Dear Eagles Front Office...Draft Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is a Former QB from Wisconsin and NC State, who was OK in his first 3 years of college and great in his senior year at Wisconsin. See after the jump why I (an average Eagles fan and not a Wisconsin fan) think we should pick up this underrated gem


Russell Wilson is a very special QB who is not getting a lot of attention for the 2012 NFL Draft. He is a QB who has operated under a pro style offense, can throw deep balls AND scramble like a boss. These are Wilson's passing stats from last year. (From





















Overall these are pretty damn good stats. In fact he had a better statistical year, last year than Andrew Luck. (Please note I'm not saying he is better than Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck's first 3 seasons demolishes Wilson's.) The Eagles typically draft and pick up QB's that have good arm strength and are fairly mobile (McNabb, Vick, Young,Garcia, etc.) Russell Wilson fits both those categories perfectly. Not to mention that Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg (despite your opinions on them) are absolutely amazing at developing QBs. Not to mention Russell Wilson is about a 5th-6th round draft pick, so we wouldn't be really risking anything to draft him.

CBS Sports Says this:

"Athletic, strong-armed and poised under pressure, Wilson proved to be an immediate standout in two power conferences, easing concerns about his ability to handle the jump in size and competition in the NFL despite his less than ideal stature. Every short quarterback is inevitably compared to Drew Brees. Considering Wilson's production, winning percentage and leadership, he's one of the few who warrant being mentioned in the same breath as the Saints' All-Pro"

I personally think its a stretch to compare him to Drew Brees, but I see him as a more accurate Michael Vick. While I find his arm strength and accuracy positively mouth watering, there is another trait that I think is highly important, and that is: Reading Defenses

Rob Rang for CBS Sports says this:

"Cerebral quarterback who is rarely fooled by coverage. Makes strong pre-snap reads and demonstrated improvement as a senior in manipulating the defense with his eyes and legs. Shows good poise in a muddy pocket, stepping up to avoid the rush and challenging linebackers to either commit to stopping him from scrambling or dropping off to cover receivers behind them. Is more than willing to scramble but does a nice job of keeping his eyes downfield until the last possible second."


His biggest flaw is his height. His measured height is 5'11, which makes him an inch or two shorter than Michael Vick. The problem with shorter QBs is a lot of batted down balls by defensive lineman, something I noticed that happened to Vick last year. Another drawback is the fact that he's considered more to be a backup, not a starter like his shorter counterparts Brees and Vick, who were 1st round draft picks.

Mike Mayock Say this:

" Do we think he can be a starting quarterback? If so, we put one value on him. If not, we put another value on him. He’s the kind of guy I would love to have as a back-up. I think he’s smart. I think he’s instinctive. I think if your starter got hurt, he could lead you for three, four, five games, and he’s a kid I like and a kid I’d like to continue to figure out."

I'm not sure if he's ever going to be the starting QB for the Eagles, but as long as Vick's in control we need a solid backup. I think at worst Russell Wilson will be a good backup QB. He's got all the makings of a good QB and I think he's a hell of a lot better than Trent Edwards.

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