Eagles Re-signings, Free Agency and Draft

After putting in some time watching college football, watching video and of course knowing the Eagles fairly well. I have compiled what I think would be the best course of action for the Eagles for the off-season.

We all the know the Eagles need to address the following:
1. Linebacker
2. Safety
3. Asante Samuel
4. DeSean Jackson

With that said; I unveil to you my moves. Andy, Howie, Jeff, Joe- if you read this; I'm available to take some vacation for the draft or I'm sure my company will bill me out as a consultant happily.

DeSean Jackson (franchise tag and trade)- we can’t welcome him back and unfortunately can’t get superstar value. He is an incredible talent, but I think a mid-second rounder is the best offer

Derek Landri- he played his heart out on every play. His effort showed and he was legitimately the 2nd best DT on the team. Other option is to re-unite DT Albert Haynesworth

Antonio Dixon
- he played great before his injury and should come back to good form. Other option is bringing back DT Albert Haynesworth

Evan Mathis- this is not an option. He did a wonderful job.

Asante Samuel
(3rd rounder)- we are going to use his money to sign the majority of the FA pool

DeSean Jackson (2nd rounder)- see above

2ndand 4th rounder for two 3rd rounders


LB- Stephen Tulloch- he specializes as MLB in the wide-9 scheme. He played in Tennessee and Detroit

QB- Brady Quinn (competes for 2nd/3rd string)- brings in a QB we can work with in the West Coast System

LB- Manny Lawson- he is a much needed upgrade for our sub-par LB core

WR- Dwayne Bowe- he brings a red-zone threat and has great strength/ability

1st- Mark Barron, S- brings in a young, talented safety who played in an NFL style defense

2nd- Chandler Jones, DE- at his current weight he projects to be a Trent Cole sized DE

2nd- Brandon Boykin, CB- provides a nickel corner for aging Joselio

2nd- TRADED (DeSean Jackson trade)

3rd- Joe Adams, WR- this guy is on everyone’s radar. He’s a small guy with great speed

3rd- Bernard Pierce, RB- gives the Eagles a 220 pound RB that is a pounder with speed

3rd- Keenan Robinson, LB- (Asante Samuel trade)- gives the Eagles some talented youth

3rd- Chris Rainey, WR/RB/KR/PR (from trade above for 2nd/4th)- This guy does it all


4th- Nate Potter, OG/OT- provides a good OL backup/future star

5th- Matt Reynolds, OG/OT- provides a good OL backup/future star

6th- Antuanne Kerr, TE/FB- superb blocker and decent pass catcher

6th- Kellen Moore, QB- fights for 3rd string with Quinn and Kafka

6th- Danny Trevathan, LB- fights for Keenan Clayton’s spot

So our 53 man roster would be:

Mike Vick
Brady Quinn (FREE AGENT)
Mike Kafka

Running back:

LeSean McCoy
Dion Lewis
Bernard Pierce (DRAFT)


Stanley Havili

Wide Receiver:
Jeremy Maclin
Dwayne Bowe (FREE AGENT)
Jason Avant
Joe Adams (DRAFT)
Chris Rainey (DRAFT)- also can play RB/KR/PR

Tight End:

Brent Celek
Clay Harbor
Antuanne Kerr (DRAFT)- can also play FB

Right Tackle:

Todd Herremans

Left Tackle:

Jason Peters
Nate Potter (DRAFT)- can move to RT

Right Guard:

Danny Watkins
Matt Reynolds (DRAFT)- can move to RT

Left Guard:
Evan Mathis (RE-SIGN)
Julian Vandervelde


Jason Kelce
Jamaal Jackson

Left End:

Jason Babin
Phillip Hunt
Chandler Jones (DRAFT)

Right End:

Trent Cole
Brandon Graham

Defensive Tackle:

Cullen Jenkins
Mike Patterson
Antonio Dixon (RE-SIGN)
Derek Landri (RE-SIGN)

SAM Linebacker:

Manny Lawson (FREE AGENT)
Keenan Robinson

WILL Linebacker:

Brian Rolle
Keenan Clayton

Middle Linebacker:

Stephen Tulloch (FREE AGENT)
Jamar Chaney


Nnamdi Asomugha
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
Joselio Hansen
Brandon Hughes
Brandon Boykin (DRAFT)
Trevard Lindley

Free Safety:

Nate Allen
Jaiquawn Jarrett
Colt Anderson (PUP)

Strong Safety:

Mark Barron (DRAFT)
Kurt Coleman

Long Snapper:

Jon Dorrenbos

Kicker/ Punter:
Alex Henery
Chas Henry

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