A Hater's justification

I've read the fact that some of us have simplified the arguments of folks who do not believe we should fire every guy not wearing pads with the organization when we stumble into a .500 season. I get it. We all get it. You are angry and disappointed and maybe some of you feel it's a boo boo that making the big bad Reid boogeyman go away will solve everything.

It won't.

The Dallas Cowboys were a good team in 2009. The finally won a playoff game against a beat up barely held together with duct tape eagles team and they were certain to be in the SB the following year.

And then 2010 happened and Wade was fired. They finished 3rd in the division at 6-10. Garrett was promoted to Head Coach. He turned the ship around. Discipline and hard work. Dallas was going to return to glory.

And then 2011 happend and they finished 3rd in the division again. Wade was gone (oh, by the way, he ended up in Houston and turned that defense around in time to get them into the playoffs).

Talking point 1 - Andy hasn't won a super bowl! Okay. Injuries, losing tradition, lack of skill players, and just poor luck had nothing to do with it. We've only been to the SB once in our entire history before Andy. He's had us there once. The fact that we had Terrell Owens in a super bowl, and the next year Terrell was "hurt" that the team pressed on without him was poor head coaching on Andy's part. The fact that we have dominated the NFC East division under Andy is meaningless.

Talking point 2 - Juan Castillo was hired as a DC with only offensive line experience. Okay, the fact that we had already hired washburn and committed to the wide -9 that he specializes in is a meaningless issue. The fact that no DC would talk to us when we had already set the bluprints for the defense up and only Castillo was willing to make a go of it out of loyalty to Andy is just bunk. The fact that our defense was in the top 10 statistically is garbage, because we don't think the teams that we played were that good offensively.

Talking point 3 - We don't sign free agents. Ignore 2011.

Talking point 4 - We signed too many free agents and tried to buy a Super bowl. Ignore point 3.

Talking point 5 - Coughlin has won the SB twice already! Ignore the fact that Giants fans wanted him fired and his job was on the line the years his team won the superbowls for him.

Talking point 6 - Andy loses against teams with winning records! Ignore the fact that only Bill Bellicheck has a winning record against winning teams, or that Lovie Smith or Tom Coughlin have much worse records against teams with winning records.

Talking point 7 - Andy doesn't run the ball. Ignore the fact that McCoy was one of the league leading rushers in 2011. Ignore that our offense was 45% rushing.

Talking point 8 - Andy is too conservative on offense. Ignore talking point 7.

Talking point 9 - Andy eats too many cheesesteaks. (unless you operate a cheesesteak restaurant)

Talking point 10 - Andy doesn't tell us what he plans to do. Ignore the fact that we'll only use the information to call for his firing. ignore the fact that it will tell the other 31 teams what he plans to do.

Talking pont 11 - Andy doesn't take chances like good head coaches do. Ignore the fact that he shakes things up. ignore the fact that our coaching staff and front office staff routinely is decimated by other teams trying to improve their teams prospects by stealing our personnel.

talking point 12 - If Andy would just listen to what I say, we'd have a superbowl in one year. Forget that I only say negative things about Andy, my team, my players... I can because they are my team!

So there you have it. I've summarized the case to make it simpler for the hater's to argue in the future too.


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