My Case for Offseason Moves

While I have been reading up on mock drafts, offseason moves predictions, and every Eagles related article I can google, I figure now would be a good time for me to throw in what I think the Eagles should do this offseason. Like always, this is a matter of opinion, and I'm open to people telling me what they think.

Offensively, Philadelphia did not have any glaring weaknesses outside of quarterback. Yes, I said it. As long as Michael Vick is the starting quarterback, Philadelphia will NEVER win a championship. He's fun to watch, he shows some flash of brilliance from time to time, but he is too inconsistent from game to game to warrant a championship. The key to a championship quarterback is consistency (Brees, the Mannings, Rodgers). For as many big runs as Vick may have, he has 2 or 3 negative running plays. And maybe this is just the offense that Reid wants him to run, but he seems to go for the home run hit too often. If he would just distribute the ball more evenly, they would be fine. Dink and dunk is the key. There are 5 capable receivers on this team (Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Celek, McCoy). Just get the ball in their hands, and let the playmakers MAKE PLAYS.

With that said, all that needs to be addressed is maybe a little bit of depth. At RB, I am fine with McCoy and Dion Lewis. WR/TE depth is fine if we bring DeSean Jackson back. I understand where Jackson is coming from. I feel underpaid at work too, and I get a little pissed off from time to time. He may act like a child from time to time, but he's still really young and just had to deal with the death of his father last year (a-la Tiger Woods). Give him a new contract (I think the $4-7 mil/year range sounds good) and watch him go. OL depth can be an upgrade, but not a glaring one. Maybe use a pick or two in the 3rd day of the draft or a low key FA signing. Howard Mudd deserves a lot of credit for what he has done with the O-line. Let him keep developing his guys. Kelce and Mathis were pleasant surprises. Herremans is a godsend for being able to move from guard to tackle seamlessly. Peters has FINALLY lived up to his potential as the best left tackle in football. I don't think much can be done this year with QB depth. Unless Philadelphia throws a massive curve ball and somehow makes a move for Luck or RG3, I don't see anybody that's worth drafting that will be a huge upgrade over Mike Kafka. This should be addressed via free agency. Personally, I wish they would resign Donovan McNabb, but I don't see that happening. I'd be OK with Kyle Orton or Jason Campbell too, just don't bring back Vince Young.

Defensively, there are two positions that need to be addressed. Linebacker and safety. I'm sorry, but they looked like they could barely cut it in the XFL. Casey Matthews was nothing more than a last name. Kurt Coleman....don't even get me started. MLB has to be addressed with the 15th pick, and there is only one name I want to hear called. Luke Kuechly. The Eagles were actually one of the better teams when it came to first level run defense, but ranked at the bottom of the league in the second and third levels. What that means is the defensive line did their jobs very well, but when the opposing RB made it past the D-line, they made the linebackers and safeties look inept. Last season's linebackers looked confused against the run. They made no commitment to find a hole and attack it, preferring to let the play come to them. Bad idea, since you give blockers time to find and make you a non factor. This is something that Kuechly excels in, read and react. He finds the hole and attacks it with efficiency. You think he led all of college football in tackles the last two season by chance? Don't think so. The only problem is I can see Kuechly going as high as 10th overall to Buffalo, but I think that's unlikely. He could also go to every team drafting 11-14, so I would be happy making a move to get him (maybe swap first rounders and give a 2013 2nd round pick).

As far as some of the later round LBs I have been hearing, very impress me. Bobby Wagner, Audie Cole, they looked like Philadelphia's current LB core, getting lost in traffic and getting absorbed by big bodied blockers. If you're going to attempt to fill a hole at the OLB, I suggest Sean Spence from Miami in the 3rd round. How this guy does not get a better grade is beyond me. Spence is a speedy player that can hit as hard as Vontaze Burfict, but doesn't come with the baggage. He always finds his way around the ball, makes plays in the backfield, and can even get to the QB. I think Brian Rolle has earned the other starting spot. I know some people may be afraid to have to rookie linebackers, but you can't do any worse than last year. And I do not see Kuechly as a typical rookie. He's going to look like a 5 year veteran from week 1. He will mask a lot of weaknesses on his side of the ball.

Secondary. Personally, I think Nate Allen will make a good free safety. The fans just haven't given him time to recover from his knee injury. A torn knee tendon typically takes over a year to recover from, but Allen came back early. Jarrett and Coleman are bad. Coleman's big game against Washington said more about how bad Rex Grossman was, throwing INTs right into Coleman's hands. So here's what I propose. Use both 2nd round picks and try to trade back into the first round to grab Mark Barron. I could see him going to the Jets at 16th, which may be too far of a reach. But he if starts to drop into the 20s, it is very doable. I'm tired of seeing a defense filled with late round picks. They are late round picks for a reason! I want to see some top notch players for a change, and getting two first round grade players would be awesome.

This next statement, I cannot stress enough. KEEP ASANTE SAMUEL!!!!!!! He was far and away the best CB on the team, and it wasn't even close. DRC did not buy in to the team, plain and simple. He needs to learn to work in the slot, or go to another team. Teams are afraid to throw the ball Asante's way. He may not be the best tackler, but he's a ball hawk by definition. Now, if Juan Castillo would figure out the Nnamdi Asomugha should be in MAN COVERAGE at all times, things would get better. He is not a zone player. He is the best man on man, lockdown corner not named Revis. Maybe draft one CB in the later rounds, but that's about it.

The defensive line is fine. With Cullen Jenkins recently restructuring his contract, all that has to be done is resigning Derek Landri. Depth is fine with Brandon Graham back to 100% this season.

Ok, feel free to comment, criticize, bash, insult. 1960 was a long time ago. The Eagles are close to the promise land. I always said they were the biggest victims of the lockout. With so many new faces, new coaches, and a developing QB, they NEEDED time in the offseason to put it together. Watch them fly this year.

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