We need a new photoshop contest

1. I have been an Eagles fan for a long time now, I have stayed true through thick and thin. I have survived the Buddy Ryan, Rich Kotite, and Ray Rhodes eras. Yes I know we were SOMEWHAT successful with Buddy Ryan but we still had to watch the Dallas Cowboys win multiple rings along with the Redskins.. I was too young to remember the 90 Giants win, but there are a lot of guys on here that will remember that... My point is this, in my eyes, there is no more cursed football team than the Philadelphia Eagles.

We have been contenders for a decade straight with very few down years (05,11, 07) since making our runs. We have had hall of famers, damn near hall of famers and a plethora of pro bowlers in our locker room. Yet, our division has MULTIPLE super bowl rings, and we have ZERO to show for it. Watching the 9-7 Vagiants recover all 3 of their fumbles and win a 2nd Super Bowl in the past 4 years is absolutely gut wrenching.

My activity on here has been low, I can't even bear to look at a Giants fan, read their websites, or look at ESPN/ them gush all over Tom Coughlin and company while mid-season they were talking about his immediate replacement.... Meanwhile, I have had to sit and watch Donovan McNabb throw up 3 different occasions in either a CG or SB game. I've had to watch us get destroyed in big games when we were heavily favored.

Being an Eagles fan is like being an abused girlfriend. We love our boyfriend(eagles) so much and year after year we get abused but come back for more.. It makes me sick.

We need a picture that shows us Eagles fans are prideful through thick and thin. Something that shows we are loyal, like an old-school "True til death" tattoo or something. Throwing up an Eagles pic at the moment just doesn't work. We need something that conveys we are going to be fans no matter how bad this whole thing feels.

2. I have started to think about Shady McCoy. I like him, nice player, great player. But I really hope we don't give him a big contract. Remember how I argued Westbrook was way better (he is)?. Now that I think about it, Shady rarely sees the attention guys like Adrian Peterson or MJD will get. Teams can't stack the box against us due to DeSean Jackson and Maclin's speed. They also have to respect Michael Vick's speed. What I'm saying is, he's a nice player, but his stats are bloated because of the respect defenses have to show to our other players. This wasn't the case for Westbrook OR guys like AP, MJD who are probably overall, better backs.

3. We need some size @ the WR position. Maclin is OK down there, Jackson is a non factor and Celek will get his but we just don't have a guy that can create those match up problems down there. All of the best teams had someone that could: GB - Jermichael Finley, NO - Jimmy Graham , Colston Giants: Nicks, Patriots - Gronkowski, .. Even the Jets vastly improved their red zone offense with Plaxico Burress, perhaps one of the best WRs ever to use his body in a jump ball. .. We get the yards, but we need the points and not FGs.

4. Most people don't remember as they weren't here but pre 2008 I wasn't known as the McNabb hater, in fact I was known as the "Andy hater." I wanted him fired more than anything. I still think we can win with him but we need to change our philosophy on certain things. The undersized tweener experiments have been a failed experiment for years. The line backers have to be upgraded as well. And you know what there are BIG guys who can play the game at a very high level. So if we continue to draft small high motor D-lineman and LBs who just suck, the pendulum will start to swing in "Fire Andy."

5. I am still on the Albert Haynesworth bandwagon. When he is on top of his game, he can't be stopped. His first year as a Redskin he was playing at "half speed," and I watched him OWN Jamal Jackson and Todd Herramanes with ease. I mean throw them back 3 yards and make a pro bowl guard and a very above average center look like scrubs... He also has a nasty streak when motivated. Imagine a motivated Haynesworth and Jenkins on the same line? He would probably come cheap too which makes him high reward low risk...

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