid’s head over the past few seasons and it reached its peak this year. I’m sure a worse record would have only increased that percentage and the organization might have finally been forced to make a change.

There’s almost no way to predict who could have replaced Big Red, but the idea of the Eagles having a new head coach is thought-provoking, nonetheless. Whoever it might have been, we would be looking at a new regime that would come with quite a few changes.

The new head coach would be running his own scheme that could be vastly different from everything we have gotten used to seeing over the last few years. We could have seen the 2013 Eagles become a team that no longer favors the pass so heavily over the run, prioritizes speed over everything else, and puts an undersized defense on the field.

Our new coach would also probably come with a large staff turnover. Whoever it would have been would have most likely wanted his own guys helping him run the team. Juan Castillo would surely be gone and who knows if Mudd or Washburn would have been around anymore.

Player turnover

Chances are we would have seen a large turnover is player personnel come with a regime change as well. Every coach has certain types of players they prefer at different positions and would have to get players in here that fit his scheme, whatever it may be.

On top of that, finishing with such an abysmal record and not having that end of the year winning streak would have likely resulted in a lot of our current stars being questioned. Specifically, Michael Vick would have been an even bigger target after his dismal season. Sure his new contract would have kept him around, but would he be viewed as a quarterback that could turn us back into a dangerous team? You can bet our new head coach would be looking around for someone to challenge him and our quarterback of the future.

The Desean Jackson saga might not have been such a hotly debated topic. Andy Reid was his biggest fan and I’m sure even more people would be calling for a different type of receiver to replace him if the season had ended more horrendously.

Draft Position

Without that end-of-the-season winning streak, we’d be looking at a much higher draft selection in April. If we would have lost all of our final four games, we could be looking at having up to the 4th position in this year’s draft. That would give us some amazing options to add much more highly regarded players than the choices at 15.

One possible choice would be to look to grab the quarterback of the future mentioned earlier. It would ultimately depend on what coach we obtained, but it would be a realistic possibility. RGIII would be the only one available worthy of that high of a pick and we might even have to still trade up to get him but it would be much easier to trade up from 4 than 15.

Even if we didn’t go that route, there are plenty players we could get that early that would be exciting to see playing in midnight green in 2012 and beyond.


Like I said, I am not saying I think this outcome would have been better or worse. I just found it interesting to imagine how different things could have been right now if the season didn’t end on such a high note.

I’m sure everyone has a different opinion on the way things might have happened and I appreciate any feedback about my post, your thoughts on the matter, or even criticism of any kind.

Go ahead, I can take it :)

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