Free Agent WR's:Who drops the most passes

Help wanted at the wide receiver position is not a new storyline for the Philadelphia fans. In twelve years we have not had a WR catch over 77 balls. Twice a TE has led the team in receptions(not because we had great TE's). And twice a RB led the team in receptions. Once we enjoyed having a WR catch over 10 touchdowns(T.O. 2004 14 TD's, Maclin had 10 2010). And four times we enjoyed a 1000 yard receiving season(Owens 2004, Curtis 2007, Djax 2009 and 2010). With Djax's value in dispute between him and management and the need for a redzone target, the Help wanted sign is back hanging in the window. This year there is a plethora of vet and rookie talent available. Who is our best option?

The most dangerous we have seen Andy's version of the West Coast Offense was obviously the year we had T.O. T.O.'s physical presence(couldn't be jammed at the LOS), his ability to get vertical and his big body to box out CB's in the redzone made him the perfect fit for our offensive style. BTW T.O. is a free agent. Ha JK. That year teams primarily either doubled T.O. and left Westy 1:1 with LB's(we won that battle more than a lot). Or added help on Westy and T.O. would get over the top. Dictating a defenses coverage gives us the advantage. So who is the best WR option that is a big physical presence and can get deep?

I want to start with possible rookies that could fit this bill. My reason being is there is a chance we resign or franchise Djax and at that point throwing more money at another vet WR would be questionable unless, he came at a bargain. Here are the big bodied, redzone and deep threat rookie WR's:

Michael Floyd is 6'3" 229 and possesses long arm's and top end speed. He is a first round pick. IMO we need to go defense with our first.

Alshon Jeffery is 6'4" 232 has great speed and big play ability. He averaged 17.2 yds per catch last year. If he is there with our second round picks he someone we should consider.

Reuban Randle 6'4" 208 speedy but not as physical as Floyd or Jeffery or some other WR's available. LSU had QB issues all season so Randle might had suffered. A bit of a risk IMO.

Mohamed Sanu 6'2" 218 might be the best non first round choice available. Very athletic, physical, and a decent route runner. The catch is he has charter flaws that make him a risk. And 6'2" is taller than the average NFL CB(5'9") but not as imposing as 6'4". I see him getting 2nd/3rd round grades.

Dwight Jones is a UNC product who is a late bloomer. He tracks the ball well, can get separation out of breaks, is a bit inconsistent but his best ball is ahead of him. He was also recruited to play D1 basketball. So he is very athletic.

Brian Quick 6'3.5" 222 is a D2 Appalachain St product. He hasn't had the experience of going against elite talent week in and out but his measurable s make him an intriguing pick. Maybe in the 4th or 5th.

Jeff Fuller 6'4.5" 217 is a Texas A&M product who is a physical specimen but struggles to get in and out of breaks. If he is around 5th or 6th rounds and we haven't taken a shot at someone......

Out of these guys I like Jeffery the best. He reminds me of a lesser Megatron. He is big, fast and can jump out of the roof. The guy with the biggest upside IMO is Jones. If we don't go the FA route one of these guys is worth a shot.

Free Agents: A huge year as far as big names are concerned.

VJax : Probably out of our price range. Or what we are willing to pay him specifically. 6'5" 230 avg 18.4 per reception 60 rec, 1100 yds and 9 TD's. Wants to get paid like a top WR but is prone to disappear at times. IMO best possible fit for our team.His catch rate is 52%.

Dwayne Bowe 6'2" 221 14.3 per reception, 81 rec, 1100 yds, and 5 TD's. Fast, physical but he is also spotty. His catch rate is 57%

Marques Colston 6'4" 225 14.3 per reception, 80 rec, 1100 yds, 8TD's in an offense that passes a lot but really spreads the ball out well. He is my 2nd choice. Lacks elite speed but still can get deep. 75% catch rate.

Steve Johnson is physical enough to make up for his 6'2" 210 body frame. Kind of a punk. But an intriguing guy. 13.2 per rec, 76 rec 1000 yds and 7 TD's. In an offense where he was the main target. 57% catch rate.

Some of these guys will be franchised but if we could grab one our offense would have that 1-2 punch with our best running game ever.

FB Outsiders Catch Rate

If you click the link above you can see who drops the ball the most out of the FA's.

So many posts on the draft and our defensive needs, my goal was to try and break the monotony and offer something renewed to hold us over until the combine. We haven't had the best success drafting WR's in the past. Pinkston, Fred Ex, Milions, Charles Johnson, Na Brown...........It might be safer to just pick one up in FA if they are affordable. If they are not, since we still have good WR's taking a shot on the second day sounds like a great idea to me. Because help is needed!

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